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King: The African American citizen has waited a long time for equal rights and position in the society. With the March of Washington, we intend to non-violently but firmly demand what is rightfully ours. I wrote the “I have a dream” speech solely for this intent.
Miller: According to me your speech was extremely well-researched and drew a lot from the Bible. This was a great idea because almost all of the 2.50,00 people who heard the legendary speech, were avid Bible readers and followers. They had been reading the Bible all through their lives and understood the relational theology used.
King: That is an interesting observation. Where in my speech do you think that I might have expressed thoughts from the Bible and addressed relational theology?
Miller: I think you made an excellent attempt to harnesses Amos 5:24 in your speech when you asked for Mosaic justice the same way as Amos did. By doing this, you appealed to Amos’s expression of God’s concern for everybody. This way you stated that religion is also social and the spiritual and material conditions are immensely related.

King: Is it your opinion that religion should concern itself with a person’s economic state too?

Miller: Yes, I believe that a religion must be concerned with a man’s economic and social state and not just their souls.
King: However, where do you think I might have used the concepts of relation theology and how did that impact the way people interpreted the speech?
Me: I feel that when you quoted that God’s children include Jews and gentiles, the black and the white, the Protestants and the Catholics, you equalised all Christians and Americans, hence making use of the theory of relational theology. This is the premise of relational theology that all men are equal. Furthermore, mentioning the judgement day reminded all the listeners of their deeds and to take an account of their sins.
King: Yes, it was my basic belief in the fact that all men are equal and therefore must be treated as such. This was the fundamental fact of the civil rights movement. It was so hurtful when people were asking when the Negro will be satisfied. Through my speech it was my objective to make everyone understand why the African Americans are not satisfied since they lack an equal status in many terms.
Graves: I believe that the signing of the Civil Rights Act by President Lyndon Johnson to Barack Obama’s presidency today, can all be attributed to in a part to King’s speech. His belief in fairness and justice for all people presented itself clearly in his speech and his actions for the African Americans.
Me: I agree. For any revolution to reach its goal, only words do not create any big impact. Fake promises and superficial speeches are frequently heard from politicians. But this speech consisted of a lot of special elements that are found lacking otherwise. A sense of honour to God and his basic values. This is the reason why the speech is still remembered today.
Graves: America has truly come a long way in terms of how African American are treated. People who struggled for basic amenities and rights in Luther’s time, are now occupying primary and important positions in the society and in politics. A lot of this is due to the March on Washington, King’s speech and his life’s efforts.
Me: Definitely. Everyone uses the speech as an example of a great rhetorical work that worked to the white and the black population all together. It is also one of the best examples of using non-violent measures to win a revolution.

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