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“A scientist named Matthew James Jackson formulated a theory of time-traveling. At first, he was once a distinguished physicist and scientist of the Royal College of Science; however, most of his theories opposed the teachings of the Church. Albeit the many praises of his colleagues, the Pope was in cahoots with the King to remove Dr. Jackson from the Royal College so that they can ostracize him away from the society so that he could not influence people with his ‘mad science’. Dr. Jackson, who was once a gentleman of amiable countenance and great fortune, lived the rest of his life in extreme poverty and solitude. He had an assistant, a beautiful maiden named Caroline, whom many believed to be his lover at some point. They resided at the abandoned castle of Northanger. Dr. Jackson spent his life creating new discoveries about the concept of alternate universe. In 2086, he developed the first game software called ‘Etheria’ which allows users to enter the game and”
Connor flipped the pages of Dr. Jackson’s journal. The rest of the pages were burnt and yellowed due to its old age. Perhaps the Catholic Church discovered them, he thought as he continued flipping the rest of the book in search for some particular clue about the mysterious video game called Etheria. Recently, the media is awash with reports about mysterious disappearance of many people, particularly some prolific figures in the society. After the death of Dr. Jackson, many people believed that he killed Caroline and sacrificed her to the Devil to continue his scientific pursuits, but no proof of this can be seen on the intimate memoirs of Caroline. This is getting tougher than I’ve expected, Connor silently cursed himself as he stretched his arms above his head. The whole day research made his body ache; his feet were already numbed and his buttocks were hurting because of prolonged sitting. He was so engrossed in studying the case of Dr. Jackson that he had forgotten to take a short break. Connor rubbed his tired eyes. He stood up and went to the window. Outside, the view is breathtaking for a science enthusiast. Probably, the people of the early twentieth century would be happy to live in this kind of society. The streets were lit by colorful laser lights which acted not only for decoration, but also for security purposes. The laser lights are composed of tiny beams of lasers atoms which can penetrate and ‘scan’ the mind of an individual. The data sent as ‘electrical impulses’ travels wirelessly as ‘signals’ towards the neuro-transmitters attached to every registered individual. All cities of the world adapted this new technology of mentally detecting a criminal. In just a short span of two months, many criminals were arrested and obliterated from the society. However, the neuro-transmitters do not necessarily broadcast the thoughts of an individual. Technically, every person acquires the neuro-transmitter cord upon his birth. It is a small headband placed atop one’s head along with a receiver that can instantly pick-up radio signals and electromagnetic waves. It can function both as a wireless means of communicating across the vast networks of computers around the world. Registered users can instantly upload, share and view multimedia items on the government approved social networking website called ‘Speirr’. Connor Barry spearheaded the technology of using the mental energy produced by the brain. The previous 20th century depleted almost the whole natural resources of the Earth. Most of the animals that roamed the lands can be only seen nowadays in museums. Like Dr. Jackson, Connor was also a member of the Royal College of Science. In addition to his scholastic work, he also contributes to the safety of the city-dwellers through constant communication with the Interpol. The news about the mysterious disappearances of many people, particularly the youth, sparked the debate towards the existence of Dr. Jackson’s notorious video game. Based from his own research, Connor found out that the original software was no longer in sale. The sound of a ringtone interrupted his thoughts. Connor’s headband glowed brightly and displayed the incoming call through the lens of his eyeglasses. His friend Scott is calling him. He adjusted the microphone and initiated the conversation.

“What’s up? Did you found out any information?” he asked.

The man on the other line spoke. “Yes. I did. It’s very interesting Con, what we knew about Dr. Jackson’s inventions were not really true at all. Interpol asked the city of Northanger to excavate the abandoned Northanger Castle.”

“Really? They did that before right but then they did not find anything interesting aside from the history of murders.”

A loud thud echoed through the line which made Connor wince. “Yeah! Apparently that is the clue we should use to discover the remaining software of Etheria. We must destroy them before it causes any harm.” Scott declared.

“What do you mean by that?” Connor asked, quite puzzled by the information he received from his friend.

