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Adaptive strategies is a term used to define ways in which persons, households, and societies have changed their mix of industrious activities and modified their community rules and institutions over the long term. It happens to respond to monetary or ecological shocks or tensions, in order to meet their livelihood requirements. These strategies are a mix of traditional livelihood systems, modified by locally or externally made inventions, and coping plans that have become lasting (Ridley, 305). Bio-cultural study is also referred to as a study on queries of human biology and medical ecology that precisely includes social, cultural, or behavioral variables in the exploration design. It offers valuable representations for learning the interface between biological and cultural factors affecting human well-being. Some factors of adaptive strategies are argued out. For example, intelligence is said to be inherited and not influenced by the environment.

Gene expression

Gene expression is the method by which data is synthesized from one gene to another. Gene expression plays a crucial role in the human adaptive strategy since the process determines what we are today. Our genetic makeup is not lasting since it’s influenced by numerous factors. Among these factors are environmental and social that include temperature, light, and exposure to chemicals. The setting that an individual is raised can cause the expression of conduct for which a person is genetically inclined while the same individual raised in an altered surrounding may exhibit different conduct (Wilson, 30). A diverse dynamic change has been observed in the gene sequence from the previous lives. For example, chimpanzees’ gene sequence was simple compared to the human sequence that is complex. The tremendous change is due to many factors and among them are climate change, exposure to chemicals, light, and temperature change.
This characteristic started with the mammals after which it evolved tremendously in primates and is now maximized in humans. This vast difference is noted due to the exposure of the genes to the environment. As time goes by, exposure of gene to different chemicals changes rapidly. The change in chemical exposure causes a rapid change in gene expression and thus resulting organisms will be more adapted to the environment (Medina, 25). Change in temperature is another reason for genetic expression manipulations. There is depletion of the ozone layer every day, and this leads penetration of stray rays in the environment. Penetration of such rays causes a change in temperature that will affect gene expression in organisms. Therefore, the offsprings are well adapted to the environment than previously existing lives. Exposure to light also affects gene expression. If exposed to light largely, there will be breakage of some protein bond that will cause some problems in gene expression

Influence on evolution of hominin adaptive strategy

As discussed above, genetic expression is a key to the adaptation of offspring’s to the environment. The hominin adaptive strategy therefore began with a manipulation of the gene sequence due to the parent’s inability to survive in that environment. The end products of the conditions of the environment will involve the offspring adapting to the environment through the act of gene rearrangement (Medina, 40). Hence, it has become possible for the members of hominin to adapt to their current environment via this act of gene expression. Gene expression has influenced therefore mostly the evolution of hominin adaptive strategies.
Other factors e.g. climate change have evolved with us from the beginning. Climate change is one inevitable factor. Therefore, each member has no option but to adapt to it. Adaptation to such a factor takes long, but it must occur for one’s well-functioning. Climate change adaptations have to take place immediately so that the body can conduct metabolic processes efficiently.
Although some factors are argued out to be inherited for example intelligence and sensitivity, it is important to note that these factors are significantly influenced by the environment. Therefore, the knowledge and sensitivity of the members of the hominin is due to the change in environment and climatic conditions.

Relationship with other factors

The environment also determines the human adaptive strategy and is directly dependent on gene expression. As discussed above, gene expression is dependent on some factors that are environmentally based (Medina, 37). For example, exposure to chemicals, temperature, and light are directly dependent on the changes of the environment. Hence, the biodiversity or nature as well as the gene expression tend to rely directly on the human adaptive strategy.
There is also an immense relation between gene expression and the brain size. Brain size has a super crucial function in the human adaptive strategy. The gene expression is responsible for determining the size of the brain during synthesis of the new gene (Wilson, 26). Hence, there exists a relationship between the size of the brain and the gene expression. The genes coding for the size of the brain are influenced by some environmental factors that also cause an effect in the gene expression of other proteins.
We get an implication that our present life form is due to some adjustments in our ancestors’ gene sequence to cope up with the changing environment.

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