Good Example Of Should Minimum Wage In The United States Be Increased? Essay

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The United States of America has seen an extraordinary and noteworthy variation in the distribution and circulation of capital and income over the last several decades. At the same time, the US government has unfortunately failed to handle and address the affirmed increasing disparity and discrimination to allocate assets and capital. As a result of this unsuccessfulness on the part of government, there is less efficiency and tolerance in the subsequent outcomes. For this reason, it is widely acknowledged far and wide that the United States of America is perhaps the major rich country in the world that also demonstrates and lopsidedness at the same time. Every reasonable measure reflects the bigotry and unjust attitude of the United States of America when distribution of wealth is considered. Due to this attitude, people in America prefer and demand a fair and equal system for wealth distribution encouraging minimum wage increase (Minkler 286). In the same connection, although the US government is paying a better minimum wage currently, it is not adequate for workers as there has been a consistent increase in the cost of living. On the other hand, a lot of people oppose an increase in minimum wage on the ground that such a salary rise may discourage employment and workers’ input and contribution in the economy. Accordingly, the issue of minimum wage increase has become a hot debate in the recent times.


Despite the fact that the United States of America is believed to be the land of opportunity for each and every one; it is an astonishing yet saddening fact that the possibility of an underprivileged child to upgrade his economic condition is exceptionally low. In addition, the imbalanced societal and political state of affairs in the United States of America has aggravated the important increase in fiscal differences within the country. As a consequence, the mentioned trends and developments in the American society have played an extremely important role to exacerbate the issue of minimum wage increase. Although a lot of American states are making continuous efforts to urge the federal government for taking proper steps to increase minimum wages; the workers have not been granted their justifies salary increase from the government. The US federal government only pays $7.5/hour to a minimum wage worker (Bern 169).
In contrast, many American states have made significant amendments on the state level to increase the minimum wage. These states include Alaska, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Maryland, South Dakota, Arkansas, Delaware, Vermont, and Hawaii. It is significant to mention that the employers are obligated to meet the state’s minimum wage even if it is higher than the minimum wage offered by the federal government. It is considered important by many that it is the need of the time to increase the minimum wage throughout the country. On the other hand, a lot of people in America regard this step as unnecessary on the basis that such a measure forces the employers such as petrol pump owners, retailers, and owners of food outlets to fire incompetent and poor personnel. This argument is suppressed by the advocates of increased minimum wage by giving emphasis on the point that a step like this does not challenge workers to preserve their jobs. They believe that the realization and understanding is necessary that increasing minimum wages in a modest manner may probably have a negative effect for a minimal number of inefficient and unskillful individuals. It has been also indicated in a number of researches that the United States of America has not experienced a considerable decrease in the employments rates in the past two decades due to increase in minimum wage (Mantel 78). They also assert that minimum wage increase could benefit all workers by putting a good amount of money in their wallets. As a consequence, the country can also enjoy an economical boost when the money would be spent by the workers and through consumption stimulation (Mantel 74).
Minimum wage increase is also thought to be a great step in alleviating poverty in the country. By chucking out of sweat shops, the American people may be helped by the minimum wage increase efficiently and effectively. Today, people spend too much time at their workplaces but are not granted what they deserve in the monetary form. In particular, young generation and marginalized people do not receive much financial support at their jobs. A base salary increase may change their fate. Therefore, it is excessively important for the authorities to raise the minimum wages for all people and stop the encouragement of differentiation and discrimination at workplaces. An increase in minimum wage may help innumerable people to be able to live a decent and quality life. Although such a salary raise may not eradicate poverty completely, it may offer an opportunity to a lot of people to enjoy a contented and dignified life.
Another criticism for minimum wage increase is that it burdens domestically-run businesses and local industries. In addition, opponents claim that it slows down and lessens employment opportunities for a good number of people (Walden & Thoms 343). On the other hand, these ideas are deflated by advocates of minimum wage increase who state that it is a positive measure for businesses’ growth and development. First, it helps in the reduction of turnover levels as workers are given their fair salaries. Moreover, it also proves as a motivational factor for workers as they are not forced work for their survival at multiple places. Other ways in which minimum wage increase facilitates people are the decline in criminal activities as people receive smart amounts of money for their hard work.

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