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Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan represents a multifarious personality who occupies diverse aspects of behavioural dispositions. The character could be well examined through psychoanalytic perspective, emphasizing the unconscious practices of the human cognizance, to analyse the characteristics of his personality. However, reading a personality requires much appropriation that could reverberate proper attestation of the character under study. Sigmund Freud’s, the father of psychoanalytic approach, unique style of assessing personality reveals innumerable sets of behavioural aspects that form concrete understanding of the personality. Freud focuses on ID, Ego, and Super-Ego, the three parts of mind through which and with which the human personality could be exposed. Dexter’s character could also be mapped with this analytical structure.
Since the character is established within the framework of crime and criminality. His mother was brutally killed by a murderer by a saw. Such nuances developed a sense of delinquency in his persona. There is a dark side in his personality, established and fuelled by his past experience, which he fulfils by killing animals and expressing limited social interfaces. This defines the ID part of the character, which Freud signifies as the innate tendencies of a person that works within the set of uncoordinated instinctive inclinations to satisfy the desires. Dexter tries to maintain an acceptable behaviour within the loop of social norms and society, especially when he happens to interact with strangers or even his family likes his sister or his wife and son. Such features fulfil authentic etiquettes of Super-ego, and these define a tendency of promising part of the character of Dexter. However, he is always intended to fulfil his burning desires i.e., killing. Being a serial killer, he works eloquently on different parts of his mind in order to maintain an apt balance between his innate tendencies of killing and normal social standards. The ego part of the character plays such role, and it has the ability to mingle the character’s cravings and doings.
The character of the Dexter establishes a prominent personality of a psychopath who is a serial killer with little expressive normal emotions. By implementing Freud’s psychoanalysis, it is quite interesting to observe that the unconscious considerations of Dexter affect his behaviour.

The Joker (The Dark Knight)

The Joker represents a fictional character who is one of the intelligent villains in Batman series, comics, and movies etcetera. His personal character reveals features of a psychopath with unconventional attire, giving him ‘the Joker’ look. The character of ‘the Joker’ is very interesting in every sense as far as his persona is concerned. His overall look along with his weird sense of humour and irksome laugh, the Joker epitomizes a complex personality. The character of the Joker can be assessed through Sigmund Freud’s prized methodology – the psychoanalytic approach.
According to Freud, the structure of the mind is plotted in three parts viz., ID, Ego, and Super-ego. These three aspects map the whole personality tendencies that make up the individual. The Joker is always in search of pleasing his own personality. He commits crimes and facilitates fierceness to fulfil his basic desires. Strictly speaking, the Joker becomes happy and satisfied by constructing violence. His personality is guided by the ID part of his mind. However, the other part, the Super-ego, of the Joker may obstruct him from committing such crimes in order to cultivate certain aspirations of the social values in his personality. He is against the social norms and wants to be free and satisfy his desires at any cost. He vilifies such conception and wants to live without any kind of rules and limitations so that he can commit crimes – killing, and rob banks etcetera. The ego part of the character reflects a systematic and sort of simultaneous work of two parts of his mind in order to balance the whole personality within the aspects of criminality and normalcy. However, the Joker is more of a ruthless psychopath who loves to commit crimes. Also, the Joker licks his own lips frequently that represent his tendency of oral psychosexual development of his personality as per Freud’s psychoanalysis.
The joker represents a pitiless criminal who likes to satisfy his desires to get pleasures. His personality is dominated by ID portion of his cognizance. He is a psychopath and makes a heartless criminal who kills, and robs etcetera intelligently and mercilessly.

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