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1.0 Causes of delays in building construction
Some of the causes of delay in building construction include design changes by the building owner or his agent,, delays in the payment of the constructor by the building owner, financing by the constructor during construction, partial payment during construction as well as failure to utilize professional contractual management, size of the building, insufficient review, insufficient data gathering and survey prior to design, high bureaucratic organization, lack of co-ordination at design phase, improper inspection approach including possessive decision making approach. Other causes of delays include opposing views between the contractor and the building, further blame games even after the occurrence of failure, inexperienced personnel, deficiency in project co-ordination, lack of high technology equipment, inadequate and old equipment, change of sub-contractors company among others (Abd El-Razek, Bassioni & Mobarak, 2008, Ahmed et al., 2008).the diagram bellow shows the cause and effect diagram for the delays.
The figure bellow shows the graphical representation of the equivalent Pareto diagram for analyzing various defects that caused the delays during construction.

Defect analysis using Pareto diagram 2

1.1 Cause and effect diagram
The cause and effect diagram shown (first diagram) can be used for analysis given that its strength falls within the analysis of the association in a structured manner by the use of casein and their component which aids in focusing on the root instead of symptoms. The data examination together with information mainly centers on here for constant enhancement practice through cause and effect study. The analysis takes place through the process improvement in addition to the identification of the most potential factors for rejection (Mathew, Koshy & Varma, 2013). The defects which are the most probable factors for rejection of this project include delays, house size, and data (insufficiently collected), manpower (is inadequate), design (poor with errors), inadequate finance and inexperienced manpower. The parameters in the cause and effect diagram are categorized into four major groups with the respective parameters arranged in a tree shaped diagram as shown above. The four categories comprises of processes, equipment, design together with operators and materials.
1.2 The Pareto diagram
The second diagram which is Pareto diagram is used for defect analysis using parameters that caused delays from the cause and effect diagram. The Pareto diagram thus shows high delay that is brought about by large size of the building under construction, insufficient data collected about the construction site and its requirements, inadequate manpower. The high delay according to the same diagram is due to design problems of the building, inadequate finance or financial constraints as well as less required experience by some manpower team.
1.3 Results and questions address
The study of the causes for the delays in building and construction in this case shows three main questions to be tackled for the purpose of correcting the prevailing defects found in the Pareto diagram. The three main questions to be addressed include corrective measures for data collection, manpower and finance. Corrective measures on data collected will imply correcting design. This is because the structural design relies on the accuracy of data collected concerning the building construction. The corrective measures for manpower will indirectly results to solving the problem of house size and experience as will be explained bellow. The corrective measures on financial constraints will also solve other problems to do with financial disagreements between the contractor and the house owner which is also part of problems already mentioned though not indicated in the Pareto diagram.
1.3.1 Corrective measures for data defects
The defects that are present in the data initially collected can be corrected by review or assessment process of the outcome recorded. The deviations found can then be adjusted while any kind of omissions can be added to make the data complete for analysis and design. Once the insufficiency of data is sorted out, the design part of it will be automatically right since design specifications are taken from the complete set of data collected.
1.3.2 Corrective Measures for manpower
The problems associated with manpower in this case can be corrected by hiring extra qualified manpower. This will help to increase the size of manpower in terms of adequacy as well as solving the problems of having inexperienced labor force.
1.3.3 Corrective measures for financial problems
The issues of inadequate finance can be solved by use of better financial planning for the activities of the building construction. The house owner can also apply for bank loan equivalent to the remaining part of expenses. By so doing, the owner will be in a position to pay his contractors. In the case where finances are available, the owner should agree with the contractor on the payment mode and date with an aim of solving delayed payment. Financial problems can also be solved by capitalizing on the major functions that needs immediate attention while postponing the minor ones. The corrective measures of these three main parameters, that is, data, manpower and finance are thus away of correcting other existing defects that cause delays.


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