Good An Event In My Life: Going Abroad To Study For University Essay Example

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After finishing my High School, I am at a very significant juncture of my life when I am going to witness a very crucial and challenging event. I have been a happy go lucky person all this while staying with my family and friends in Dubai. Now the time has come to take a major step in order to shape my career as I have dreamt of. I am considering to pursue my University Studies abroad in the United States of America. It might appear an exaggeration but the feeling of melancholy and gloom actually comes to my mind when I think of leaving my home country and family for higher studies. A mere thought of parting from my native land makes me sullen and lethargic.
There are some obvious challenges which I can foresee in the event of getting located to a foreign place, far away from my family. As a student I would have to manage all my things on my own. I would be required to prepare my own food, wash clothes, wash utensils and in-fact do all odd jobs which I have never thought of doing myself. I can now better understand, how staying with the family and being pampered is such a luxury. All this time I have never arranged my stuffs in my room and not even bothered about cleaning my room. The real pain point would be to manage all these works independently along with my studies for my University Degree. I can no more think of throwing tantrums to my family members, as I would have to be all by myself.
My fear and worries get multiplied by the fact that I am going through the fear and anticipation of the unknown. Things are relatively simpler when you know what exactly you can expect out of a situation at hand. You get a chance to be mentally prepared if you are aware about what exactly it is going to be like. In my case I am going to be in a completely unacquainted place and I can’t even give proper shapes to my imagination. United States of America is the destination I am looking for my University Studies. My awareness about the place is limited to my exposure to the Hollywood Movies and my online search. I am sure the ground reality is going to be a completely different story. Being in the United States is going to be a multi-dimensional change in my lifestyle. I would have to go through a cultural shift altogether. The language, legal laws, food habits, traffic, dressings and climate are just some of the points which I can readily think of and which are going to be a potential problem for me. I am well versed in English but the US accent will be something I would have to manage. The climate shift is going to be a major hurdle for me as Dubai and US are poles apart when it comes to climatic conditions.
Apart from the struggle with the lifestyle change I would also have to face the difficulties on the academic front. The University Course is going to be real demanding because of its reputation. Managing new subjects, new professors and their teaching style would be another tough task for me. As of now it has been really fun in my high school with the moral support from friends and family. My good reputation in the class and my teachers have always ensured decent grades for me till now. However thousand miles from Dubai, in the United States it’s going to be a completely new and tough experience. The dual concern of getting out of the comfort zone and facing a new change is getting better of me. The feeling of homesickness makes me pensive and low-spirited all the time. I have never been away from my family for more than a couple of days and now I am going to face a situation where I can’t be with them until I get a vacation.
While I am at tussle with myself about my plan of going abroad for University Studies, I also tend to evaluate on an optimistic note. When I get remorseful, thinking about the challenges I am going to face, I ask myself a question, “Why am I considering the option of doing University Studies in United States?” The question follows with a session of introspection and I get answers from within myself.
The very basic fact that I am nurturing a dream to have a bright future in my career requires a reputed University Degree from an esteemed institution. There is no second thought about the point that my academic credentials will get a boost when I get my University Degree from the esteemed institution in the United States. My family has always supported me facilitating with my studies and my pursuit for higher academics is a reason of pride for them as well.
I have always been in a comfort zone where I have never faced a real challenge in any of my affairs be it academic or personal. Being in a foreign land would definitely throw challenges at me but I have an option of converting them into opportunities. It would provide me a real good platform to enhance my adaptability. In order to excel in my academics I would be left with no other choice than accommodating with all the changes. It has been observed that real lessons of life are learnt with experience and by facing adversities. I am sure initially I would have to go through a tough phase managing everything on my own but gradually when I would adapt and survive, I would be a better person end of the day.
In today’s competitive world, interpersonal skills and managing adversity is considered to be a hygiene factor. One cannot succeed without having a strong grip on these areas. There can be enough theoretical notes on these areas but people cannot learn it without having a practical experience. With the advent of globalization, it is a very common practice that students prefer to choose education in a foreign country. It not only provides an equal opportunity to the students to get world class education, it also provides a platform to the students to acquire skills necessary for the global corporate world. I feel, studying at an international institute will give me ample opportunities to interact with foreign colleagues and professors thereby helping me with my interpersonal skills. Managing my studies with the self-dependent attitude would ensure that I get into a habit of managing adverse conditions and instill confidence in me.
I have always realized that when I get something easily and readily it does not make me happy enough. On the contrary when I have toiled a lot and then obtained something, it gives me real satisfaction and happiness from inside. It gives me real happiness when I feel that I really deserved my achievement. When I extrapolate the same thinking on this significant event at hand, I should not be bothered at all to give a second thought about pursuing my studies in the United States. All the hardships and challenges would be well justified once I finish my studies and achieve my goal in the long term.
It makes me feel a lot better when I think that I would not be alone in the international student category. There would be many more like me who would come leaving their home country, family and friends. We all would belong to the same category and go through similar challenges, accommodating in a foreign soil. It would be fun making new friends and interacting with people from different origin and ethnicity. I have also heard of stories when people are initially wary about choosing a foreign country for studies but eventually get to spend their most exciting and amazing phase of their life.
When I evaluate all my thoughts ranging from pessimistic to optimistic, I feel, I should give myself a chance. All the challenges which creeps in my mind may not last for long once I resolve to take the plunge and go ahead to pursue my higher studies. I am sure down the line when I would look back at these thoughts, I would always feel that I have taken a right decision. If I get bogged down by my inhibitions and anticipations, I might compromise on my dream. I would never get a chance to fly until I take a leap at this moment!

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