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Why are police officers different from us?

Police officers are just normal people but they do have certain differences that set them apart. Firstly, police exist to prevent crime and maintain order. They must be trusted by the community in order to function. So, police officers are different in that they are held to a higher standard of moral, ethical, and professional conduct. Policemen and policewomen must be held to this standard in order to maintain professionalism, or the police in theory would not work.

How did the observation of detective enhance data collected from the email and telephone surveys?

The observation of the detective enhanced data collected from the email and telephone surveys because it adds a more subjective nature to the data. The data collected from the email and telephone surveys consists of more objective information. While it is true that this form of data mining enables some ability for subjectivity, it is minimized. The detective however is able to enhance the data by adding the human element and, some may argue that this form makes for better, more actionable data.
In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these forms of policing? Community policing is by far the most efficient form of policing. This form of policing focuses on the police building relationships with the leaders and members of a community. This model is most likely the best for small towns that have small populations. From the perspective of the community, this is the most “friendly” type of policing. The members of the communities are closer to the police and there is an air of trust between officers and citizens. The population is less likely to commit crimes and are more willing to ask the police for help. This creates an atmosphere of trust and security that is beneficial to both parties. From a police perspective this is also a very advantageous form of policing. The police are able to police better because the community is more willing to work with them. When there are problems, members of the community will inform the police quickly. From a legal system perspective, this form of policing is problematic. If a community is very close to the police force, and there are ties between them there could be potential for “cover-ups”. The police force may over look some crimes in order to maintain order at the expense of the legal system.
Problem-Oriented policing is perhaps the second most advantageous form of policing. This form involves police targeting specific problems associated with crime and disorder. This means that the police force becomes more proactive. From a community perspective this is beneficial. No community can function with rampant crime and disorder, so this gives the community the peace of mind that the crime is being targeted. Most of the community will agree with this method because the members of the community, the tax payers, know that their tax money is going into a very efficient system that targets specific problems. From the police perspective, it enables the police to focus their efforts. This not only makes for a more structured and efficient way of conducting business, but makes it easier to measure success and improve. If one method is not working, the police can divert their energy and resources into an alternative method. From a politicians perspective this is an ideal policing method. Politicians are able to present effective programs and policies and show results to their constituents. A disadvantage however would be that some crime would have to be allowed to happen if the police were to focus on the most pressing problems. Time and resources would be spent on the most effective way of reducing crime and disorder instead of trying to ensure that zero crime was committed.
The Broken Windows theory of policing is the most disadvantageous way of policing. The Broken Windows theory suggests that the physical manifestation of crime influences more crime to happen. Therefore in order to reduce crimes, the police must reduce the visible crime occurring in the community. From a community’s perspective this is a totalitarian and Omni-present form of policing. The members of the community may be uncomfortable with the amount of police presence required for this theory to work.
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