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Business Ethical Dilemma

In this paper a discussion has been done to tackle a situation regarding to an ethical dilemma in a corporate place and indentifying the effective processes to handle the situation by using prominent ethical frameworks. In this case it is important to mention that ethical dilemmas are sometimes created by circumstantial factor and in order to make proper decision it is essential not to be got carried away regarding to any event that can influence the decision making. The essay paper is purely a discussion of a situation of ethical dilemma in a corporate office and understanding the process to make ethical decision by taking a number of essential parameters under consideration. In making decision based on the circumstantial evidences sometimes clarification is essential to summarize how other people can accept the decision. Besides, ethical frameworks are essential to make significant differences of mindsets of other employees or stakeholders working in the same corporation.

In this case there is a situational ethical dilemma regarding to a senior who have asked me for prepare a check of the expenses he has done. As a part of routine procedure by checking the receipts provided by him an unusual expense has been discovered. As per his clarification he told that a week before the Christmas he had spent the amount entertaining a business client. His expenses are supported by restaurant’s and lounge’s receipts submitted by him. But coincidentally I have somehow recalled that afternoon when I saw him with his partner outside the office waited to pick him up for lunch and after that I had overheard him telling to the receptionist what a great time he had at dinner. I match the time of that incident with the recorded time of the given receipt and for my astonishment I discover that both times are effectively same. I have considered reporting this sort of activities of the senior to the higher authorities but lack of sufficient evidences put me on hold. Now using ethical frameworks it is important to tackle the circumstances. It is important to make an ethical decision to stop such instances in an organization.

Discussion of handling the issue using ethical frameworks

Basically in order to tackle ethical dilemmas ethical frameworks are one of the most essential arsenals for any individual or any organization. Ethical frameworks are mainly useful in representing the question of what is right in case of any given ethical dilemma. It is important to clarify that ethics can vary person to person as it is an individuals’ value. Ethical frameworks presented by Jones have basically used in business that contain four basic rules to be followed in order to make decision in an ethical dilemma such as:

Moral right rules

Utilitarian rules
Practical rules
Justice rule
The moral right rules state to take the right decision regarding to any given ethical dilemma by protecting the fundamental rights of those affected. In case of the utilitarian rules it is based on logical decision making. But it is lesser effective in ethical decision making as it does not represent ethical dilemmas that consider the fundamental rights of an individual or a group. The justice rules consider the distinction between the fundamental rights of an individual or a group and the common good. By making decisions on basis of justice rule signifies making the right decision on basis of evidences and proofs. The weakness of the rule is that it does not consider the fact whether the judgment is fair or not. The last ethical framework that is introduces by Jones is the practical rules that is heavily dependent on value judgment of the subjective.
According to Andrew C. Wicks, in ethical decision making, there six benchmark questions to be followed as mentioned below.

“Did I use the decision guides to help frame the case and highlight the moral dimension?

Did I think through and address the ethical challenges that were raised?
Did I gather the right information, check the facts, and include all the right people?
Did I use a fair process to get to my decision?
Is my decision consistent with the law and the expressed values of my firm and the community in which the firm operates?

Does my decision pass the publicity test? The reversibility test? The generalization test?” (Wicks, 2010)

Therefore the practical rules are a kind of ethical frameworks that can be implemented to make decisions in case of almost every ethical dilemma. Most importantly this ethical framework accounts for practical ramification of any provided decision as its title suggests. This ethical framework permits the decision maker to make usage of personal resources to take a certain decision in case of any ethical dilemma than other three ethical frameworks to be specific.
In order to make a decision on the case mentioned above it is important not to be diverted by the position of the senior level people. It is important to consider a number of things. First of all the relationship with the senior mate has to be verified and to be logical as per ethics suggest it is important to report that sort of instances after collecting a number of evidences. In case of above instance it is important that tactically decisions have to be made by collecting information from the receptionist who can be an evidence of the incident. The practical rule can be an essential ethical framework in this case as decision maker must not be diverted about what some other colleagues might think of him. That can lead to poor decision making. In general ethical dilemma has to be handled with ethical frameworks that can be cultured by ethics of an individual to decide how to take actions and decisions regarding to the dilemma.


As it has been discussed in this paper in a corporate place any individual employee can face ethical dilemma regarding to any circumstances. Therefore it is important to cultivate ethical framework among the employees of an organization to deal with any situation regarding to ethical dilemma. Conclusively it can be stated that ethics can be subjective to an individual as there are a number of differences in the mindset can be found among the employees of a same organization. In order to deal with any ethical dilemma some might react or some might not. It is basically up to the persons and their own ethics regarding to any ethical dilemma. Effective implementation of ethical framework can bring sustainability of corporate social responsibility among the employees of any organization. Significantly philosophers and critics believe that in case of tackling a situation of ethical dilemma in an organizational level it is up to the individual to act and make decision as per ethical framework cultivated as a culture at the highest level of professionalism.


Wicks, A. (2010). Business ethics. Boston: Prentice Hall.

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