“I won’t say it to you right now. This is very delicate information so I need you to go here at my office so that we can discuss this further with Chief Kirkstein. You will never know if someone is wiretapping this conversation at this minute. I’ll text you the address. Meet me there.”
“Okay mate. Got it.”
Connor ended the call. The eyeglass disappeared and the headband atop his head stopped glowing. He peered at the wall clock of the library. It was already 5:55 in the afternoon. Scott’s office is located at the heart of the capital. His friend was an intelligent spy and investigator who work for the government since their university years. Perhaps they got even closer because they both share an interest about Dr. Jackson’s notable and infamous scientific creations. Connor went to the library reception area to borrow the journals of Caroline and Dr. Jackson. Somehow, these books are the only clues in solving the mystery behind the disappearance of many people. After the library transaction, Connor put them in a bag and rode his GXSMM345 Aerial Motorcycle. The New Earth was constructed after the original planet crumbled in the late 2999. One of Dr. Jackson’s famous contributions was the architectural layout of the new planet that can withstand the extreme force of the gravity and the temperature. Somehow, the New Earth was way better than the old planet Earth because there are no calamities such as hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural phenomena caused by tidal force or tectonic movements. However, unlike the natural planet Earth, the vast reserves of the humans’ mental energy are used to maintain and stabilize the New Earth. In order to protect it from overheating and foreign invaders from the outer space, the government mandated a law stating every registered resident of the New Earth must contribute half of their mental energy to support the planet. For some, this is probably the most high-tech place to live in. However, a place consuming one’s mental energy is way scarier than the natural calamities. Without mental energy, there will be no way for them to continue living in the New Earth, Connor thought sadly. Aerial roads dominated the skyline of the New Earth. To avoid traffic jams, the government financed the invention of aerial motorcycles that can travel at greater speeds, and of course using the brain’s mental energy to power it instead of fuels. After twenty minutes of travel, Connor stopped at the front of a massive glass paneled skyscraper. Bold letters were emblazoned on the top of its entrance: Office of the International Police Forces. He parked the motorcycle in a curb and secured it with a laser lock that automatically displays his identity when touched by someone else. Connor slid through the rotating glass doors towards the foyer. The inside of the building is the most apt example of the scientific progress. Vast amounts of computer operated robot nurses greet each approaching visitor whilst scanning their belongings using their laser equipped eyes. These robot nurses immediately recognize the person using the laser equipped lenses installed inside their eyes. They can also perform accurate diagnostics of a person’s illness by simply looking at them. Connor sighed. As he approached the lift, he often wondered what life looks like in the middle phase of the twentieth century. The century he lives in, the year 3000 is truly a modernized age powered by computers and robots. Despite its high-tech features, the New Earth is a world without sound. All people communicate using the headband on the top of their heads. Also, the impact of the social media further hastened the destruction of interpersonal communication. People send messages either by chat, and calls over wireless connection. Somehow, because of these inventions, people became idiots in terms of communicating to each other personally. The majority of the population never bothers to say a simple ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ to other people, and even to their relatives. All greetings on various occasions including birthdays, New Year’s, and Christmas are done online. In addition, the New Earth abolished the primitive tradition of marrying in person. Today, brides and grooms prefer to date and marry online as it saves them the time and mental energy to walk around. Connor’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the lift alarm indicating that he is already at the twelfth floor. The lift doors opened and he stepped outside. The room he was currently in is Scott’s private office. Huge plasma screen is placed at the center, serving as a focal point of the entire place. Also, at the center just below the plasma monitor is a glass paneled table and a swivel chair. Scott sat on the chair, still busy analyzing the reports probably sent to him by various investigating agencies. On the table lay a stack of papers and various books about the game, Etheria. Connor walked briskly towards the desk and seated himself in front of his friend.
Scott shuffled the papers he held in his hands and stated, “The mysterious disappearances of those people are no longer a mystery anymore.”
Connor, aghast at his friend’s statement only blinked his eyes in astonishment but said nothing. Scott continued, “My agents and the whole community of the Interpol investigated the mysterious disappearances, starting from the earliest stage. We dug up the basement of the Northanger Castle and we discovered an entryway leading to a cesspit which appeared to be a hidden laboratory.” Scott motioned a pile of pictures in front of Connor. “This is a few photographs of Dr. Jackson’s time machine which all of us know that allows users to time travel. Another interesting discovery we found out is the diskettes containing files for the most coveted software, Etheria. We tried to open it but still it does not allow us to do so. Hence, I need your expertise here to crack the code open and discover what truly lies in this blasted piece of program file.” Connor studied the photographs closely and examined their detail one by one. His attention was drawn closely by the magnificence of Dr. Jackson’s creations. The time machine is a large cylindrical shaped object with cords attached on it and a chair placed on the center. Probably to enable time traveling, the user must sit on the chair and attach the cords on his body; he thought as he ran traced the solid outlines of the machine on the photograph. Scott cast his friend a questioning look, as if asking for his reaction. Connor’s enthusiasm matched his friend’s. He immediately agreed to cooperate with the authorities for the sake of the majority; because if Etheria will continue to exist, many people will surely disappear until no remains. Scott and Connor turned to the building’s exit and rode their own aerial motorcycles towards the latter’s house. After fifteen minutes, they stopped in front of a luxurious condominium. The two parked their vehicles in the designated parking space before going inside the building. They rode the lift up to the twentieth floor where Connor’s room located. Upon reaching the place, Connor opened the door and immediately proceeded to the issue. Scott rummaged his friend’s laptop and connected it with a USB cable to enable fire transfer. Then he connected the disk drive to their devices and inserted the diskette containing the file. Upon connecting, both the monitor screens flashed the message: “File opening in progress please wait a moment.”
