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The early policing in America found its way from Britain who was their colonizer. The structures of policing in America were the same as those of the found and established Britain. The system involved the introduction of night guards and other volunteers who guarded the towns and cities from criminal activities. The sheriffs were the high ranking officers chosen by the governor and constables were voted in by people. They carried out many other duties in enforcing the law such as delivering writs and collecting taxes. Some of the primary challenges that the law enforcers faced during early policing in America included harm from citizens and also they faced major oppositions from some members of the community (Kappeler & Gaines, 2014).
Policing in America has gone through three era’s to get to where it is now. The three eras of policing in America are the Political era, the reform era and the community era. The political era of policing was so much influenced by political ties since this was an appointment position. Members of the public were appointed in consideration of their political affiliation. During this era the law enforcers were reluctant in their duties since there was no supervision or minimal supervision was done over them. The reform era of policing was effected after various members of the civil society demanded reforms in the policing sector. This was in order to improve the level of professionalism that was demonstrated by the police. The community era of policing was more concerned in making the lives of citizens more comfortable by involving them in deterrence of crimes especially small crimes (Kappeler & Gaines, 2014). In this era police officers usually patrol on foot and set up substations whereby citizens can access them.
One of Robert Peel’s principles that are observed in community policing is that willingness of the public in observance of the law is required. If the citizens do not want to adhere and observe the law it can prove to be difficult for the law to be enforced. The principle that police need the people and people need the police also should be implemented to ensure smooth operation of police work in the community era philosophy.
The emergence of some factors set stage for the rolling out of community policing. One of the factors that were witnessed to be the need for community policing was the need by the police to succeed in solving crimes. It was important for the members of community to be involved in issues that were affecting them so that they could help the police with information about certain issues (Kappeler & Gaines, 2014). The need of more communication by the police was also needed in order to ensure that the public changed their perception about the police. It is important to note that some people defied the need of having law enforcers.
Community policing ensured that even the relationship among other officers improved and ensured that they set up better methods and strategies of solving crimes (Kappeler & Gaines, 2014). It was found that arresting and locking up criminals only did not minimize the level of criminal activities in the community. Community policing also ensured that there would be no abuse by those in authority. The policing eras prior the community policing era were marred by abuse of authority by the police. These view and perception towards the police needed to be changed in order to ensure smooth operation of activities between members of the public and the police.


Kappeler, V. E., & Gaines, L. K. (2014). Community policing: A contemporary perspective. Routledge.

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