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The Busy Bee is a story for the children from the American Sunday School Union; it is a voluntary association that is formed by some denominations of the Protestant in 1824 to increase promoting the religious education of the children. They made thousands of published of short stories for children aimed for teaching habits and proper values. This story were featuring the characters of Jane and Fanny, the two orphans living with a devout and religious old woman, referring to the story of their mother teaching the right way of living. While the Mother’s Book written by Lydia Maria Child in 1831. Child was the most excellent authors among women in nineteenth century in America. She was a direct very open in speaking put what’s on her mind and heart she has the advocacy fo9r women’s right in African-American and Indians. In her career earlier, she made an edition of one children’s magazine titled Juvenile Miscellany which become successful, then she published the Mother’s Book, one of the famous book written at that time, this is about advice literature concerning child-rearing. The book excerpts are about child recommendations dealing with the teenage daughters. A great learning about literature, full of meaning and explaining about parents for their growing up children, teaching them to walk in the right way.
In the Busy Bee the girls are the gender here, aging eight years old, an orphan who was treated like the own daughter of the lady of the orphanage, the lady was carrying the same pain a real mother has in taking care of her own children. The lady taught the two kids the right way to write, read, and computing the math very well. Teaching them to do neatly all the plain works in the house and make them understand the business about household. This story belongs to the lower class but the lady who teaches the kids was guiding them and giving them examples where they will learn much better. The Mother’s Book have a mother on higher level way of living, keeping her children under her own eyes, the mother was taking care of the teenage persons aged twelve to sixteen, this girls are having the intense and critical character formation, especially regarding to daughters. But the mother who cannot watch their daughters during this period, like acting differently, getting harsher and unwilling to make an allowance to their youthful feeling, then the parents will make a decision to bring the children to the holy resting place like dormitory where the ladies in-charge will take good care of the children hard to discipline, which the religious ladies and the nature are providing for their security. But the writer consider a mother to be with their children even to the worst moment of the kids by understanding them, communicating with them, and giving them time to teach by showing them that a mother loved them, it will keep their heart fresh and warm, ready to sympathize with the enthusiasm and innocence of her children.
Respect is the best quality that each member of the family must maintain in their character. No family you can see in this world is perfect, but if we are willing to love, understand, respect and help each of the family members then that family is going to be perfect. In the Busy Bee the lady of the orphanage had been watching the characters of the kind, and fanny is the worst of them, the lady gave her a sample of what she’s going to be and what she’s going to eat, fanny with the feeling of shame cried outrageously and bend down on her knees and ask forgiveness to the lady and with her repentance with God’s blessings fanny lived a better days by overcoming her faults. While the Mother’s Book the writer explain very properly the ways a children should behave with the guidance of a loving mother, by teaching her to do her duties and putting things on the proper place and to act rightly, so when her children got married someday and have her own children her daughter can pass the good ways her mother has done to her and she will be loved by her kids too.
The lady’s behavior in the Busy Bee were caring, kind, disciplinary and acting like a real mother to the children, she keeps teaching the orphans that were necessary for the children have. In the same way, the children are obeying what the lady are teaching them, but when the lady saw their having different character according to her teaching she will correct the kids to choose the better or worst. Participating in the community and voluntary organizations like rearing the orphans offers the children the advancement to benefit educationally, recreationally, and socially. People who work this kind of setting are supporting the children who are going through the worst times and identifying the children who have been at the risk or being harmed. While the Mother’s Book concerns about the writer having the excellence of the best expression dealing with ideas of the permanent interest. The writer was writing what are the best things the reader may get or how to discipline their children and loving them according to their experience.
The social values you get in the Busy Bee is the knowledge and kindness of the lady taking care of the orphans, rearing them to grow having the right conduct in their walk of life. While the Social values of a Mother’s Book is recognizing the welfare of the children should always be the first stating the fact that children cannot feel the love of their parents when they put them to the cares of other to learn discipline and righteousness. The writer valued the true cares of the parents what their own children may feel. Having the early intervention with children who are becoming vulnerable may prevent serious harm from happening to them through keeping their children under the own eyes of the parent and under their loving care; the children will surely obey the instructions of their loving parents for they will much love in their very home.

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