Good Example Of Decreased Adrenaline Occurs In The Stage 2 Essay

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Introduction to Psychology

Exam 2
a. Hallucinations
Hallucinations can be caused by mental illnesses such as dementia or delirium. Another reason of hallucinations is drug or alcohol abuse. Besides, medications and lack of sleep over long periods of time can result in hallucinating.
d. more frequent and vivid dreams

Decreased brain activity is observed during the Stage 3
Sleepwalking is observed at the end of Stage 3 or Stage 4
Slow and regular heart rate can be seen at the stage 4, when sleep is deep
c. REM sleep rebound
The catch up period after sleep deprivation depends on the time the sleep was deprived. The chronically sleep deprived people needs few months sometimes.
d. Stage 3
Sleepwalking of somnambulism is a sleep behavior disorder characterized by walking or performing other complex actions without being awaked. More likely to occur among children and sleep deprived persons
Night terrors are a sleep disorder, which occurs in the stage 3 and 4 of deep Non-REM sleep and is characterized by feeling of terror and fear. Night terrors are common in children and should not be confused with nightmares, which occur during REM sleep
b. sleep apnea
The treatment depends on the heaviness of the illness. It starts from changes in a lifestyle and finishes with different types of surgery. The last method can cure the apnea, while medications and different devices can only lighten the breath
b. an expression of our unconscious desires and needs
Dreams are part of our lives. They help us to understand our goals and desires and they entertain us, make our lives brighter. Besides, dreams help us to relax
b. encoding, storage, retrieval
Within the encoding stage a person gets information and then gives this information meaning and processes it in visual, acoustic or semantic form or simply change the information to remember.
Storage stage refers to keep information and ability to recall it in every moment of time. It can be divided in long-term memory and short-term memory.

Retrieval stage refers to getting the memories out of storage. It is an act of recalling

a. procedural memory
Lacey may have the problems with explicit memory and particularly with episodic memory, which refers to personal set of recollections about specific episode in her life.
d. recency effect
In this case Ramone would use the flashbulb memory. This kind of memory refers to vivid memories regarding specific and important events in life.
c. proactive interference
This process of remembering is called chunking. It refers to dividing the long number into several sections. It is also useful when remembering phone numbers
b. recognition
Recall is a type of memory retrieval, which requires remembering without any external help. Thus, the essay questions exam would require a student to think more and develop own schemata
d. flashbulb memories
Hurricane Rita was one of the most intense hurricanes ever recorded. I remember the sense of fear and pictures from news with broken trees and damaged buildings
d. conditioned response

Initial salivation is unconditioned response in this case

Initial presentation of the meat powder is an unconditioned stimulus for the dog
Presentation of the bell is neutral stimulus at the beginning
b. conditioned stimulus

Cat’s running is conditioned response

Dinner time without can opener is unconditioned stimulus
d. extinction
For example, the girl was crying and her mother bought her a new dress. When the girl keeps crying and no dress is bought, it is an extinction.
a. generalization
People are often scared or clowns. In childhood, one particular clown scared them. Now they have fear about all the clowns
d. rewards and punishments

Rewards and punishments are not examples of conditioning

b. negative reinforcement
It is positive because Johnny is expected to bring better grades without chores, so the stimulus is added. It is punishment because Johnny’s behavior will be increased
a. positive reinforcement

It is positive reinforcement because the stimulus was present and it was removed after the act of help

I learnt that circadian rhythms are very important to personal well-being, and a person should follow the rhythms. Besides, lark and owl status depends on the habits. Sometimes, lark or owl preferences can be signals of sleep disorders. Sleep deprivation can have more serious problems, that it was expected. It can lead to psychological and physical problems. It is better to learn during the day time and sleep well than spend nights preparing to the exam. Dreams are initial part of the sleep process. Dreams appear in the REM stage and other stages help organism to be prepared to the next day and its challenges. Sleep deprivation can also lead to the altered state of consciousness as well as illness and intoxication. It can lead to traumatic experience. Learning is related to memory process and makes use not only short term but also long-term memory. The learning is more productive with use of long-term memory because it means that the knowledge can be used in far future.

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