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Learning is an essential aspect in the societies. It promotes the understanding of knowledge and employment of skills. Nevertheless, there are various barriers to the learning process. One of the elemental barriers, in relation to Cole’s “Arrow of Time”, is the concept of entropy. This element increase once created and cannot be destroyed. In terms of learning, entropy, energy is wasted, and opportunities lost when the individuals involved in the learning process fail to implement and apply the concepts of learning in real life situations. Individuals are also blind to new information because of the same issue of entropy ("HERS -"). Curry, Nembhard, and Bradley (2009), suggest that learning requires the ability to look for information and constantly be up to date with the happenings surrounding an individual. Nooriafshar and Maraseni suggest that homogeneity on the perceptions by students is greater as the level of education increases and tends towards a given specialization.
Nevertheless, entropy defines the ignorance of individuals in looking for this information. According to Duque and Weeks (2010), individuals believe they have what they only learn as the best information and fail to go an extra mile through research because entropy is increasing steadily and they have no initiative of engaging in more activities that are deemed beneficial such as looking for new information. Therefore, for learning to be effective, it has to encompass significant perceptions, methodologies, purposes, and outcomes.
Smith (2009) posits that different elements prevent people from gathering emergent insights. These elements define the approaches and the desire of an individual to gain insights concerning a particular concept that they deem fit. From Miner’s “Body Ritual among the Nacimera”, it is evident that various cultures exhibit variant styles of configuration. These styles influence and shape the patterns of perceiving the world among the people in these cultures. For this reason, some of the patterns prevent individuals from gathering new insights because of their incapacity to view or perceive the events in the world from a plausible perspective. Many individuals find the demonstrable results elusive and intangible because of their inherent perception concerning the topic under which the results were found. The viewpoints that individuals adopt in their course of development define the manner in which they approach and perceive elements and topics related to them. As such, as the combination of these viewpoints according to Curry, Nembhard, and Bradley (2009), and the concept of entropy makes individuals view these results as elusive and intangible. That is; their conceptions are dependent on the type of result and topic of the field of information.
In the course of the learning process, individuals employ various procedures and approaches that they typically follow through to gain skills and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the concepts being discussed. These procedures and aspects, as seen in Eiseley’s “The Cosmic Prison”, include finding comfort, understanding the environment through illusion and failure, exploring the positive stimuli towards understanding a given aspect, employing conceivable stretches of imagination, and building absolute mastery of concepts ("Invisible Pyramid -- A Naturalist Analyses the Rocket Century, by Loren Eiseley". People follow these steps to learn about various aspects of their environments. Some of these procedures do not work because of the failure of the individuals who use these procedures to apply them effectively. As such, the entropy concept still surfaces here. It defines the extent to which individuals can be orderly and creative in the application of these concepts to their learning. That is, entropy acts as disorder to view aspects in plausible and transit ways, derailing the capacity of the undertaken approach or method to facilitate the process of understanding the elements that an individual desires in terms of the effectiveness.
Assumptions are in the way of individuals, and they influence their approach and methods used in their learning process. One of the assumptions is related to Miner’s work are individuals having variant personality structures. As such, these structures define the way of thinking as well as reasoning that people employ in thinking. That is; they completely base their arguments and viewpoints on their personality structure. Another assumption is the concept of unnerving irreversibility as provided in Cole’s, which suggests that once the individuals conceive a given element, they stick to it indiscriminately. Most of the perceptions of individuals are flawed because of their unnerving irreversibility. This concept, coupled with the aspects of personality structures, make individuals make decisions that are not informed, which makes them develop flawed viewpoints. It is elemental to have a wider scope of reasoning and establishing facts rather than just dwelling on the personality structures. As such, the unnerving irreversibility influences individuals to make these flawed viewpoints and conceptions that often do not contribute to the understanding of the concepts and the elements of learning.
Sometimes, learning can be difficult. For this reason, individuals have to devices methods and approaches to pursue it. Miner says that the underlying fundamental belief in the system appears to be centered on the conception that the human bodies are ugly ("Miner's "Body Ritual Among the Nacirema""). For this reason, the only hope of the individuals in this society is to avert the characteristics by ceremony and ritual. Therefore, individuals have to organize themselves in distinct personality as well as group structures to pursue learning. Such organizations assist in the building of esteem and solving of challenges and problems. If learning is so hard to come by, individuals have to identify various ways that will enable them to gradually develop an understanding towards learning. Nevertheless, Cole suggests that individuals pay for complexities with irreversibility. As such, people have to come up with alternatives to approaching learning in different ways, for instance, through the promotion of elements such as talents or hobbies. Unless individuals approach difficulty in learning in this manner, they will only fail. That is, unless they make efforts to understand learning effectively, the process will remain to be challenging.
Acquiring new knowledge in such environments where learning is deemed hard can occur in various ways. First, innovation can be essential. In order for innovation to promote acquiring of knowledge in these environments, there has to be the establishment of group structures with personalities of the similar conception. That is; these people come together to try to come up with creative ideas that will assist them to overcome challenges rather than apply learning concepts in solving the issues. Second, people can acquire knowledge in such environments through emulation. Emulation encompasses referring to the actions and approaches of individuals in the society in solving one’s issues. As such, the emulation of ideas builds the knowledge of the people on the emulated subjects. Therefore, to promote learning, there has to be integration in the learning process. Various aspects can be incorporated into the learning process, including field studies, communal or societal integration and involvement, talents and hobbies. Others include self-teaching and evaluation, group teaching, and research. Integrating a variety of elements that happen or are part of the daily activities of individuals into the learning and teaching process will be essential to foster understanding and learning, especially in the environments that deem it hard.
The successful methodology of this integration into the learning is first to collect the views of individuals on their preferences for the concepts of learning in the environments. Views from the individuals in environments that consider it as hard have to be considered more. After the collection of these views, it is important to establish which of the views are plausible in the implementation of a learning process that facilitates easy understanding of different issues in learning. The implementation process itself has to be systematic and gradual to facilitate the maximum application of the concepts into the learning process. I believe that this strategy and methodology is elemental because it promotes the integrated learning. I believe integrated learning is essential because it facilitates the incorporation of the wide scope of events and topics in the process of learning. For this reason, it increases the degree and scope of understanding of the concepts of the learning process. Integrated learning enables the individuals involved in the learning process to formulate and conceptualize various solutions to the challenges facing them in the environments. In addition, the formulation of concepts becomes easy with a wide scope to choose.
These elements of integration are evidenced by a variety of studies that discuss the importance of integrated learning. For instance, the Edutopia team in their research suggests that integrated learning fosters an approach to learning the various mimics or events in life. In addition, with this integrated learning, the learners can gain knowledge in interdisciplinary ways. Therefore, the individuals and their viewpoints concerning the issue influence learning cuts across various issues in the society and the understanding of the learning.

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