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Published: 2021/02/23

The fight against the gender inequality has made tremendous progress in the recent past. We have seen initiatives and laws being passed all over the globe to make sure no gender feels they are discriminated. The laws have made sure the both gender receive equal treatment and opportunities in the society. Additionally, these laws make sure neither gender is exposed to torture such as FGM. Female genital mutilations are currently being fight worldwide and the fruits have been witnessed in the sense that majority of those who were practicing have abandoned. The laws have been passed and implemented in many countries to curb the atrocity of genital female mutilation. The illegalization of FGM is a tremendous step in agitating for gender equality and banning of atrocities that are associated with FGM. The illegalization of FGM is a worth praised idea because more infection with AIDS, more fistula, teenage pregnancy and school dropouts have been reduced drastically. Infant mortality that is associated with FGM is nearly coming to an end and very soon it will be a history of the past.
The domestic violence cases are continuously reducing and in the coming future it will be totality eliminated. Women and girls were the vulnerable group when family violence broke up but currently I thank the international effort being put to totally eradicate the menace. The issue of compulsory sterilization, fertilization treatment and abortion without consultation with the concern affected group of women and teenage pregnant is on reduction. Currently and in the future it will be done with concept and approval of the concern party. This movement is in the right direction because it will soon eradicate trauma usually faced by the victims.
The world is putting an effort to get rid of inequality in education and employment to girls and women respectively. Despite numerous resistances to gender equality, currently more women have accessed modern education and have been given equal job opportunities on employment sector. It is evidence by Hillary Clinton who has vied and she will again vie for a US president seat, a very powerful post around the globe. This idea is a marvelous one as the say goes that what a man can do, a woman can do it better and hence all genders should be given equal opportunities to exploit both in education and employment sectors. Further laws should be continuously enacted in order to ensure in future that both female and male child are educated equally and no one should be forced to take a certain course on the ground of being of certain gender. If this will be adopted around the globe then it will be rational achievement and progress.
Sexual violence and discrimination at home because someone is a girl or a woman is currently disappearing and in the future it will no longer exist. If this vice is fought against from all corners of the globe, human rights will be enhances and stress and depression associated with it will be abolished.
The breast implants which is antithesis of health to uphold pointless and luxurious medical procedures for media and culture driven beauty reasons so as to fit physical characteristic desires by men is currently being viewed in equal weight as FGM. Other women body surgery like feet binding, body projects, mammograms, face-lifts, anorexia, pap smears, cosmetic surgery and corset which are mainly practice in developed countries are also view as women oppressions because they are being influenced by men desires. It has been categorized under social pressure as a gender inequality and hence effort has been diverted to address the issue. This step taken will call for support from NGOs and administration and therefore would reduced deaths and sub humanizing of women as associated with those incidences.
The women who are championing and advocating for gender equality have ceased to be nick-named and this has encourage any other woman activist to come out and shout for gender equality. I would also like the government to increase their support and also joint hands with women to agitate for equality. This ideology will boost political and economical empowerment of women in the society and the country economy at large will grow.
Wife-beating, dowry death, sexual trafficking, honor killings, subjugation and deaths for an imagined wrongs which were very common in some parts of Africa, Latin America, South Asia, India, Pakistan and Thailand have greatly subside and in the near future it will all have gone. It has been declared as a global issue and more laws will be enacted and the social menace will come to a halt. Worries, stress, depression and deaths as a result of these social vices fortunately will be stopped. Brutality that maims girls and women as seen in Nigeria when Boko Haram raided school girls is being fought globally. This has enhances security and in the future such acts will not be witnessed. Setting of strict rules relating to clothing and public appearance have been liberated and a girl child or a woman can wear what she feel will be more secured against social acts like rape.
In conclusion, countries are now in full swing force adopting laws that are prohibiting violence against women, FGM, and other violation of human rights. Countries are now working interdependently to enforce those laws and have joined hands to fund United Nations programs which will ease the fight against gender inequality and the vulnerable groups in the society. An active and effective program has been formed which is known as Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discriminations Against Women, CEDAW to champion for gender equality.

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