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Executive summary:

We are aiming to establish the business of real estate in Munich Germany. In this business we will provide services to employees and students that are linked to Munich University. Main target market of our business is university area. There are many people who are always seeking places for residences. We will help them out to provide area of their choice. We will also provide online services. Our startup cost will be 100000$.we will use e marketing and conventional marketing tools for advertisement and promotions. Our office will be located near to university and offices area so that many people can contact with us easily. We will establish our business on partnership form of business. We four friends are contributing our capital to start our business and loss and profit will be equally distributed among four partners.

We will provide good, attractive low cost and satisfied services to our customers and our aim is to provide services to middle class employees and students. With the passage of time we will expand our business to other cities of Germany.

Company history:

There is much business that area currently running in Munich. There are many competitors that exist in market however it is difficult to enter in market and earn good name but with good facilities and best services it can be made possible. There are many people who come from different areas to Munich for work and study purposes and for them accommodation is big problem therefore this business have good opportunities to flourish.

Business and industry profile:

This business has a good opportunity to flourish and expand. Our target market is university area and we will provide them accommodation places with good low rates. As now there are many students that are coming to the Munich for study and business purpose therefore it is necessary for them to live there. We have to bear a lot of completion in the market but with good quality services and low rates we will make good image in the market soon. As market is concentrated now and there are low barriers for new entrants therefore we decided to do this business. Germany is a good country to start a business as target market is very large there. When we researched about this industry we find that this business has greater opportunity to attract many consumers. We surveyed in university and by taking opinion we will make decision to start this business

Business strategy:

For our real estate business we will make the plans to buy developing and existing buildings. And then after buying then we will give them on rent and when prices of buildings will be high we will sell them. We will construct buildings that will be according to the state of art and attract the customers. This business has greater opportunity to flourish because now with increasing population demand for buildings and residential houses is increased.
Real estate business is the business that can be started with low cost and with good efficiency and hard work this business can be flourished.


There are many opportunities for our business in the market. We can expand our business with the passage of time with in other cities of Germany. As we are provide online services also we can generate enough profit to open more branches of our business.


The main threat to our business is our competitors and new entries. As new entry in this business is not very difficult therefore there are many threats that market can be more condensed. Once a good image is made in the market then we have to work more hard to sustain this name.

Management team:

We are starting this business by partnership of 4 people. Lara, john, Ricky and Charlie are partners for this business. Lara is a business holder degree in management and she will perform all the functions that are related to the human resources. John is our marketing executive and he will make all the strategies regarding marketing and advertisements.
Charlie is specialized in finance. All the estimated costs and financial forecasts and financial statements will be kept up to date by him. Ricky will be our market research analyst who will contact to our suppliers and find out the properties and their rate. Other than our partners we will hire a clerk who will see all the activities in the office. Some more employees other than those who will keep for office cleanliness and for safety such as guard etc.

Description of products and services:

We will offer following services to our clients.
Apartments on rent
Rooms on rent
Buying of houses
Buying of apartments
Buying of commercial areas
We will help our customers in finding places for their personal accommodation as well as for usage of commercial purpose. We will provide phone numbers and online address also though which our customers can contact to us. The whole process of doing business will be very simple. We will fill a form from our clients in which they will mention their requirements about area and apartments and desired rent that they can afford and by seeing their demand we will give options to select a place of their choice.

Plan of operations:

We will have a physical office located near to Munich University and we will provide services 24/7 to our clients. First of all we will know about the demand of our customer and then according to his/her demand we will search out places. For this purpose we will charge our commission for providing our services. Our organizational structure will not be very complicated. We will use simple organization structure to make our business operations simple and easy. All our hard working staff will do marker research time by time and will try to provide good places in reasonable prices.

Marketing strategy:

For the purpose of marketing we will use marketing tools such as TV advertisement, online advertisement and print media. We will publish brushers and will distribute them to university area and other places. We will also promote our business through social media. For promotional offers we will also provide our customers with special discounts. We will provide our servces24/7 . According to demand of our consumers we will facilitate them. For successful client relationship we will make good contacts. With good negotiation and good relationships we will contact to our suppliers that give best services. Our pricing technique will also be compatible with our other competitors and sometime we will provide special discounts to teachers also. This strategy will also focus many people toward our business. We will print out broachers and then distribute them to the whole area of university and other near areas.

Competitive advantage:

For any business it is very necessary that we will know about all the competitors that are currently running in the market. For our business there are a lot of number of competitors that can give us tough competition. As marker is very condensed in Munich we have to face good completion but with good quality services and best offering rates we will capture a lot of people. Our office location will be near to university and there also much office located in this location so people can easily come to our office or may also tell about their demand on phone or through internet. Our main competitors are Engel and Volker real estate’s business and Anglo info Munich’s business. There are many other competitors also exist in the market.

Financial statements:

Financial forecast for any business is very necessary. For this real estate business in Munich All the financial statements including balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow for three years are given below.

Balance sheet for year 1

Balance sheet for year 2
Balance sheet for year 3
Income statement for ABC real estate business for three years
Cash flow statement for year 1
Cash flow statement for year 2
Cash flow statement for year 3
There are no financing activities as we are not taking loan from bank. All the business wil be started with the capital of four partners.

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