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Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Paintings

The first impression is what lasts or lingers in an impressionist mind. Similarly, in art, impressionists take this first and often fast impression and recreate the item or event in the best way they can recall it. The initial glimpse only forms the knowledge of their subject.
The impressionist has fully emerged in the 19th century, and is credited to being the mothers of today’s art. Creations harness more of the impressionist’s expressions, and often marry it with photography and literature! With a wide rebirth in art, opinions and character lauds the function and style (Lewis, 2007). Therefore, whatever is perceived artistry and acknowledged, then it becomes. Such sentiments have seen impressionism rise from a simple cadre to grandiose.
Amongst many impressionists, Fréderic Bazille’s paintings not only seek to show the painted subject but they also illuminate their landscapes, as if telling a complete story in just one painting. They seem to remove the admirer from being an onlooker but as a participant in the painting. His Scène d'été which was completed a short while to his untimely and young death, depicts young men having fun and almost beckoning the admirer to join in. Such, is how his paintings elicit participation with captivating interests. His subjects are well chosen and will invoke a friendly note that beckons any onlooker and invites them to converse with the paintings (Brodskai︠a︡, 2010). It is a shame he had to die young.
Gustave Caillebotte’s paintings denote simple elegance. His most famous piece of work is Paris Street, rainy day" which elicits both a conversation as it welcomes you to be part of the crowd, which seems to be taken by something not clearly part of the painting. On the other hand, it is meant to denote a rainy day with the pedestrians covering their bodies with umbrellas but it seems as though Gustave forgot to paint the rain! Such mundane amusements are what make art interesting and bringing strangers into a conversation as they seek to unravel what could have happened to the other part of the painting. Is it that the rain did not catch Gustave’s eye? Was it left out deliberately?
Edgar Degas loves art. His passions in the paintings are artful, and often associated with dance paintings. He hated being called an impressionist but rather preferred to be called a realist as he presumably depicted a real life happening (Brodskai︠a︡, 2010). He illuminates movements and quite so literally that looking at his paintings; it is as though one is waiting for the dancer to take another step. Edgar is quite confident of art and maybe the reason he saw himself as a realist. His widely acclaimed painting is “The dance class”, which shows young ballerinas dancing under the watchful eye of their coach.

Post Impressionists

The post-impressionist went beyond the first impression. They uncovered the emotions of the subject, the mood, shape, and variations in color and texture. They wanted to be in point with the subject thus giving rise to pointillism, which is a component of postimpressionism even though in later years it has been referred to as neoimpressionism – carrying its own category on its own. Among the notable post-impressionist include the famous Paul Gauguin who is actually credited with pointillism. Vincent van Goh is another key post-impressionist whose works are depicted in many places. His self-portraits mark the most notable works even though there many other diversified work. It is sad that this famous painter shot himself dead at only thirty-seven years old.
Paul Cezanne has been known for not only his artful work but is also credit to the rise of cubism, which is because of multiple uses of strokes of a brush in order to evoke an impression. He is well known for his landscapes and portraits.

Question 1b

Simple strokes of brush paintings as well as most other feels of visual art characterize impressionist paintings. Their look is not well refined and unless one is very keen to take note but the one take home note is that they depict movement. They are not still it as if they are waiting for the next step.
Postimpressionist paintings on the other hand were just the exaggerated forms of impressionists. Since the later did not identify with the paint subject over enough, time to master the nitty gritty details. Post impressionists took a thorough check on it and produced a mastery of art pieces.
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