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Georgia is a slightly-above-average-weight woman who will “pig out” a couple of times per week. She calls it “stress eating” and she will watch TV late at night, and will eat a great deal of food. She hates her inability to control her eating. She does nothing afterward, however, to get rid of the excessive food or calories. What disorder does Georgia have?

Answer: Binge-Eating Disorder with Night eating syndrome (NES).

Khalial is a 12-year-old boy who will periodically bed-wet. There is no physical cause for this event. What is this diagnosis called?

Answer: Nocturnal Enuresis.

Jenny has an IQ in the average range. However, at school she is doing very badly. She has consistently scored 2 grades lower in English, than the grade she is in. From this, what would the likely diagnosis be?

Answer: Learning Disabilities.

Fred is a Frat Boy and only drinks on the weekends. Although he maintains a 3.8, he frequently misses work and his Saturday classes because he is hung over. He hides his “Frat activities” from his parents, because they would not understand. What is his likely diagnosis?

Answer: Alcohol Use Disorder or Alcoholism.

Mark is a 7-yar-old boy who has no friends because of his “odd communication skills.” He talks a great deal about dinosaurs and is unable to engage in spontaneous conversation about other topics. He prefers to be alone, and when upset, will rock back-and-forth. What is Mark’s likely diagnosis?

Answer: Autism.

Mary Jo has been arrested again. Despite being only 15, she has been arrested for Breaking and Entering, attempted robbery, selling drugs and prostitution. Mary Jo feels that nobody understands her, and you think Mary Jo suffers from what diagnosis?

Answer: Conduct Disorder.

For the past year, Jennifer’s head will pull sharply to the left. She is unable to control this behavior and becomes greatly embarrassed about it. The doctor is teaching her relaxation techniques to see if this will help reduce the spasms. It appears that the doctor feels that Jennifer is suffering from which diagnosis?

Answer: Dystonia

Amanda weighs 85 pounds, and should weigh 115 (according to the BMI charts). She eats very little and will make herself vomit every-other-day. Although you can see her ribs and sternum, Amanda knows that she is “fat.” What is her likely diagnosis?

Answer: Anorexia Nervosa.

Nialah has periods in which she experiences great sadness, and feels guilty. She has attempted suicide on one occasion. In addition, Nialah believes that she is a messenger from God, who must preach to others in order to save them. She spends all of her free time preaching the message. She has no friends, has poor hygiene, and will frequently talk to people who are not there (i.e., others don’t see them). What is Nialah ‘s likely diagnosis?

Answer: Borderline Personality Disorder with Schizotypal Personality Disorder.

Over the past year, 80-year-old Oscar has demonstrated modest memory, language and problem solving declines. He is still able to live independently, but it is much harder for him and it requires much more family involvement. What is his likely diagnosis?

Answer: Major Neurocognitive Disorder.

Ryan worries all of the time about everything. His nails are bitten to the quick, he has difficulty sleeping, and tends to overeat. What diagnosis do you likely suspect?

Answer: Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Hamia is a 7-year-old boy who is argumentative, does not obey his teachers and parents, and gets into a lot of fights. What diagnosis do you suspect?

Answer: Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Grendle has a difficult time staying focused; she loses things all of the time; is easily distracted; tends to interrupt others; cannot sit still; wiggles all of the time; and, blurts out answers. What diagnosis do you suspect?

Answer: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Ninety-year-old Marlon has demonstrated some serious cognitive deficits. He has forgotten his address, has difficulty dressing himself, has forgotten where the bathroom of his home is, and frequently forgets words (making communication with him very difficult). It appears that he can no longer live alone. What diagnosis do you suspect?

Answer: Alzheimer's disease.

For the past year, Michael has demonstrated an uncontrollable “head twitch” and “yelp.” He is greatly bothered by his symptoms. What diagnosis do you likely suspect?
Answer: Conversion Disorder.

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