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As I joined internship in the Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, my supervisor gave me the task to look into the matters and find solutions for the issues. For example, if someone came to IRIS drunk and caused problems, I had to deal with them in a good manner in order to keep the IRIS environment and people who work and come there friendly and untroubled. I also had to make sure such person did not leave IRIS alone, as it could lead to negative consequences. Another responsibility for me was to answer the phone and talk to people about the issues they searched help with. I also was conducting interviews with refugee and typed their answers into a basic American resume to help them prepare for a job search. Moreover, I helped other departments in IRIS as interpreter with Arabic immigrants, and I also occasionally went outside of IRIS with employees and clients as interpreter. In fact, I think my supervisor’s trust and encouragement was motivating me to go above and beyond. My supervisor would meet me sometimes to discuss the challenges I was encountering during my internship, and it was another remarkable and rewarding factor for me to enjoy my work in IRIS.

Maslow Theory Application on my Experience:

IRIS ensures satisfaction of its employees and employees’ motivation for them to achieve their goals. While the organization demands from its employees that they have to fulfill their responsibilities and do it with quality and responsibility, it also cares for its employees' motivation and rights. As for Maslow's hierarchy of needs, I was naturally supplied with basic physiological and biological needs. Proceeding to the second step, IRIS internship was secured and felt stable. The environment was secure, and the law was what we worked with and what the organization definitely respected and followed. Going up to the third stage, although somewhat intimate,friendly relationships within workmates were encouraged and highly sensed, which helped a lot during my internship. Personally, the relationships of work groups were a great emotional and inspirational boost for me. Self-esteem was achieved by my promotion and the fact that my supervisors discussed my weak and strong points with me and I felt that my efforts were appreciated. Finally, self-actualization can also be considered to have been achieved by me during the internship, since I had a great opportunity to test my problem solving skills,apply creativity when dealing with clients, restrict my morals in accordance to the work place ethics and take resolute steps towards self-growth in general.

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

•Self-actualization: governs morals, creativeness and problem solving, i.e. personal growth.
•Esteem: governs self-esteem, confidence, achievement and respect, i.e. responsibility or reputation

•Belongingness: such as love, friendship, family and intimacy, and relationship or work group

•Safety: security of environment, employment resources, security, law and stability
•Physiological or Biological: includes food, water, air, shelter, sex, warmth etc.
In relation to work place motivation, it is necessary for the leadership to understand the active needs for employee motivation. In this regard, this theory indicates the fundamental, or the lower order needs such as physiological or safety needs which must be satisfied first in order to follow up into higher-level motivation in accordance with self-fulfillment. This become apparent to me during my internship in IRIS, during which I was able to sense the importance of work place motivation, as well as the importance of environment security and stability, friendship, self-esteem and personal growth at the work place.
The environment of the Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services is friendly, which is mainly achieved by the team spirit among the staff, which makes the place pleasant to work at. Such atmosphere helped me develop close relationships with my fellow co-workers and gave me motivation to increase my potentials further.
In IRIS, I started off as an Operations Manager’s assistant and was handling problems of the clients, which gave more motivation towards my personal growth. The first success with a problematic client really boosted my energy and self-confidence, and I started to work more, inspired and ready to help more and more clients.
The next level of self-esteem boost came to me when the management offered me to become in charge of the advisory board, and gave me a suitable title. It gave me self-respect, the true feeling of responsibility, and earned me a good reputation. I achieved an independent status. After working for some time and receiving all the acceptance of my fellow workers, I realized that I had achieved all the things that are prevalent in that institution.
I am limiting myself to the highest level of safety needs, as even though there is an underlying feeling of affection from my organization, I personally strongly believe that, in order to rise to the consecutive three levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, growth is strongly necessary, for which achievement of the professional objectives – namely qualifications and more professional responsibilities - are highly important.

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