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Today many companies employ different marketing strategies in order to increase the sales of their products and services. One of the well-known strategies is to connect items manufactured by the company with some famous people, events or places. The Lamborghini`s brand is totally based upon such principle. Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of this company, was surprised by the strength and force of bulls, that`s why he used bulls` image in order to create the brand of his company. It means that all the cars designed and produced my Lamborghini bear the names of prominent bulls that have lived during the recent centuries. Of course, there were some cars that didn`t follow this tradition, but their number is very small.
Now it`s time for us to ask one simple question. What does the bull symbolize? What is the core idea of this animal that constitutes the foundation of Lamborghini`s brand? I think that it`s quite reasonable to suggest that the choice of bulls was made due to the features of this animal. As everybody knows, these animals are the true symbols of strength and aggression. One of the most important games in the Spanish history is so-called corrida, i.e. Spanish-style bullfighting. The major purpose of this game is to fight the bulls, to win the battle. It is a game where a human being stands against the bull. And his only aim is to gain dominance. I think that the same principle is used in Lamborghini cars. When a person buys it, he wants to show his ability to run it, he wants to impress his surrounding community with this achievement. What is more important, when a person is preparing to drive this car, the first thing he hears is the roar of the Lamborghini motor. Lamborghini`s sound is very similar to the sounds made by real bulls. I suppose that this similarity is not the coincidence. The designers and all the other creators of Lamborghini car wanted to deliver the real feeling of victory to the owners of Lamborghini. That`s why they employed that sound that helped them create the true atmosphere of corrida, so that a driver can consider himself to be a real matador.
On the other hand, another important feature of every Lamborghini car is its exterior. All the curves and all the lines of the car resemble the aggression and speed, and we can even call it – the nature of the bull. A person that is sitting inside this car should feel the confidence in his own forces, and the exterior of this car serves its function. Of course, the design has changed dramatically since the first car that was released in 1966. Nevertheless, the basic principles employed by designer have remained untouchable since the production of its first car.
Moreover, I want to emphasize that the company doesn`t use names of matadors. It pays attention to famous bulls. I have already explained the reason for it above, but I want to state it clearly one more time – the car represents the bull, while its owner (or maybe, its driver) is a matador. For example, if we analyze the origin of the latest car made by this company, we will see that Aventador was a bull that gained his prominence due to the one of the bloodiest fight in Saragossa. This bull received the honorable reward for his actions – “Trofe de la Peña La Madroñera”. I think that this bull can be an argument that confirms the constant evolution of the company, that despite all changes continue to be loyal to its traditions.

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