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Greco-Roman Wrestling is a modern prototype of an ancient sport that is still revered throughout the world. It is a sort which includes a complex rule set and has strict guidelines which must be followed. However, the game demands not only physical agility and finesse but also agility and training of the mind as it requires strategic understanding of the opponent’s moves and tactics. Various films which use this sport as a subject matter which be analyzed in order to gain better understanding of the sport.
This sport is enthusiastically played and spectacled worldwide and is one of the key attractions during the Olympics. This style of wrestling has originates from the sort of wrestling style that was played in competitions in the ancient Greek Olympics. There were various other civilizations which contested it as a sport form and it soon became quite popular amongst various European-folk cultures and some rulers and monarchs were also known to conduct tournaments in which they heavily awarded professional wrestlers. However, it officially became a part of the Modern Olympics in the year 1896 and the Summer Olympics in the year 1908.
The rules of this game are quite simple, however are considered much restrictive as compared to the free-style wrestling which is considered to be a much more “free” style of wrestling. There are currently 4 major weight categories that the sport is divided and played in which include:
Schoolboys: These are young men between the ages of 14-15 or even 13. However parental and medical consent and authorization is required for this age category. This weight category wrestles in 10 weight categories which range from 29-85 Kgs.
Cadets: These are young men who range from 16-17 or 15 years of age and this weight category requires parental and medical consent and authorization as well. This weight category wrestles in 10 weight classes which range from 39 to 100 Kgs.
Juniors: This category includes young men from the ages of 18 to 20 or 17 and this category also requires parental and medical consent as well as authorization. This weight category wrestles in eight weight classes from 46 to 120 Kgs.
Seniors: This age category includes men 20 years of age and up. They wrestle in seven weight classes which range from 50 to 120 Kgs (International Wrestling Rules).
Wrestlers must strictly wrestle in their own weight class after they have been weighed in and all these weight categories and classes apply to freestyle wrestling as well. The match is played on a mat which a wrestling area assigned to it in the center on which players wrestle. The players wear a “singlet” which is a one piece wrestling suit made out of spandex. One wrestler wears a blue singlet and the other wears a red one. They must have special wrestling shoes, these shoes are designed specifically for their grip on the wrestling mat. Other equipment includes a handkerchief which must be used in case any bodily fluids are smeared onto the mat and headgear which is supposed to protect players from head injuries (International Wrestling Rules).
The match begins by players shaking hands with each other as the judge, the referee and the mat chairman overlook the match. The match constitutes to three, two minute periods in which the players must take down the opponent and in order to win, at least two out of three periods should be won. Points are awarded on the basis of various moves throughout the match which include takedown, exposure, reversal, penalty and pushing an opponent out of bounds. The player who reaches the most number of points during the first minute receives an advantage in an Olympic lift on the other player (International Wrestling Rules). This is the part of the match which requires mental finesse and well as physical agility and is known as “The Clinch”. As this part gives one of the players an upper hand over the other, it is extremely important for both wrestlers to execute moves which lead them to this point. They need to be alert and calculate all their moves so that they can reach “The Clinch” and be in a position to win the match.
It cannot be denied that the sport rests on physical ability of the players; however it cannot also be denied that the players must rely on their mental agility in order to be successful during the match. As mentioned above, the outcome of the match relies heavily on the points awarded to players, which is the most important reason why they must strategically plan all their moves if they wish to succeed. Opponents need to predict each other’s’ moves with precision in order to be able to counter them successfully and gain an upper hand in the game.
For a better understanding of Greco wrestling, it is also pertinent to know some of the most famous moves. Some of the most popular moves include two on one technique, parterre offense technique, the defense technique, high dive technique, and headlock. These techniques are explained below:
The Two on Two Technique involves seizing your opponent’s wrist and pushing them, somehow, using your shoulder. There can be many variations of this move, but it mostly involves clutching the elbow or the wrist of the opponent and pushing them.
The parterre offense technique is one of the best techniques to attack when both you and the opponent are on the ground. When both the opponents on the ground, the attacking contestant can push their opponent with one hand and reach down under the opponent with their other hand, enabling themselves to take the opponent down the mat more easily.
It is illegal to take out legs in Greco Roman wrestling, but using a headlock is not against the rules. In order to perform a successful headlock, the contestant needs to take a correct step back. After the step back, the offending contestant will be able to grip the other opponent around their head using their elbow. After this, they can easily flip their opponent over.
In addition to these, there is another famous of Greco Roman Wrestling called The Defense technique. The technique involves a feet, lift, and gut defense. There can be many variations of this technique too, just like other moves of Greco Roman wrestling. In order to defend yourself using this technique, you have to grip your opponent’s arm while he is coming towards you to make an offense on you, twist it, and get him into the position of submission. This can be one of the most highly effective moves in Greco Roman Wrestling, only if it is done correctly.
Lastly, the high dive technique is performed by gripping your opponent from their upper arm and gripping their wrist in order to control them. This technique can be very effective, as it gives you immense control over your opponent. Once you have grabbed your opponent’s wrist and gripped their upper arm, you can do pretty much anything you want to your opponent like lifting them up or take them to the ground.


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