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Q1. I chose this lexical set of words because learning the basic colors is essential for young learners studying a new language. The main colors are simple to teach and will come in handy for use in daily life. And I can use realia in the classroom to demonstrate the new vocabulary for the students. Teaching the colors may go hand in hand with a lesson on clothing (e.g., black shoes, white shirt, red pants, blue belt, green hat, etc.).
Q2. I would present the new words to my class by using a song or a game. For example, I would start by singing: Red, blue, yellow, green black & white/// Red, blue yellow, green black & white and Red and blue and yellow and green Red, blue, yellow, green black & white. The melody is the same one for the “Head, Shoulders, Knees” song. A game of Simon Says would ensue in which I would say “Simon Says stand up if you’re wearing green clothes today!” or “Simon Says do a jumping jack if your socks are yellow!” In that way, students would have fun learning new words.
Q3. In order to help my pupils pronounce the new words, I would make strong use of the forenamed song by playing it over and over again (at least three consecutive times). Then I would assign each student in the class a different color and we would play a game of hot potato in which I would throw a ball to a student who would have to shout his or her color; the learner would then throw the “hot potato” to another student who would say his/her color. This pattern would continue until every student has a chance to shout his/her color many times. Finally, I would create a tongue twister employing the colors and then have the students practice it collectively and individually [for those confident language risktakers].
Q4. Teaching the students the sentence, “what is your favorite color?” is a communicative activity that would help them to apply the vocabulary in a real life situation. The expected response to this question being “my favorite color is” would follow. I would break the students into pairs, having them practice these expressions with their partners for five minutes. If I felt like they could handle more conversation than this, then I would also have them describe why they chose their favorite color, which could generate more dialogue.

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