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Tapped: An Analytical Report

The major companies producing bottled water are controlling the supply of water, and they are valuing their corporate objectives over the social ones. They did not stop extracting the water during drought of Carolina and Georgia when the public was suffering from historical shortage of the natural liquid. The abovementioned incident depicts how deeply emplaced the authority of Pepsi, Coke and Nestle is in the world of water economy. These producers of bottled water are aggravating water shortage all over the globe, and at the same time, increasing the prices as well.
According to figures shared in the documentary by World Bank, the global market of water is approaching the volume of US dollar 1 trillion.
The company, Nestle slipped away from the responsibility of serious involvement in the prevalent water crisis in the world, and passed the buck unto the government that supposedly did a miserable job in terms of fulfilling the water needs of the public. According to the largest bottled water producer, they are doing a social service by provisioning purified water worldwide.
The Aquafina and Dasani are using water supply of the most struggling states regarding water reserves such as California, and other like it.
The employees of EPA were receiving the guidelines not to open their mouths regarding the presence of a deadliest agent in the bottled water supplied to the entire world that could lead to the development of cancer.
FDA has dedicated one staff personnel to the job of monitoring the industry of bottled water. The person is also responsible to pass regulatory literature as well.
The water purification units are pumping freshly scrubbed water into the major cities of Chicago, and New York. The tap water is highly regulated. The liquid is put through a rigorous biochemical process that boils the water, and pumps the steam into a cooling chamber where it liquefies in order to be pumped into major lines. The bottled water industry receives supervision from one person, and therefore, flaws and loopholes have to be expected.
FDA views maintenance of health standards in the industry as a lower leveled issue, and therefore, the organization has diverted minimal resources in this regard. Secondly, the regulations of FDA do not cover bottled water directly. However, the consumer can sue the company for malicious practice in the local court of law.
Bottle bill is a mechanism that works in order to promote recycling in the bottled water industry. The customer returns the bottle or can in order to receive a partial price as a return. The government in partnership with FDA has placed containers by the sidewalks in those the public is supposedly throw discarded cans and bottles for recycling purposes. The formerly mentioned approach is working more successfully than, the latter because monetary return creates a psychological motivator in the mind.


The Eastern Garbage Patch is a part of Pacific Ocean that has entrapped a vast degree of industrial waste, such semi-processed plastic. The patch exists at the coordinates of 135°W to 155°W and 35°N and 42°N.

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