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The gang segment of Chicago extensively expanded in size and purpose and as a result it encompassed a head office, managerial and intelligence divisions and three fundamental subsections in the vicinities of North, South, and West in Chicago. The gangs as well made their position strong in size, danger, and impact in numerous urban societies and resultantly armed forces segments invented innovative techniques to investigate, locate, pester, and divide criminal segments for eliminating the issue. The young criminal groups came in notice as sinful and cruel in their illegal doings and were not granted relaxation in the civil treatment. The young people in minority specifically the Hispanic, and African-American based in ghetto societies has the mark of gang youth and they are in improved scrutiny. This research paper shades light on the role played by Chicago Corps in dropping the criminal activities in Chicago and what are the components surrounding their crime reduction strategy.

In the current period, the gang issues significantly improved in numerous societies across United States and as well in other developed and non-developed economies around the world. The relationship of young generations with multiple gangs on a greater scale is certain, are professional in committing crimes, and it is expected that they may emerge a significant institution in their credit and recognize them a well-established adolescent political entity. It is expected that an excessive majority of young people in the age bracket of late teens and twenties specifically in the United States will become more established in their criminal doings that subsume gang rating, gang associations, and severe wrongdoings; .

Latin Kings and the Two-Six

The major difference between the Latin Kings and the Two-Six was that the Latin Kings members were commonly senior individuals of the society, quite violent, and known with consistent groups and gang sections, whereas in the Two-Six, gang individuals were generally youngsters, quite nuisance – and possessions – corruption concerned with in smaller, added diffuse groups. Initially, the Latin Kings appeared quiet, aggressive, and doubtful in a particular project although The Two Six emerged very uttered and welcoming but as well highly elusive and indecisive. These two gangs had different behavior related to violence; the Latin Kings stated their behavior as “us against the rest of the all God's creatures” as they were negative related to any transitions that may influence them for the promotion although their influencers were quite evident. Whereas, the Two Six showed a requirement and inclination to lessen gang violence but appeared very unstable and random in their wrongdoings although their influencers were not very obvious. The late teens and twenties particularly emerged influential in the criminals activities therefore they were particularly targeted by the different armed forces department.

Drugs Trading Latin Kings and Two Six

The involvement of Latin Kings and Two Six in drugs business was experienced but the dynamic in the city appeared very dissimilar. In numerous segments of the city, they amended their directions that resultantly improved the numerous disagreements. The city started to pull to pieces the enormous residential plans that were the foundations of Chicago’s influential gang; the Gangster Disciples while the 1990s. All at once, national public prosecutors as well left after the gang’s headship. Ultimately, the outcomes emerged in the form of explosion of fresh smaller gangs that were supposedly Gangster Disciples but that often argued with each other and the disagreements used to be addressed with arms;.

Gang Violence Reduction Project

The Little Village Gang Violence Reduction Project (GVRP) formed to address the grave violence in Chicago’s gang-ridden Little Village neighborhood. The fundamental objective of this project was to decrease the influential gang violence, initially at the separate youth gang member level, and afterwards at the cumulative (particularly public and gang) level. The basis of this project is dependent on the Comprehensive Gang Model which supposes that gang violence refers to a creation of social inefficiency and considers that gangs underpin their wrongdoings in societies where vital organizations are inappropriately combined and inadequate reserves are available to focus on youth involved in gangs. The Comprehensive Gang Model in order to address these issues convenes public organizations that subsume social welfare agencies, law enforcement, and grassroots institutions to work mutually through a very integrated and team-oriented technique. The project in order to successfully achieve its objectives promotes five vital components including community mobilization, social intervention, provisions of social opportunities, suppression, organizational change and development;.

Social Implications

Individuals live in the era of social media where organizations for instance, LinkedIn and Facebook diligently map the associations among individuals and utilize that information to set attitude and preference of people. Nowadays, the similar practice is exercised by the Police department of Chicago with gangs that is through a technique academic title “network analysis”.
Focused gang divisions developed in extensive urban zones specifically Los Angeles and Chicago while 1960s in order to address the improvements in gang wrongdoings after assessing that conventional young segment police corps, juvenile court, and juvenile trial officials are not equipped to meet the objectives. The police appeared the primary criminal-justice organization to address with the issues of gangs with the help of armed squads, particularly taught with advanced methods to target youth gangs. They showed the examples of attempts to overpower gangs and its criminals and which were lately improved by prosecution, trial, alterations, and superior school officials, and further approved by state orders, rules, and civic views.


The Latin Kings and Two Six were grown in Little Village; they were difficult and runny in organization, with multiple road segments and groups of numerous concentration and rank. The primary focus of the gangs was to observe, target, and involve the youngsters in the gangs groups in order run their wrongdoings in a more productive way. They equip their criminal teams with shooting and drugs trading and establish association with other gangs involved in similar kinds of activities. Latin Kings and the Two Six were interested to underpin their violent gang youth in terms of substantial criminal activities and secondary on the establishment of associations with other gangs. The gang groups existed on the roads at night in varied segments of the community, in different groups and age grouping and their fundamental objectives were to commit criminal activities in the town. The Chicago Police Department mapped the associations among significant number of highly influential gangsters of Chicago. The department as well graded the gang members in terms of their involvement in killing, either in the form of sufferers or criminals. During the activity, the department declared somewhat outstanding statement that the cities do not have substantial “hot spots” as “hot people”. Those investigations enabled the Chicago police to carry out their business in the city and contain meaningful implications as to how the additional cities need to be controlled.


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