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Insecurity and cyber-attacks have been an issue of concern for many countries in the world. The rise of the use of computer systems and the rise of the internet has led to the developments and rise of insecurity. People will want to disguise to be other people. With many people using computers for most tasks, it is becoming important to recognize the people who use a particular device and how they used that device so that they will be responsible for any security breach. This process is what is undertaken in biometrics. It is a field which is seen to be developing and will be a major technology aspect to be seen in the world. This paper will focus on biometrics and how it has developed to how it is at the moment. It will also focus on the future trends of the technology.


Biometrics is a young field of information and communication technology that is promising and is seen to bring more hopes in the field of technology. With the increased threats that have come with the cyberterrorism and cyber threats, there has been a lot of concern for the use of biometrics in fighting these crimes. There has been a lot of concerns that has been seen to have developed in order to have security in identification for enhanced communication and management of aspects. There has been concern to have secure documentation, border security and the monitoring of public places. There have been the evaluation of biometric applications in the world to have it being used in the achievement of security in public places. There has been little that has been done to have societal input with the effort that is done by governments to have management and enhancement of biometric data in the world. This paper will focus on the use of state-of-the-art technologies in establishing identification procedures for the management of biometrics identification processes and procedures. The paper will focus on the state-of-the art technologies that are required in the management of security. They will help to have advanced technologies in the identification of the research and the technologies that are required in the entire process.

Biometric technologies

Most biometric technologies have some processes that they follow in most of the applications. These processes are as follows:
Enrolment or reference generation is the process where data is collected which will be used to undertake comparison at later stages. An example is the facial registration that is done at most of the passport registration offices in the world. This information will be used in eth later stages to undertake comparison of the data.
Data acquisition is another process where the data that has been collected is measured when the person has come to seek for some service in a place that requires data manipulation.
The third process is the preprocessing stage where the data that has been collected is enhanced so that there is better quality in the data.
The fourth process is the extraction of the characteristics from the data so that they can be used in the management of security perspectives of the data. It is important to extract the data and have data that will be used in the entire process to achieve information and preprocessing information in the entire process.
The fifth process is where there is comparison and classification that is being carried out. The data are organized to groups.
There are different areas where biometrics have been applied. The most common are face and fingerprints.

Fingerprint and palmprint

Fingerprint is one of the mostly widely used biometrics technologies that has been used in applications. It has been used in justice applications and border security. It has been widely used as identity proofs in various technological developments. There has been the development of field collection methods which have helped to enhance the fields and increase the fields. There has been the use of devices that can be used to capture biometrics data. The data that has been used to recognize the needed information has improved significantly in its entirety. There has been the use of mobile devices which have been used for identification purposes in places of encounter. It is a significant development because it enables maturity of the devices which are used for identification purposes. The submission of the requirements and the capture data is enhanced with the use of mobile devices. There is an additional aspect where there is a need to ensure that there is an understanding of the device and the procedures that are included in the entire process. There has been the recent deployment of algorithms that are used for fingerprint quality evaluation. This deployment and development has needed for the development of technologies that will match the developments and inclusion of this technology (Karadag, Cobanoglu, & Okumus, 2013).


The face is another development and environment that has been used to enhance the security of biometrics data and information. There have been improvements and enhancements that has been seen in the face recognition technologies from the year 2006. These developments have been helped with the advancement and the developments that are seen in social media. There is also the development and the prevalence of smartphone applications which have been in the rise. Face recognition has been deployed successfully in visa application, and military investigations. Most of the companies that deal with computing have included face recognition in most of their products. One challenge that has been seen with the use of face recognition is that there is lack of constraining and the poor sensors that are used in the entire process. It is a common problem that is seen to be with non-contact technologies. Face recognition technologies which are taken in harsh environments will ruin the video that is taken. It is worse when images are taken outdoors. It is improved when photos are taken in cool and in studios which are highly developed and enhanced. These developments have led to the need to ensure that there is an understanding of the procedures and the developments that are included. There has been the development of technologies and procedures that are done in order to have advanced video and quality of the images that are taken into account.

Current trends of biometrics technology

There are many aspects that can be discussed in biometrics science. The science of biometrics has been there since 19th century when there was the use of fingerprint reading. The current technologies that have been included in biometrics is the use of measurement of human heat, the gait from the way they walk, the patterns that are shown by the veins, and DNA. There are also retina and face recognition techniques which have been included in the entire process. The new science of biometrics has been seen to be on the increase with the enhancement of science as a whole. There have been new levels of recognition which has been developed and enhanced with the use of further technologies and aspects of face recognition (Bilgihan et al., 2013).
There have been complex tools that are used in analytics and decoding. These tools have been useful in the entire process and have helped to know the issues that are used and the aspects that are of concern. The complex tools have helped algorithms that have been developed in analyzing the data and bringing together the tiny aspects of body features so that they are used in different perspectives and in the entire data processing features and techniques. These features have enhanced the modern processes of biometrics which have enabled the current features and technologies so that there is an improvement of the current technologies. These aspects have helped to improve the current data and aspects in the whole field of biometrics.
There are trends that are becoming interesting in the field of biometrics. These trends include the concern about the privacy that the technology is posing. It is becoming significantly important to understand the threats to security and privacy for the people concerned. The issue of intrusion has been of concern and there has been the development of the issues of concern regarding the intrusion that has been said about this technology. The future development of biometrics technology is going to have an assessment of how this will impact the security of individuals who are using this technology.

Institutional security

There has been the concern of institutional security which has been seen to be an issue of concern. There have been areas which have been strictly sensitive and have been integrated with biometrics. Some of the biometrics which are seen to be used in these sensitive areas include IRIS canning, facial IDs, smart cards which have been integrated with biometrics data. They are used to enhance the identification of individuals. There are cameras which have been developed and are used to read different features of the body and behaviors.

Consumer electronic security and use

The use of biometrics on consumer electronics is an issue that has not been integrated and developed. It is common to see users using passwords and passkeys to gain access to information in the computers. It is the case although the computers, laptops, and mobile phones that we use come with cameras. It would make it easy to have these technologies and the application of biometrics data in the consumer electronic devices.
There have been the developments that have been seen in this aspect because there are laptops that have been developed and have pads that are used for fingerprint scanning. There are even protocols which have been included in mobile phones which are used to identify faces of the users. Although this is the case, the use of these developments have not been popular. The popularity of these developments have not been used (Unar, Seng, & Abbasi, 2014).

Future developments

The use of face recognition and fingerprint technologies have been seen to be on the success because of the marketing of technologies by companies in order to ensure that there is an understanding of the technologies that are in development is the use of facial unlock to unlock a laptop and mobile phones. If a user is in a dark room where the front camera cannot get the image right, the facial unlock cannot be accessed. Another development is that for fingerprint technology, it is difficult to get the identification if the fingerprint is wet. Everything has to be right.
One of the developments is the use of wearable devices which have biometric protocols integrated in them. There is also the likelihood of the integration of voice in the recognition of the victims. It is recognition method that is similar to other forms of recognition because voice is unique for each person. It has also been seen that it will be used in healthcare to identify the patients.


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