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However, the poor rabbit did not have any valuable and impeccable ability that could gift him with the feeling of being blessed. The story treated the character of rabbit as a central one because the whole drama began with the open explanation of his shyness that did not let him become prominent in his social circle, and the author introduced every character with reference to the central piece of the story. Delineation of major theme of the story)
The statement in the story that read “sawdust was quite out-of-date and should never be mentioned in modern circle” had a simpler grammatical structure because the author conveyed the willingness to spend more time with one’s toys because the kids will experience happiness due to integration of such a practice in their lives. However, the featured part of the story does not make much of a sense to the minds of kids who are not aware of the process of stuffing toys with sawdust. The parental guidance in this regard would be necessary to clarify the confusion (Aram, Fine and Ziv, 115). The parents can use the internet to educate people about the way that toymakers use to make stuffed toys. (Identification of story clauses and grammatical analysis)
In this way, the introductory part of the horse creates an uncritical highlight of the passage. The response of an innocent rabbit was also equally valuable “Does it hurt” because he was afraid of the pain that becoming real might consist and the horse replied sensibly to mentally prepare the questioning party to get ready for a considerable change in his life. The rabbit was indeed afraid of the change (identification of non story clauses). The author in the story tried to give the deeper philosophical message to the innocent minds. The grammar of both abovementioned story lines was simple, but the message that they carry is a difficult one for the younger minds to understand (de Jong and Leseman, 392), and therefore, the parents have to read the story to their kids gradually in order to enhance their understanding of the subject matter. (analyzing the grammar)
The skin horse continued and said "It doesn't happen all at once” (identification of stoyry clause 3) The horse was attempting to take away the resistance towards change that the rabbit had, and therefore, he was shy and could not represent himself in the crowd. The similar problem occurred with the featured partial of the story in this paragraph because the kids cannot comprehend the concept of change until they go through puberty because during these years, they have to let go of their childishness and step into the realm of grownups. The text appears to have contradictions at lingual and intellectual level. The author committed a mistake by designing a message that kids cannot understand while the setup of the work does not interest the minds of adolescents. (analysis of the grammar)
Finally, the horse gave in the punch line and argued that “these things don't matter at all; because once you are Real you can't be ugly”. The fear of failure just withered away from the mind of the rabbit, and eventually his turn came and he got the opportunity to sleep with his master. At last, he embraced reality due to the love that he received from the kid who owned him for so long. In this part, the kids would lose it altogether because they cannot put the message into the context of their lives because they have not faced failures or rejections, and therefore, their minds will be ripped off with the element of negative thinking (Chiavenato, 18) because they will start fearing the world, and the parents cannot allow their offspring to develop a negative worldview during their early years of life. The simpler grammar does not ensure the deliverance of the intended message. The contradictions became severe during the middle portions of the story. Same here as well
The boat that lost his paint due to erosion of time, but he still signs the unsung songs of his past conquers that might or might not have taken place. The hi-days of one’s existence create the best memories Final non story clause, and they give oneself the motivation to keep his spirits high in the lower times of life. Again, the participation of an old boat who dwelled in the past cannot be understood by the kids who are the apparent stakeholders of the story because they are innocent and they do not have the idea of good and bad times as grownups do, and therefore, they will not respond to the story due to intellectual toughness that it carries. Secondly, the author was not significantly educated about the basic and fundamental psychological need to give one specific message in the work designed for kids as they lack the ability to interlink various concepts together. Simple grammar does not make the message comprehendible.
I selected the conversation between the rabbit and the skin horse because it was the climax of the piece with simplistic grammatical structure so that the audience with low intellectual ability can understand the story as well. The tale is having a motivational tone to it, and it specifically targets children in early schooling through its language and the grownups via the inherent intellectual quality (justification of why I selected the portions). The story’s opening plot was effective as it grabbed the attention of kids. The story takes a risk of putting life into lifeless toys, and the grammar was kept simple. However, the lacking specificity of the message created confusion in the minds of the target audience who did not have sufficient experience that they required in order to relate to the deeper sense of the story.
Conclusively, the story told us about the process of change management more than anything because a person who was unmotivated received energy to emerge as a great individual via receiving the help from a friend. However, the effort went to waste because the juniors could not relate to it due to underlying intellectual complexities and the youth do not feel an emotional urge to read it because of simpler organizational setting. They merely do not have the time to study issues of toys when they have their own to attend to. The authors working to create stories for kids have to keep both message and language simple in order to convey the intended conveyance.

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