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Cosmopolitan Magazine
The cosmopolitan magazine is designed for women to feel sexy and how they can attract men. The magazine mainly focuses on the sexual wellness of women and explores how women can change or improve their lifestyle. The magazine has been successful in reaching out to a global audience and it has differentiated itself from other magazines in its category.
Cosmopolitan’s target market are women between the ages of 18 to 34 years. Women in this age group are considered as adults in their sexual prime. The magazines target women regardless of their race, even though most of the time the girls on the cover page are blondes doesn’t mean the magazines is for white people only. Also, the target audience of this magazine is educated. Women between the ages of 18 to 34 are mostly educated and they have a right to purchase or subscribe to the magazine lawfully. The magazine is used in a household of young couples without children, but when there are children in the family it cannot lie around. It could be commonly found in the household of single people who are looking for a relationship. The magazine also has things for people of different generational segmentation. For instance, people from today’s generation are attracted to celebrity lifestyle, people from the 90’s are attracted to something different and the magazine includes segments that include every generation. Cosmopolitan uses psychographic segmentation to attract it audiences. For instance today’s audiences are interested in the lifestyle of celebrities and Cosmopolitan is exploring that opportunity to attract many of its audience. The dominos portfolio I have chosen for this magazine is the group ordering option. This option allows many people to order pizza for the same occasion. Cosmopolitan includes topics from different generations to attract its audiences. Also, the target audience for the cosmopolitan fit in the category of people who attend parties or enjoy pizza with friends frequently. A headline that cosmopolitan could use for their magazine could be something like “Celebrity sexual wellness” this can attract many audiences from this generation.


This magazine was founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson. The magazine celebrates the success of African Americans as well as African American pride. In the past, the magazine focused on the postwar issues and African America lifestyles. The magazines started to focus on African American public figures such as musicians, actors and many other celebrities. The target market for Ebony are African Americans from 18 years and above. The target audiences have to be educated. The magazine also focuses on a general household because there is not much adult content included compared to cosmopolitan. Ebony has always celebrated the earlier generation and always includes things for each generation, such as music, lifestyle, movies and many other things. Ebony uses psychographic segmentation because it has always celebrated successful African Americans to inspire the current generation to do the same. The dominos portfolio that I choose is how the pizza company celebrates its new dishes and the people who make them. Dominos advertises on how they always make their pizza better and celebrate their workers who are successful in doing so. Ebony magazine also celebrates African Americans who bring change to the community, such as actors, business owners, athletes and many others. Dominos and Ebony share this likeness because they want to celebrate changes and progress. The messages that Ebony uses to are powerful to attract audiences. For instance the November 2005 issue celebrated the magazines 60 years of rich history.

Sports Illustrated

This magazine is an American sports magazine and its first issue was in 1954. This is one of the most successful sports magazine in the United States. It has millions of subscribers and every issue is usually sold out. The magazine focuses on athletes and sometimes swimsuit models on its cover page. The target audience of the magazine is both men and women in the 30’s. The target audience of the magazine are married, employed and educated. Men are the main subscribers of the magazine, but women are very close behind. The magazine is read by people interested in sports, mostly at the age of 18 years and above. The magazine markets to people regardless of the race and sex. Sports illustrated does not do well when it comes to generational segmentation. The magazine focuses on current sports news and upcoming athletes and critics. Even though there are some section dedicated to the earlier generation it not as much. Also, it is a sports magazine and it is difficult to include things from past decades.
Sports Illustrated also focuses on psychographic segmentation by featuring modern athletes and models on their cover page. Today’s society are attracted to celebrities such as athletes and the hottest models in the world. This is how sports illustrated attracts its audience using psychographic segmentation. The Dominos portfolio that I choose in relation to the Sports Illustrated magazine is the $5.99 deal. The $5.99 deal is made so that many people can buy it or buy more. The deal also attracts both meat lovers and vegetarians. Sports Illustrated also attracts both men and women by adding interesting segments that suit both genders. The headlines that Sports illustrated uses on its cover page are “The Legion of Boom” this is a cover page that features NFL athletes who have become the very best in the game. These are some of the headlines used by the magazine to attract audiences.


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