My Strategic Plan Paper-Human Resource Manager Term Paper Sample

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My Strategic Plan Paper- Human Resource Manager

Personal SWOT
Strong GPA- I have an excellent GPA, which is evidence of my academic brilliance. I feel that this is a strength because my good grades put me in a strong position to pursue a Masters degree and also to negotiate with potential employers
Empathy.-I am a very empathetic person who is keen to lend an ear and a helping hand to other people who may be in problems. This is a strength since in Human Resources, I will be dealing with people on a day-to-day basis hence I can be able to help them.
Good communication skills- I am an excellent communicator and this applies to both oral and written communication. I find it easy to put across my thoughts and feelings with clarity, which will be a great asset in the field of Human Resources, which is largely all about communicating.
Strong work ethic.-Any organization hiring me would get a motivated and hardworking individual who is focused and committed to his work.


Impatience- I can often be quite impatient and lack time for people who are slow to understand. In other words I can be said to “suffer fools poorly”
Temperamental- I sometimes tend to lose my temper quite easily which can lead to me snapping at people. This is quite pronounced in stressful situations.
Perfectionism- I happen to be a perfectionist by nature who has very exacting standards. This sometimes leads to conflict with other people, especially when I feel people are not giving their all.
Inability to multitask- I do not handle multiple tasks very well, especially those that are mutually competing. I prefer to focus my energies on one thing at a time.


Thanks to my strong GPA, I can pursue a masters degree as well as any further academic qualifications that I may deem necessary. This would enable me to become more competitive in the job market.


Competitiveness in my field- There are many qualified HRM professionals in the job market hence, there is stiff competition for the available vacancies.
Training obstacles- Despite my desire to further my education, I may find this difficult to accomplish since I do not have the requisite finances. Hence, I may be forced to postpone this dream until later.
The lack of some key competencies that are necessary for success in the field. For instance, to become a Human Resource Manager, one must have completed a personal development program, which I am yet to accomplish. Hence, I may find myself locked out of these opportunities.
The lack of experience.-Since many positions demand that a successful candidate possess some relevant working experience, I may lose out to those that have it.

Scenario Planning Outcome

Human Resource Management is a dynamic field that is set to continue evolving in future. Despite being a relatively new body of knowledge, the field has become an integral part of most businesses. Driven by the recognition that an organization’s greatest asset is its staff, Human Resource Management has been elevated to the strategic level of management. Hence, scenario planning for this field must take into consideration the as well as current situation as well as future trends.
Worldwide, there is an increased trend towards globalization. This globalization is present regardless of the size of the business. The development of the internet has particularly been significant in transforming the world into a global village. This has enabled business to conduct business beyond the constraints of time and geographical borders. That is, time shifting and space shifting. This then mean that the organization, which has a global outlook, must also have employees who are capable of performing and working across the globe. This is where Human Resources comes in since it is the one responsible for selection and recruitment, as well as training of these employees. Hence, Human Resources will see a trend towards globally adaptable employees. A failure to adapt to this will lead to redundancy of skills
The second aspect in Human Resource scenario planning is technology. Technology has, in the recent past completely altered the way in which Human Relations people think and how they carry out their duties. Technology’s role in boosting communication, organization of administrative work and connection of inside employees to the customers on the outside is key. The advent of social media is however, the most critical and pertinent aspect of technology. Social media has opened up channels of communication that were previously inconceivable. The power of social media has been demonstrated in the way it has been used to bring down corporations and even governments. Therefore, we are likely to see a scenario where selection and recruitment is conducted through social media. This is because of the large pool of workers made available by these social networks. Lack of the social media navigation knowledge will lead to obsolescence of skills.
Strategic positioning is the other factor. Human Resource Management is now regarded as a key part of the strategic or tactical level of top management. This recognition has come about from the recognition that Human Resources is in a unique position of maintaining an objective view of both the internal and external elements of an organization. Hence, HR is expected to have an understanding of the financial, as well as the operational side of business. Human Resources is expected to provide a support role to the top management during strategic decision-making. Thus, obtaining financial knowledge is going to be imperative for the Human Resource professionals. This is because for them to be involved in these high-level decisions, they must understand the consequences and financial implications. Those who fail to obtain these skills are likely to remain stuck in the lower reaches with no viable chance of career progression.

Personal Stakeholder Analysis

High Low
High Power and High Interest
This group includes parents. Parents have high power over my career choice since they directly influence it and are very much interested in my career choices.
Employers have high interest in me as their employee and have a high interest since they want to see me develop.

Low power and High Interest

Friends fall in this category since they do not really have much say over what I choose to do for a living. However, they have very high interest in it.

High interest and Low power

This group comprises of my spouse. Although I do not have one at present, by the time I do get one, I will already have made my career choice hence she will have little power over that. However, being my significant other. She will have a lot of interest.

Low interest and Low Power

Distant relatives as well as people I only know in passing have very little influence or concern about my career
The second goal I aim to pursue before I graduate is to hone my leadership skills. I aim to do this by attempting to run for a student leader position during my third year of study. As a Human Resource professional, I will be expected to be in a position where I make decisions and offer leadership on various issues. Hence, I aim to prepare for this by engaging in student leadership at university level. This will help me to cut my teeth leadership wise, and prepare me for a post-university leadership position.
The third goal I aim to pursue is to improve my GPA. Although I am currently doing well, I believe that I can still improve. This goal is driven by my personal motivation to graduate at, or near the top of my class. My reason for wanting this is that recruiters are more likely to headhunt the students at the top of the class rather than those in the middle. Hence, I would like to put myself in the best possible position to guarantee that I stand a better opportunity at success.
The fourth goal I aim to achieve is to manage my social media network. In this, I aim to have a regularly updated and professional looking LinkedIn account. This is sparked by the realization that more recruiting will in future be done online than in physical interviews. I also aim to keep my Facebook account clean and free of any unsavory posts. This is because I realize that the account is a reflection of who I am as a person, and if all the posts that are there are vulgar and repulsive, a potential recruiter might get the wrong message.

Personal Value Proposition

Any prospective employer who hires me will benefit greatly from my excellent communication skills. Since both my oral and written communication is top notch, I will ensure that communication will be done properly and excellently. This is especially important when the employer takes into consideration my knowledge of technology which is increasingly important for HRM professionals.
Another skill that I bring is credibility activism. Since I have a strong work ethic, I can guarantee that I will do exactly what I say I will do. This will then ensure that fellow employees are driven to do the same and do not see me as “preaching water and drinking wine.” This credibility activism is a crucial skill for a modern day HR professional.
Excellent man management and motivational skills- one of the key elements of a manager is having empathy. The best man managers understand their staff and they can relate to them. Thanks to this empathy, I am approachable and always willing to help which is invaluable to a Human Resource professional
Change agency- As a leader, I always look to lead from the front. This means that I aim to provide an example for others to follow. Hence, I am always looking for ways to improve myself, and this makes me very receptive to change. Of late, there is an increasing expectation for HRM professionals to become agents of change in firms. Hence, to this regard, I feel I would be an excellent change agent since I would definitely be among the first to adopt any new ideas.


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