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Franklin Roosevelt is considered to be an outstanding person of all times. His phrase "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" helped the American nation to regain faith in themselves. Franklin Roosevelt became the 32nd U.S. president in 1933, and was the only president to be elected four times. The key point of his political carrier is that Roosevelt led the United States through the Great Depression and World War II, and put the powers of the federal government through a range of reforms known as the New Deal. He succeeded in restoring public confidence, communicating directly to the public and proclaiming a bank holiday. Franklin Roosevelt rescued the United States from isolationism and put the victory over Nazi Germany and its allies in World War II. He made the successful wartime union between Britain, the Soviet Union and the United States (“American President Franklin D. Roosevelt”).
It’s worth mentioning some important facts from his biography. He was born on January 30, 1882, New York. Franklin Roosevelt was educated by private tutors and schools from Groton and Harvard and attended law school at Columbia University. He worked as a clerk in a Wall Street law firm. When he entered politics he won a state senate seat as a Democrat. Then in 1913 Roosevelt was named assistant secretary of the U.S. Navy. Every day he played an important role in public, keeping up a correspondence with Democratic leaders. At last Franklin Roosevelt decided to run for the U.S. Senate seat for New York. It’s worth saying that at those times he lacked White House support (“What Franklin D. Roosevelt did and why you should care”).
Nevertheless in 1928 Roosevelt was elected as a governor of New York and he came to power during the period of the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt did his best to save the situation: he provided the 'New Deal' programme (1933 – 1938). It included the package of legislative reforms that permanently and dramatically transformed the politics and economy of America. Roosevelt's program highly changed the relationship between the capitalism, the people and their state. For the first time in American history when an activist state provided citizens with security against the market’s changes. So in the first days of his presidency Roosevelt implemented a number of vitally important reforms. Given his efforts banking system was restored. In May Roosevelt signed the law which forms the Federal Emergency Administration for hungry and unemployed. Then the Debt Refinancing and Recovery Agriculture Law was adopted that included state control of agricultural production. A range of government measures was to regulate the industry (“Franklin D. Roosevelt.”).
However the New Deal's mission lagged. Without doubts the programme was successful but during a short. So the New Deal didn’t end the Great Depression. We could observe the situation with high unemployment while economic experienced hard times. Though recovery only came in Roosevelt's third term during the period of the mobilization heavy demands for World War II when he finally restored the country to full employment.
But, still, the New Deal changed America forever. Roosevelt made a principal new political coalition, creating a Democratic majority that existed for half a century. The economists described this period as the "golden age of American capitalism" with the stability and security provided by the new reforms. It should be mentioned that Roosevelt changed the Americans’ believes and ideas of the politicians and the government. His campaign theme song was "Happy Days are Here Again" that gave hope to everybody. The United States was the foremost economic, military and political power under Roosevelt's leadership. During his presidency the vital necessity of FDR's contributions to domestic life was impossible to deny. He almost single-handedly created the Democratic Party into a position of prolonged political dominance. His programs made a substantial turning point in the American political, social, economic, and cultural life. It’s worth adding that he did many efforts to protect the environment. For instance, he created the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act that had a great influence on the country. So Roosevelt saved millions of acres to America's forests, wildlife refuges and national parks. Through all of these vital projects, he came to one simple philosophy: the nation must bear a responsibility and preserve the country we live and create for future generations (“Roosevelt Facts and Figures”).
It’s worth mentioning that critics questioned his ideas and positions. The unprecedented length of his tenure was controversial for everybody. Thomas DiLorenzo says that Roosevelt did not “get the nation out of the Depression times”, or “save capitalism from itself”. Some historians privately were against the New Deal but stayed quiet, such as ambassador Claude Bowers.
Franklin Roosevelt's unexpected death blew the American public’s mind. The constant stress of the war literally wore him out. He looked exhausted in newsreels and photos, his passing was a tragedy for everybody. He led the America through an economic depression and the greatest war in the history, where Roosevelt established the United States' leadership on the world stage. We can’t forget that Franklin was president of America during the period of hard and stressful times. So it wasn’t an easy deal to resolve all political and social problems that were on his way. To my mind he went the extra mile during his presidential career. No one can deny that Roosevelt was one of our most influential presidents. He was the one who led the nation through two greatest crises in the history. Love him or leave him, his place in the history is assured.

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