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Many people in the entire world die due to the killings or suicide attempts. The incidents of these killings and suicidal attempts are due to the use of the gun. The gun is kept with the individuals whenever they step put their home. Hence, if the individual finds the situation contradictory and loses his temper then he might overreact and use the gun placed in his jacket. Consequently, the person dies from the bullet and the culprit runs away. The murderer has increased the number of killings and has become the culprit. Therefore, it is required that the rule which prohibits the keeping of the gun is strictly followed. Hence, if the control gun rule is followed then there will be the reduction in the number of crime rates because the gun will not be always available to get indulged in the crime.

Counter Argument

The strictness of control gun laws cannot reduce the number of the homicides in the US because the guns cannot be blamed for the actions of the human nature. It is the humans who misuse the guns and are not aware of the appropriate use and need of the guns. Therefore, not all individuals who intend to keep guns for security purposes should be controlled. Hence, it is the matter of the human nature so not all humans should get affected.
Moreover, the civilians and the citizens should possess the guns because it is necessary for the tyranny of the government. The guns kept with the citizens will always avert the government to overpower the citizens. Hence, the citizens are never bent according to the government pressure. The idea behind the gun ownership law was to make the citizens and civilians equally handy with weapons similar to the military so that they are never oppressed by the unlawful acts of the government.
The abiding of the law is very easy for the criminals. Therefore, if the rule states the control of the gun ownership, then it will not affect the criminals in any way. The criminals will acquire the guns from anywhere. Subsequently, the main objective of the gun control law cannot be achieved as the criminals will get the guns and run them through the innocents and cause the homicides. On the contrary, the laws will deprive the citizens form keeping the gun, and they would be defenseless in front of the criminals. Ultimately, the only loss is associated with the citizens if the gun control law is strictly followed.
The fact remains that the guns are not evil rather the people who are using it for wrong purpose are evil. The guns are already banned in some circumstance such as the schools, theatres, etc. however, the criminals are used to abide the rule in these places. Hence, the control gun law cannot eliminate the gun deaths and the criminal rates which can decrease the homicides unless the people or the criminals conducting the homicides are arrested and punished (Gerbis, 2015).
The guns are not run automatically; there is always a criminal mind that operates it. Consequently, controlling the guns does not control the mindset of the criminals. The criminals can use any other means and any weapons if his objective is to kill the person. Therefore, the guns cannot be blamed for the killings, and the law of controlling guns cannot reduce the number of homicides in the US.

My Argument

The crimes regarding the guns are a problem in the US and other countries of the world. The number of murders and suicides in the US and other countries reveals that the number of homicides and crime rates increases with increase in the gun ownerships among the citizens. Moreover, the violence is also observed to get increased with the increase in the gun ownerships. Therefore, gun laws strict the gun deaths (Alcindor, 2013).
The main reason for keeping the guns which is given by most of the people is the need of the gun in emergency. The sort of emergencies which require guns is not faced by anyone. The emergencies can be prevented by any other means and ways other than keeping the gun. In order to save one’s self from the danger, there are several ways. The ways include either locking one’s self in the room or carry a knife along with. The gun necessarily is not required. The strictness of the gun laws should not affect the adults who are sensible because the control guns law is for the safety of the humans. Since, any mentally ill person can buy the gun or any person who is furious or violent can buy the gun without the control. Subsequently, this can put the life of the human at risk. The mentally ill or violent person can cause damage to the society by the threats which might include the suicidal attempts or the killing of other people.
If the population of US is compared, the population is equal to the combined population of the Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Australia. The gun deaths in these states combined are far lesser than the gun deaths in US. The reason for this variation is the strictness of the gun laws which are incorporated in these states but not in the US. Guns are not required, and there should be the laws for the gun control because the police are present in every state of the US for the safeguard and prevention of any ill happenings to the citizens.
In addition to this, the guns are kept with the common citizens who can be stolen by the criminals and used in the wrong activities and conduct homicides (Kleck, 1997). Therefore, the controlling gun laws are essential.
The constitution of the US allows the citizens to own the gun. The objective of the law was to provide the protection and defense to the citizens. However, the guns in US are used only to kill people and it is not serving the objective of only defense or protection. The event of the school in the US in the year of 2013 witness the wrong use of the guns against the children. This event includes the killing of 20 children because of the guns and the owner of the guns are not arrested yet (Swanson, 2014). This leads to the affirmation of the thought that the reduction of homicides can take place if the control guns law is strict and the people are not allowed to keep guns. Consequently, those who are seen with guns can be questioned off and easily caught.


The need of making the laws for controlling the guns is required in order to prevent the homicides because if the guns are not available, the criminal or any individual is not able to use the gun and kill a person.

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