Good Essay About Becoming A Leader: Surviving Repatriation

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• Summarize the context and implications of this challenge.

Roy gilbert was faced with a great challenge of accustoming to the functions of Google after being away from the US for six years. He had experienced a different culture and also worked in a different post in India as an online sales director and now he was stationed as the director for user operations and policy in the US. This drastic change in terms of location and his role definition at Google affected him immensely at work and also at home with his wife. It was a difficult transition.

• What options does the leader have?

• If you were the leader, what would you do?
If I was Roy gilbert I would embrace change. I would take the opportunity to push myself to achieve more in my position as a leader. I would use all my available resources and friends at Google to help me catch up with the current state of Google and I would also employ any knowledge I had acquired in India that is relatable to the US to help be become a better and more dedicated leader in my field.

• Have you faced similar challenges, and how did you handle them?

I infarct have been in a similar situation as Mr Gilbert though not for the same period of time that he was in India. When I was at an internship in a different part of the country for one year I had to change so much of my thinking strategy and habits to adapt to the residents and when I came back everything at home seemed different to me but seemed all the same to everyone else. I had to take time to readjust to what I had been used to a year ago.

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• What do you think of the leader’s decision?
I think Mr Gilbert took a smart step in his quest to understand what had changed in Google in order to help him adapt though the company. Even thought he had worked for Google before he left to India it was good that he acknowledged that the times had changed and he needed to re learn about the company as if he was a new employee. His positive approach to the situation shows that he is a good leader who takes his job and role seriously.

• What are the risks and benefits of this approach?

His approach to interview the employees would have seemed to be an invasive approach to some of the employees who would have been uncomfortable with all the questioning, it could have led to biased reports or simply lying. On the other hand close colleagues offered him important information which took him less time than if he had decided to figure things out all by himself.

• What would you have done differently?

Instead of questioning all employees I would have gotten the opinion of the new employees to see what challenges or experiences they have been going through and also I would have gotten the information about the change in Google by the closest colleagues whom I trust in order to familiarize myself with the changes

• After hearing the decision, have you changed your mind about the best option? Explain.

I have not changed my mind about what Mr Gilbert would have done as change is always inevitable and learning the best way to cope with change is the only way a leader can stay on top of his leadership role.

• What impact, positive or negative, will the decision have on the company’s culture?

I think this approach will have a positive effect on the company’s culture as it will encourage employee interaction with their leaders and it will also allow expatriate employees to feel welcome at their old homes or at their new jobs.

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• Are you surprised at the outcome?
I am not surprised by the actions; Mr Gilbert did a great thing to allow change and to be flexible and adaptable enough to format the situation for his own benefit.

• Were the actions taken by the leader successful?

Yes Mr Gilbert’s actions were successful ad he was able to lead his team into optimal performance in their role for Google.

• Would this approach be effective in other environments?

This approach would be very effective in all areas concerning business and more so to the companies that have different branches all over the world. It would enhance employee growth and general company growth with the aim of creating a global community.

• What other consequences might there be that the leader did not mention?

The leader may have faced challenges in the future for solely relying on employee information regarding his new work, where any misleading information given would end up being detrimental to him. He should have consulted other leaders in the past that held the position.

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• Do you agree with the leader's conclusions?
• Is this somebody you would emulate or like to work for?
• Recall your initial reaction. Have you changed your mind about how you would respond in this situation?
I have not changed my mind about how Mr Gilbert handled the situation it was an effective and an efficient way to incorporate himself back into goggle, with continuous research Mr Gilbert will become a great director for user operations

• What lessons did you learn from this case?

I have come to appreciate that as a leader or even as an employee it is important to learn how to adapt to change as it is inevitable. Being flexible in a work environment is valuable strength that will help one adjust to the ever constantly changing systems in the world of business.

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