Good Example Of Essay On Propositions AND Assumptions In Backdrop Of Practice-Specific Concepts

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Background of nursing study (Nursing Autobiography)

The individual is a nurse practitioner who runs a primary Care Centre serving a clinically underserved population in an underdeveloped area. The individual addresses the metaparadigms of nursing by focusing on person and health, thus maintaining the individual’s self-concept and ensuring that patients are receiving the care they need. This ensures a link in between the desire and the requirement of the patient. The individual has to act in the utmost interest of the patients depending upon own proficiency. Critical thoughts and good judgment is the requisites that every nurse must acquire in order to care for the patients and prioritizing the needs of the patients.

Four Metaparadigms of nursing

Metaparadigm is a framework of hypotheses and ideas that gives concept in functioning of a discipline. Nursing paradigm governs four basic concepts that cover the patient as an entire entity, the health and well-being of the patient, the environment and the responsibilities of nursing. These paradigms ensure a holistic vision of care in which the well-being of the person and medical fitness related to four interrelated components. These are:
Personal Component - focuses on receiving care though this also includes family members are other people important to the patient, this also includes spiritual and social necessities along with health and governs how the person interrelate with his or her physical and social position. This ensure in empowering the person to manage healthiness and well-being with dignity and self-maintenance as well as optimistic individual connections.
Environment component; focuses on the surroundings of the patient that are affecting. These include both external and internal influences that are affecting health and wellness of the person and interaction with other people like family, friends or peer. The other affecting parts of the environment are economic conditions, geographical setting, culture, societal connections and technology. This concept ensures that the person can alter his or her environment to progress health condition.
Health component - it governs the extent of well-being and access to health care. The health constituent portrays a whole component with several dimensions in a continuous state of movement. This governs the lifespan and genetic component of the person and the ways in which bodily, intellectual, societal, emotional, and spiritual well-being incorporated to achieve utmost fitness benefits. The theory states that these factors control the person’s state of fitness.
Nursing component - this governs in delivering maximum health outcome to a patient by means of a shared relationship in a protected and loving environment. This concept governs the principles of knowledge, relationship, skills, expert judgment and communiqué to carry the tasks in achieving the best outcome in patient’s health. This ensures an utmost degree of service and incorporates with other metaparadigms to ensure patient well being .

Employing the paradigms in professional practice

All nurses must abide by the paradigms in professional practice to ensure patient safety, quality care and in building a sound environment, which enables maximum outcome in patient’s health and well-being. This ensures in building a safer health system. All these ensure health care must be safe so it is the individual responsibility of the caregiver to do no harm to the patient, must be effective governing the modern technology and collaboration. This health care needs to be effective and patient centered considering the culture, social perspective and the specific needs of the patient with due respect governing sovereignty. The health care must be timely, efficient and must be equitable where race gender or ethnicity never prevents any person from receiving quality care.

Major concepts unique in professional practice

Caring is the major concept in nursing that helps in developing several theories of caring. According to Jean Watson, caring comprises compassionate care, orientation of human science, process of human caring its phenomena and experiences. Transpersonal care involves unity of life and correlations that move in concentric encircles of caring from person to others, to neighborhood and to world. Caring science acknowledges enquiry covering insightful, personal, and interpretative as well as purpose and experimental aspects of caring. The philosophy of Nightingale includes all the four metaparadigms but gives emphasis on patient and the environment and ensures altering the environment to hasten patient recovery . According to Henderson, the art of nursing is to assist the individual sick or well in performing those activities in contribution to health and recovery or to a peaceful death. The other major concept is caring, which is the soul of nursing, fundamental, central and is the united focal point of nursing. The major focus of nursing is to help the patient in achieving a higher degree of synchronization within intellect, body and spirit.

Theories and philosophies of nursing consistent with these concepts

Besides the above-mentioned theories there are several other theories and philosophies of nursing, such as Peplau in 1952 states’ nursing is a curative interpersonal process. Nursing identifies the needs frequently called as Henderson’s fourteen basic needs covering various needs such as breathing, proper drinking and eating, normal physiological functioning, communicating with others expressing emotions, desires, fears and views and having a normal learning, intellectual and curiosity in developing normal health . The other theories includes Abedellah of 1960 that addresses nursing care for the person as a whole to meet the bodily, emotional, societal and rational needs of the client and family. Orlando describes client as an individual, with certain needs, when achieved reduces distress and enhance sufficiency or develops well-being. According to Johnson, in 1968, the aim of nursing is to reduce potential stresses so that the patient can move about more effortlessly through revival.

Concepts of transcultural nursing and health promotion

Essential component of modern nursing is transcultural nursing developed by Madeleine Leninger. The increasing multi-cultural population in various countries faces a major challenge in providing personalized or holistic care to patients . Nurses need to acquire understanding and skills in cultural competency. These need to recognize respect and appreciate the individualism and diversity of viewpoints, morals, religion and culture among the different population of patients. This ensures care or nursing are in harmony with individual or group’s cultural values practices and beliefs. One of the most important health promotion models is Purnell and Paulanka Model that recognizes bio-cultural ecosystem and work force problems. This not only recognizes diversity among patients but the team members are also from various cultures and helps in understanding the various cultures among health care providers. This provides a framework to recognize inborn concepts and distinctiveness of new culture.

Research supporting these theories

Various researches carried out for some years all over the world to ensure nurses in practicing transcultural nursing proficiently and their caring performances must be rooted in the knowledge and discipline of transcultural nursing. These implement in developing of standards that can serve as a guideline for education, learning, practicing and research of transcultural nursing competency.

Integrating role and change theory in professional practice and organization

The integrating role in advanced practice nursing is to incorporate theory into practice while providing patient care or working as consultants or leaders and assisting and manipulating change of systems. The Integrated Theory of Health Behavior states that health behavior change can be improved by developing knowledge, viewpoints, growing own ruling skills and abilities and thereby increasing social facilities . Using a theoretical perception improves evaluations and directing the use of excellent practice interference leads improvement in patient outcome. Organizations change to foresee, adapt or act in response to the changes in their surroundings or to find improved ways to fulfill their mission. Organizations in health service often change with unlock statements about unavoidability, rising pace and requirements for change.


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