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The success of every industry lies to the over-all planning of marketing strategies. Ever since the era of globalization happened the mode of business has been competitively changing. The incorporation of the internet to business has become a necessity. Ironic, it may seem internet was first used for a war, but has evolved to be useful in business. E-commerce as what it is commonly known is the platform by which businesses use the internet in promoting their products and services.
On this context, the analysis of the effectiveness of industry websites will be done through the 7Cs proposed by Jaworski and Rayport. It includes the content, community, context, community, connection, communication and commerce of the website. This paper will present four websites from a certain industry to be analyzed with 7Cs.
The chosen industry for this analysis is the construction industry. The construction is the industry includes the infrastructure of every nation existed. Tackling a bit of this industry would be very informative and would give an idea how the business of this industry works. Moreover, gaining knowledge about the marketing strategies on this industry would add knowledge to the proponent regarding the subject of business.
There are three international construction companies to be reviewed and 1 from the middle-east to give relevance. Moreover, the scope of the analysis will be limited to the websites of the companies and does not involved subsidiaries.

Construction Companies:

Trant Eng’g Ltd
Website: http://www.trant.co.uk/index.html
The over-all context of the website is good. The color green compliments the theme of construction. Moreover, the designation of task through different tabs makes it more functional. The content of the website offers the latest news about engineering, services of the company, the careers, and the awards received by the company. The company was created in 1958 and caters services to UK and some countries overseas (Trant, 2015). The awards of the company listed on the website makes it more reliable and reputable. When it comes to community involvement, the company also listed some facts on their “ABOUT” tab. The customization of the website is limited to the company. Customers are only allowed to type their message to the “contact us” tab. The privacy policy is hard to find because it does not ask for the personal information about the client. Over-all the website is informative for the customers.

KBR Engineering

Website: http://www.kbr.com/Services/Engineering-Procurement-and-Construction/
KBR is a middle-east based construction company. The company boasts of its excellent performance all throughout the years. The company showed information that it has given 35% overseas construction services capacity and 70% for LNG (KBR, 2015). For the content, it is quite very extensive with all the subsidiaries listed as well as the corporate social responsibility. The site has a classic black and red theme. The privacy policy can be easily navigated at the bottom of the page. The customization is also limited to the company’s initiative. However, the contact form is given by the website for interested customers or job applicants. Investors as well as the latest news on their services were also provided. Over-all the company’s website was exquisitely built.


Website: http://www.isgplc.com/en/who-we-are/who-we-are
The over-all color of the site is calming and pleasing to the eyes of the viewers. Moreover, the marketing strategy of the website’s lay-out is very good. The website actually has the ambiance of making it personal to their readers. The component is also complete as to other companies. Demographics of the company were also posted making it more reliable (ISG, 2015). The site can be navigated easily without having difficulty. They have also posted journals about construction as well as their academe. Added SNS links are marketing strategies for web visibility. It is evident that SNS are the easiest way to catch the attention of possible clients. It has a fill-up form for those who want to receive newsletters. Over-all the site is very informative and exquisitely made.

Imtech UK & Ireland

Website: http://imtech.com/EN/ImtechUK
The website’s over-all feel is very techy-savvy. It makes the website accessible to every engineer out there. There are also SNS links and YouTube links for videos that are related to their services. The privacy policy can be easily found at the bottom part of the page. Their services are not only limited to construction but also to other engineering services. As for community relations, they have the community and health care tab that shows their concern to the public. There are moving icons that make the website more entertaining aside from being informative. The sleek form of the website is compressed and that is quite a disadvantage. Small fonts were also observed however, it could bring negative feedbacks to audience with eyesight problems.


Based on the analysis, the websites are all functional. However, there are some recommendations for all of them. The Trant Eng LTd should have a privacy policy. The KBR should have lighter color theme. The ISG UK has minimal issues in congested tabs. Lastly, the Imtech should redesign their website to be more readable. All the companies have plants for direct purchasing however as they are getting bigger shipments are done. According to statistics, the industry will still grow for there are many investors that are very interested to the field. Among the mentioned companies, ISG belongs to the Top 20 construction companies worldwide (TCI, 2013).


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