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For this reason, there is need for the doctors to administer the drugs on anxiety people to control the emotions. It is because, when one allows the emotions to tale toll in an individual, one could move to the extreme and end up making serious mistakes with negative implications. In addition, the people could apply the meditation because it is cheaper, hence affordable by everyone irrespective of the income levels. Meditation helps in the control of emotions among the individuals suffering from anxiety. It is also a natural method that does not involve any drugs hence most people advocate its usage because it would have no effects on a human body. However, a study conducted in 15 volunteers who suffered from anxiety showed that meditation helped in relieving the anxiety. The individuals participated in 4 sessions, and each session took 20 minutes, and the experts taught them about meditation. The review after the sessions showed that the anxiety level had reduced in the individuals. Therefore, mediation is an effective way to relieve nervousness.
Therefore, the medication gets to the neurons thereby calming them and inhibiting them to perform normally. The alteration on how the neurons function leads to a relaxation of the brain. As a result, it withdraws one from the worries and uncertainties in the world. However, the medications aims at making an individual forget about all the disturbing issues thereby leading to the relaxation mode. Nonetheless, the medical doctors and other healthy individuals do not necessarily need to use the drugs on people suffering from anxiety. Therefore, one could invite such persons to a session when the experts provide adequate information on how to regulate or eradicate the anxiety. As a result, the sessions help keep the individuals bust, therefore, away from the everyday worries (Brown, Creswell & Ryan, 2015). Nonetheless, the people suffering from anxiety need consistent distraction because anxiety could lead to depression if it moves to the extreme.
Conversely, anxiety needs meditation from the normal individuals to curb it prevalence and prevent the consequences associated with anxiety. For instance, one could contemplate on committing murder due to the uncertainties of what tomorrow holds or fear of the unknown. Mediation involves the activation of the anterior brain, and it leads to the relaxation of the mind. In addition, the relaxation results top the relief of the anxiety because one feels at ease. For this reason, learning institution and hospitals should provide meditation services to the people in order to reduce the anxiety levels (Wang, 2014). As a result, it contributes to a healthy country thereby increasing the productivity levels, and it enhances an upsurge in the economic growth. The care and the advice given to the people help an individual in dealing with the uncertainties. Therefore, knowing how to deal with the anxiety reduces the stress and depression that affects ones’ health.
The experts adopt different ways to eradicate anxiety from an individual. For instance, the anxious person is asked to lay on the back hence concentrate on the body. Hence, it helps in drawing the attention of the person to one’s own body thereby causing a distraction from the things causing the anxiety. After that, the anxious person relaxes his body leading to a disconnection of the uncertainties that cause anxiety. Though, relaxation needs consistency and willingness because it consumes time and one requires it daily for positive outcomes (Malinowski, 2014). On the other hand, the meditators should also become patient with the anxious people because the relief requires adequate time.
On the other hand, a group of individuals could come together and organize for an occasion as a way of forming disruptions from the normal activities. Therefore, a group of friends could organize for an outdoor activity that involves a lot of fun thereby leading to a break from the normal things. In addition, it takes no effort to connect well with the friends, and it helps one in forgetting some of the bothering issues. It also becomes very easy to share with the friends on what is bothering an individual and in the process one could get help in form of either finances or emotions (Malinowski, 2014). For this reason, the anxious persons should learn to share on what is ailing them because problem shared in half solved.
The organizations should also encourage and conduct team building activities where the employees break from the daily work routings. For this reason, it helps the employees develop a sense of belonging in the organization because it shows the mindfulness of the employers. As a result, it helps in providing a relief to the individuals. In addition, hanging out with the work colleagues in a different environment helps in the reduction of the anxiety levels because the feeling provides one with an opportunity to enjoy the moment as it lasts. Due to the short duration of the team building activities, an individual tends to get maximum enjoyment before reporting back to the workplaces. As a result, one puts all the worries and uncertainties beside and lives the life as it presents it at that particular time.
Meditation results to drawing attention of the people thereby taking a cessation of the worries. Additionally, it also promotes social ties between the people due to the high level of socialization. As a result, it provides an ample environment of making new friends, and it diverts the attention from the anxiety because it requires some time to know an individual. As a result, the time takes to know each other consumes the time one would have taken to get in deep thoughts, which lead to creation of anxiety (Bourne, Brownstein& Garano, 2010). On the other hand, friends help one forget about the worries because they enjoy every moment available.
Meditation from the other people reduces the anxiety levels because people tend to talk of the current issues affecting the country. Therefore, most of them tend to incline to the trending issues and it helps in the distraction. On the other hand, one cannot bury oneself into thoughts because the trends require contributes to avoid feeling out of place. For this reason, one takes time to analyses the happenings and the different reaction people had on them. Therefore, some issues require serious scrutiny, and on the other hand, the people laugh about the others that turn out as humorous (Wang, 2014). Conversely, the humor and the interaction with the others help one in relieving the anxiety.
An individual could conduct adequate research concerning the issue causing the anxiety with an aim of getting adequate information. Therefore, knowing the truth of a certain issue and the cause helps in relieving the tension because it clears the doubts one could have. Adequate and the correct information provide one with the certain information thereby sets the pace on what direction one needs to take. Conducting a research acts as a form of meditation when one embraces the journey of finding the truth because the truth could help one alleviate the anxiety thereby making an informed decision regarding the issue.
Nonetheless, one could also seek intervention from the management and the authorities in order to understand some issues, especially at the workplace. Conducting a discussion with a company’s management helps to eradicate some doubts within an individual. It is because in most cases, the management possesses all the relevant information regarding a company. For instance, the issues of job insecurities usually create anxiety in the employees. For this reason, it is essential to seek proper information from the relevant bodies because it helps one in eradicating the uncertainty (Brown, Creswell & Ryan, 2015). The meditation from the managements helps in clearing any doubts one could have concerning lay-offs and retrenchment if the anxiety emanated from the workplace. The meditation from the management is highly regarded due to the credibility associated with it. For this reason, a company’s managements should only provide total disclosure to the employees to avoid uncertainties that lead to a reduction in the production level. As a result, the decline leads to a reduction in the productivity level of the firm.
In summation, people should establish ways of dealing with anxiety because it has negative implications on ones’ health. Nonetheless, one could embark on meditation because it does not require expenses like in medication. Therefore, it is a cost effective method thereby pocket-friendly making it easy for people from different income levels to access the services. However, people should make it a norm to eradicate anxiety by seeking for more information from the relevant bodies and engaging in outdoor activities that help in drawing ones attention from the worries. Therefore, people should embrace meditation when reducing anxiety because it is an effective remedy with less cost implications.


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