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Training and Development
Aim and objectives of the study
The research paper focuses on the relevance of employee orientation. Employees who join a company for the first time tend to lack the necessary knowledge concerning the operation of the company. They also have the fear of making mistakes since they do not understand what the company expects from the. Lastly, the new employees have confusion concerning their roles in the organization. Orientation acts as a piece of training for them to understand all the information concerning the operations of the company and their responsibilities to avoid ambiguity. Orientation should serve as a passage for any employee who has joined an organization for the first time. The paper also depicts the importance of training and development in any given organization. Training enhances skills in the employee segment since it builds confidence and an aspect of independence in them. The paper defines both training and development through their implementation towards skill and knowledge inculcation. It also gives the steps through which companies achieve training. In most cases, training should occur after the completion of orientation in the company.Importance of training and development within the workplace Training gives the employees an opportunity to expand their knowledge. Training enables an organization gain benefits that reduce cost and time in terms of achievement of success. Everybody has imperfection in his/her work. All employees in a company possess some weakness in terms of their skills. Training programs allow the individual to strengthen their skills that need improvement. The training session elevates the level of employees to a new and prolific dimension full of skills and knowledge. The training course reduces the chances through which employees depend on their colleagues for assistance when it comes to carrying out essential tasks. Provision of training enables an employee to gain confidence and understanding of the inner abilities. The platform influences an employee to deliver with independence and without supervision from anyone. Any employee who accesses training has the best capability to perform well in her/his job. They become aware of their tasks and the procedures they should follow when undertaking their work. Through training, the employees gain motivation that boosts their confidence since they understand their responsibilities and what the organization requires from them. Through the confidence, the employees come up with new ideas that improve the organization. It also enables them to provide excellence services. Continuous training and development enhances one to gain the necessary skills so as to gain awareness on the changing market. Trained employees keep the organization relevant and above competitors in the market. A good training and development programs facilitates continuous experience and knowledge among employees. Consistence performance has relevance to the objectives, policies and procedures found in a company (Breaugh & Starke, 2000). The employees should work with an understanding of their expectations and those of their managers. Some of the procedures and policies include work safety, discrimination and roles played in administration. Training gives the employees the necessary information concerning the procedures and policies in the company. Employees who undergo training gain advantage over the untrained. Employees who access training through the company’s help tend to gain satisfaction compared to those who seek training on their own. The employees who have a feeling of appreciation from their companies tend to have satisfaction through their work.
Training and development enables employees to perform with a high speed and with efficient skills which increases the level of productivity in the company. Training and development also influences them to handle challenges with much ease. Training enables the employees to keep time and gain agility in terms of how they offer their services to the customers and the company at large. Recommendations Companies should develop ways of monitoring the performance of their workers. They should psychometric tests to determine where to place an employee in the organization depending on their personality and performance index. Sometimes, companies tend to employ the skills that affect their status in the market. Training should create an impact to both the employees and the company. The management of companies should come up with approaches that have relativity to their operations. They develop an information platform through which the employees ask which skills they need the company to train them on apart from the basic skills they should possess. Training should occur on a regular basis, and the company should hire people to carry out the training. The hired individuals should have expertise concerning the skills needed by employees. The training should also cover the individuals’ interests that the employees think they should possess in order for them to improve their work. Organizations may also improve their operations when they send their employees to work in other companies affiliated with them as a form of benchmarking. In the companies, they gain new skills and knowledge that they implement in their company as new strategies for improvement purpose. Benchmarking among companies has improved performance among the employees portfolio. Apart from skills and knowledge, the employees also gain confidence in their respected responsibilities. Individuals who go through training remain competitive in the market and companies look for them to create positive impact in their operations (Labor lost, 2015). Companies should not ignore training their employees since they achieve their goals through the skills and knowledge their employees attain.
Research methodology
The research methodology comes from internet sources obtained from Google websites and other research journals due to the nature of the study. The research study has a qualitative nature that requires the secondary method of data collection from internet sources. The internet sources like journals and websites have adequate and relevant information required for data collection. The methods not only offer data but also give the necessary analysis for individuals to understand what the topic entails. The study also shows a dynamic characteristic since it studies the behavior of people. Employees possess characteristics and personalities that need to undergo training for them to have a sharpened outcome. Internet sources also have a capacity to undergo change and updates from time to time. The research uses the data methods since they offer an aspect of flexibility in their explanation.
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