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Published: 2021/02/26

Question One

Under-representation of minority groups as evident within the congress depicts the deep-rooted racial politics that exist in the United States. This portrays a negative picture to the world about the United States. In fact, it depicts the manner in which the United States government system is unfair and unjust. The public image portrayed by this would certainly deter more immigrants from coming into the United States. This may be explained by the fact that immigrants would not be willing to come to a country where they would not have access to equal opportunities enjoyed by the Native Americans. Based on a personal thought, racial hierarchy between the whites and minority groups would not exists if the American government has equal representation within congress. This is because of the primary fact that equal representation within the congress would ensure that the rights for minority groups are advocated equally with those of the whites.

Question Two

While it is true that minority representation occurs as the primary factor that would enhance full incorporation in politics, it is of the essence to note that ignorance of minority group’s interests by the dominant ethno-racial group is a core factor that hinders mutual inclusion of minority groups. Many at times, the dominant ethno-racial intentionally ignore the interest of minority groups as a means of ensuring that they established and maintain hierarchy. Despite the fact that this is a known issue, the minority groups and dominant groups fail to change it in order to ensure full political representation. The main reason for this is the fact establishment of policy structures that would assure full political representation lacks good will from the dominant groups, who form a significant proportion of the policy makers.

Question Three

The influx of immigrants that has and continues to be experienced in the United States has not guaranteed an increase in the representation of immigrants and minority groups in different offices. Precisely, there is minimal representation of minority groups relative to their population. In most cases, minority groups are accounted in the census yet this is not factored in when it comes to matters of representation. Arguably, this seems to be the government’s means of allowing minima change to happen despite the influx of immigrants. There is significant resistance from various United States contexts that hinder the implementation of quota system that would allow for adequate reflection of all the United Sates populations in various government offices and positions.

Question Four

Political inclusion of minorities in American politics will certainly attain immense progress if the undocumented immigrants are accorded equal privileges with the dominant groups. This may be attributed to the fact that according immigrants such rights will provide a comprehensive platform that would allow immigrants advocate for their rights and privileges. Certainly, this will culminate in the mutual representation of minority communities in American politics.

Question Five

The election of Barack Obama as the president of the United States was poised as a significant milestone towards the realization of racial equality. However, this has not been the case based on the fact that racial inequality still persists across different United States settings. Contrary to the notions that black people such as Barack Obama have seldom focused on developing solutions to racial based politics, there is a need to note that this is not the case. Black political leaders are often limited from thinking and leading in terms of political segments. For this purpose, it is hard for the black political leaders to advocate for minority rights at the expense of the dominant communities rights.

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