Connor sipped his tea and turned to his friend who was busy typing something on the laptop. “You said your men cannot open the file, so why were you able to open it anyway?” Scott answered, “I was just trying a few combinations of keywords. Luckily, Dr. Jackson used his wife’s full middle initial and the last name of his great-great grandmother, so I think it’s just a lucky strike for me.” He clicked on a folder icon and the monitor screen flashed two times. Afterwards, more folders appeared containing the several names. But their suspicion aroused when they both saw few names that they can recognize. That’s right! Some of the people who went missing these past few months had their names stored on the file of the video game. Just what the hell is this thing? Connor cannot help the chill that ran through his spine upon seeing those names. Scott continued his task until a message appeared again. “Please enter your Social Security Number to register. Next, connect the virtual reality head scanner on your head to start playing.” Connor and Scott both looked into one another, their expression was tangible. Fear mixed with curiosity was written on their faces. Hesitantly, they both entered their social security number on each laptop connected to the game drive. After entering the required information, the two men attached the virtual reality head scanner on their heads whilst seated on their own chairs. Unbeknownst to them, the monitor displayed the game logo: Etheria and a loading bar showing the game being opened. Scott whose eyes were covered by the scanner turned his head towards the direction of his friend. “Hey Con, still there? I don’t know what will happen to us but” his sentence was cut off when both of them disappeared on their seats. Nothing was left, aside from the two laptops joined together by the game drive. Soon, the speakers attached to these devices echoed the horrified voices that seem to be trapped inside the game itself. As if they were begging for help. Unknown to the two men, the Interpol sent Samuel to supervise them without their knowledge. He was a computer expert but upon witnessing the immediate disappearance of Scott and his friend, he sat rooted on the floor. The laptop still echoed the voices of Scott and Connor both of them screaming for help as their muffled voices continued to struggle against something. I must do it! I must destroy this cursed videogame! Samuel went to the table wherein the two laptops were placed along with the disk drive player. Inside it was the program file for Etheria, a game developed by a mad scientist named Dr. Jackson. He immediately tried to alter the program file using the knowledge he had; however, it was futile. Knowing his colleague needed help; Samuel calmed himself and studied the reports of his colleague. Still he did not find any clues regarding the cursed gaming software. Somehow, Samuel starts to get a grasp on the true nature of its existence. Etheria was a virtual reality game that allows its players to ‘experience’ the real game, themselves. However, Etheria was still a big puzzle for him. He wanted to save Scott and Connor who are trapped inside the game world. Suddenly, an idea flashed inside his mind. That’s it! The journals must be of help! He thought and immediately started skimming the rusty, mellowed pages. There was one page with written words detailing the life of Caroline and Dr. Jackson but the last parts were burned. The next pages were blank ones. It’s weird that the Doctor left three blank pages. I don’t understand, what was his intention? Samuel’s mind immediately came up with an idea that there must be a message hidden beneath the blank pages. He grabbed the iron and heated it then he tore the blank pages away from the book and placed them under the iron’s hot plates. Minutes later, brown streaks appeared on the pages which formed lines, and eventually formed letters. Written in the blank pages was the personal commentary of Dr. Jackson about the videogame, Etheria. Samuel read the passage:
“For many years, man has constantly pursued the research of new innovations in order to make their lives easier. What they did not know is the price in which these things prey upon. The mental energy produced by the human brain is valuable in ensuring the life of a human. Without it, the human would be a brain dead corpse, not capable of doing anything. I desired to create a game wherein one can transfer their minds in it so that they can experience the older way of living. But of course, for the people who had lived centuries ahead, playing Etheria will be certainly difficult for them. Etheria was set in the latter part of the Middle Ages wherein famine and helplessness is very common. One might say that I am sadistic in creating this game but I just wanted to teach the modern scientist about the preservation of the natural balance. Because of the great scientific innovations, people relied heavily on social media and lost their abilities for interpersonal communications; they also lost half of their lives upon their investment of half of their mental energy to stabilize the New Earth. All of these innovations did not made man intelligent but rather a generation of idiots. Etheria, was a game created specifically for hardcore gamers who endeavored a more realistic gaming scene. The only requirement for the game is to enter the social security number and attach their virtual reality head scanners to begin the game. The game will only end when a player’s brain stops working due to insufficient mental energy.”
Samuel stared in shock. He learned that Etheria was not just a simple game. It was a real game, with real people playing their own characters within it. Dr. Jackson’s intentions were evil in a way of sacrificing human life just for the sake of creating a new experiment in order for modern people to experience the old ways of life. Etheria, was dubbed as the city of tomorrow because the dead people did not go to heaven or hell. Their bodies just die and decay whilst their minds were preserved so that they can play their real identity, not in the New Earth but within Etheria. Dr. Jackson’s final words echoed inside Samuel’s head as he closed the journal. He had a bad feeling about the future of the New Earth after the people die. As he went outside the flat, a tall man dressed in black suddenly appeared and stabbed Samuel in the abdomen. Blood dripped from the knife and the killer pulled the still-conscious Samuel back inside the room. The stranger attached the virtual reality head scanner on Samuel’s head and began typing. Moments later, Samuel’s body disappeared without a trace. The stranger dressed in black leered on the two laptops. “Now that you found out the story, it’s time to join the rest of them.” The stranger’s soundless laugh echoed in the night wind, on the walls of silence.

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