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a) The long way home shows the painful experiences of the immigrants who were seeking a new life in America. It shows that the issue of immigrants started many years ago in the history of America.
b)the American experiences during the great war were different from those of British, German and France in that it was inner war and faced enemies from within.
2. a. the method used by Laskin was very effective in telling the immigrants experiences since it give the readers the actual happening in their life.
b. the book balance the foreground stories with historical background through comparing the later with the real experiences of the immigrants. For instance, the men confirmed the information that had been written earlier on the experiences of the immigrants.
c. this story could also have been told through referring to historical documents that were written during that period.
3. i
a. Even immigrants could become 100% Americans if they were ready to give their full support, loyalty and allegiance to the America. Roosevelt argued that there can no be fifty-fifty Americanism.
b. The Knights of Columbus mainly comprised of catholic Americans who had Irish origin. The message of loyalty and duty was very important to them in 1915 since they could easily show allegiance to their home country instead of United States.
c. Yes, I think it was biasness of reviewers to misinterpret Roosevelt’s message who meant that even immigrants can become 100% Americans if they remain loyal to it.
d. It is wrong to misinterpret original information especially in history since biased information may be passed to future generations. I will avoid this mistake by seeking truth by reading the entire document.
e. It was not fair for cherry to pick only a few quotes and misinterpret them from original Roosevelt’s document. This is because it led to misinterpretation of the original document.
f. I would not have wanted to serve with German(first)-American since they had no loyalty and allegiance to the united states.
g. I would prefer melting point assimilation philosophy since it ensured the immigrants fully lefty their ancestry customs and views and embraced Americanism.
ii It is difficult for the country to survive without immigrants putting their allegiance first to the new homeland and second to the old homeland.
a. The long way home shows the painful experiences of the immigrants on their way back to their home country.
b. My grandfather passed through Ellis Island and he narrated to us how it was painful to see his close friends denied entrance into the land of hope.
6 a. From the long way home, we can learn to improve immigration policies in order to make them more efficient to allow only the necessary people in the country.
b. Today’s immigrants are more realistic in expectations and qualified in education compared to those that were passing through Ellis Island.
c. Immigrants fighting in the armed forces today are more loyal and patriotic compared to those portrayed in the long way home.
7 a. I agree with the Laskin’s thesis that the Great War was watershed experience among the generation of immigrants that passed through the island. This is because many of them faced experiences that they will never forget in their life.
b. That was the greatest events that generation passed in their long way to become Americans.
c. The great depression of 1937 made the generation of my grand parents to become hard working and aggressive economically.
a. The author was fair in telling the story of the three Hofer brothers and Jacob Wipf since he mentions all the tribulations they went through during trial and imprisonment to the point of death. However, he does not tell much about the consequences that the country faced or would face due to their objection.
b. Yes, the Hutterite men were at fault for refusing to take part in the military activities since they had a duty as citizens.
c. I admire their strong stand and sacrifice since they remained true to their faith to the end.
d. The experiences of these men at Alcatraz and Leavenworth could not he compared with those of political prisoners today since they were worse. Political prisoners are treated nowadays in a human way.
e. Conscientious objector refers to individuals who refuse to take part in military services due to their religion, conscience or thought. One can balance the two by requesting to be given another civilian duty.

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