Good Movie Review About Of Achieving Cultural And Racial Tolerance

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Crash Movie Review

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Of Achieving Cultural and Racial Tolerance: Crash Movie Review

1) In the movie Crash, agencies do not fall in only one level of Terry Cross’ theory of Cultural Competence Continuum. Some agencies fall in the prior stage and some fall in the more advance stage already. In the specific scene where a police officer John Ryan who is a white person ordered a vehicle of a Black couple Cameron and Christine Thayer to pull over despite the fact that their vehicle is not the one reported to be hijacked. John Ryan who is angry at Christine’s taunting sexually harassed her in front of Cameron who is incapable of standing up for his wife. Officer John Ryan’s attitude fall in the first stage of the continuum that is called cultural destructiveness. The racial bigotry of John Ryan against the Black people made him dehumanize the couple. The government system in the movie however falls in the second stage that is called cultural incapacity. It is because the government is not actively making blows against the minority races like the Black but it does not work for their welfare as well. The Black couple might be enjoying their social status because they were given a chance to work (Cameron as a movie director) but in terms of racial assertion, it is still the white in power who is heard by the government system. It is the reason why Cameron despite his humiliation and rage chose to be silent because if he fights, they might end up dead or humiliated in court.
2) In the scene mentioned above (the sexual harassment), it reveals social categories in terms of race and gender. Police officer John Ryan who is white man is the dominant character. Aside from having a power because he is a police officer, he is dominant in terms of race for being white as in the movie; the colored people are normally oppressed and humiliated in public or in legal proceedings. When the couple was ordered to pull over and step out of their car without doing anything wrong, Cameron followed meekly which naturally reveals the dominance of the white race over the colored race. When he attacked Christine Thayer sexually, he uses his power for being a white male and a police officer. Cameron is helpless as he knows that fighting is useless because the white police officer has a gun and they might end up being killed if he fights. Christine on the other hand is helpless because physically, the officer who has a gun is stronger than her.
3) Cameron who is a movie director in his studio was confronted by a white movie producer regarding the specifics of the scene that they just shoot. The producer is telling him that the black female character did not speak more of ebonics to make her seem crazy. Cameron was overwhelmed of the racial bigotry being recently victimized by a white cop. This scene shows a racial stereotype of the dominant white race against the subordinate black. On the other hand, when the Persian Farhad and her daughter Dorri went to a gun shop to buy a hand gun, the white male shop keeper before handing Dorri the gun and bullet talked to her with sexist comments that are aimed at her. This scene shows the objectification and exoticising a young female minority race.
4) Crash is a movie showing the interconnections of incidents in just more than a day. The two young African Americans, Anthony and Peter went out of a diner discussing how they were discriminated by having their order very late than many white customers. Their orders came after the diner has served the whites and they had to wait for more than an hour. It shows how naturally, the white race dominates every aspect of life. In the road, they came across a white couple where the woman, Jean Cabot automatically held the arms of her husband, Rick Cabot. It just showed Jean’s stereotype view of the Blacks to be robbers and violent. Moreover, in the home of the Cabots, Daniel, a lock smith was fixing the door lock when Jean without any precautions judged that Daniel will give the key to his black robber friends that would again rob their house. These stereotypes against the colored people just plunged the subordinate race further into poverty because of the lack of opportunities for them. The two young black who cannot find opportunity to make their selves better turned out to be robbers just like what the white race is tagging them to be. The learned black like Cameron and the police director did not earn their positions easily. Being in their positions, they cannot even assert for their racial rights because if they do, their careers will be in danger. Like the police director who knows that John Ryan is racist but he cannot risk his career in filing a case against the white police officer despite the complaint from a younger police officer Hansen. The movie revolves around how the colored races are experiencing bigotry in the workplace, in public and at personal level.
5) In the scene where the younger white officer complained about his racist partner to their director who is a Black himself, the director refused to take the racism as the reason for granting Hansen’s request to switch partner. It is because he is afraid to risk his career. If I were in the situation, I would have considered the case and looked for an attorney who is willing to fight the case. After the proper documentation of the incident submitted, there might be other cases that will support the complaint of Hansen. In a situation where Rick Cabot is trying to win the black vote as he is running for the district attorney, the case can be celebrated especially if Cameron and his wife agree to file case against the said officer. The case will serve as an example to decrease the cases of racial bigotry.

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