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The tense and absorbing film, American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood, has been adapted from the memoirs of the real Chris Kyle, who is a highly decorated American Navy SEAL. He served 000 days over four tours in Iraq and was honorably discharged in 2009. His character is played by Bradley Cooper. The word “American” in the title is operative in understanding the epic biopic of the deadliest sniper in American history. The film is not about the war but about what comes after. There are exaggerated battle scenes in Iraq and kill shots plus enough sandstorms to keep the audience intrigued. However, the actual narrative never leaves the American soil. Eastwood's direction and Cooper’s acting, as well as the screenplay, are all competent.
American Sniper carries all the superficial stamps of a classic Western but lacks the substance. There are revenge and heroism and finally a showdown in the form of a shootout. Kyle, with 60 kills to his name has become a kind of a legend among his comrades. One must remember that United States, unlike almost every other nation, has faced very few modern battles on its home soil and thus occupies a unique niche in war history. American cities have remained almost untouched until 9/11 and war have been foreign for Americans. Thus, when soldiers return home after many months away, they face populations who fail to understand their war efforts or identify the locations.
American Sniper tries to place itself within that group of veterans and speak of their viewpoint. The film is largely successful for the scenes that are set in the United States. However, the disconnection between the soldiers and consumer driven America is very evident. Moreover, Chris Kyle is invariably lying on his belly, and one rarely gets a clear view of the field of battle. He is either staring down a telescopic sight, lying on a dust-blown rooftop, and his scenes are an endless extreme close-up of the war. His world is a simple black and white, and there are good guys and bad guys in it. The film is not about the moral ambiguity of the war, but Chris is like a judge, jury, and executioner.
One is right what they say it is difficult to care about the characters in American Sniper. American military with their grunts might sounds tactless to British ears. This is like a cowboy film in a cowboy adventure of a war. Bradley Cooper does give a competent performance, but his Texan accent is not easy to understand as well. Still, he portrays his journey of decline well. His brief chat to a psychiatrist once he returns to family life and his restoration when he helps other veterans dealing with their trauma, seem too easy and unbelievable.
Whether the film takes us to the firefight in the shattered Iraqi streets or lands up in a suburban Texan bedroom, every scene is methodical and with no confusion. The camera remains perceptive even during the shoot-out climax where the sandstorm immerses both sides in a symbolic fog of war. American Sniper brings to us the magnificent theater of war films of Eastwood. Moreover, the film displays that every Iraqi out there is intent on murdering "good" American troops and, therefore, deserve their fate.
Critics are right when they say that the stories of soldiers, civilians, jihadists must be told. The Iraq in American Sniper is seen through the eyes of American soldiers. It carries dramatized heroics and factual inaccuracies and the stories it never told. The story is about those who has fought and survived. They come back suffering from loss and PTSD, and now face the national indifference. The country ignores its soldiers while depending on them to fight.

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