Netiquette Critical Thinkings Examples

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Published: 2020/12/05

Etiquette in technology outlines the socially acceptable conduct when in online platforms. It includes the proper behavior that one is expected to observe when communicating using technology platforms and digital channels. They are also guidelines of etiquette that apply when interacting or communicating using computer networks particularly the internet. It is colloquially referred to as netiquette. Netiquette is essential and crucial in today’s day to day interactions because more and more companies, organizations, and even governments are using these platforms to conduct their businesses.
It has therefore called for the embracing of proper language and expressions when using these medium in order to maintain politeness and good manners. Just like we maintain a certain level of etiquette when communicating to others face to face, we should also observe the same when using technology because the tone we use conveys significant connotation. Netiquette should be observed by all users of technology irrespective of age gender and even level of education. However, not many people can attest to this because they argue that different individuals or groups of people use technology or the digital platforms differently.
I interviewed three different people to get their views on this subject. One of them is a library assistant who uses technology quite often. The second one is a sales executive, and the third one is a student. The library assistant argued that technology etiquette should be upheld at all levels. Being a heavy user of the internet, email, and cellular devices, she confided that improper use of these forms of technological communications can end up distorting the contents of the message that one is trying to convey. For example using wrong emoticons can bring out a very different meaning of a message. She also argued that age most affects the people’s opinion of netiquette. Most users of the internet today are young people ranging from the age of twelve to thirty.
With social media being the widely used networks by the young people, whatever they convey greatly depends on the person they are communicating with and what message they are sending. Most young people are the ones most common to abuse or contravene the technology etiquette. It is so because mostly their audience is their fellow peers and colleagues. They don’t feel any obligation to be cautious and respectful when communicating with their colleagues and friends because they will be both using the same tone and language. Their communication style also extends to formal communications even when communicating with their teachers and parents. They find it hard to adjust their language and communication style.
The level of education also significantly influences the level of etiquette one displays. The sales executive I interviewed claims that proper communication etiquette is necessary for all places. Be it in school, work or at home one should exhibit good behavior when using computer networks or the internet. Improper use of emails and other forms of modern communication can even lead to somebody losing their job because of using them in a manner that is not professional. An office setting nowadays relies heavily on modern forms of communication to carry out their daily activities and, therefore, proper etiquette is significant. A student argues that the improper netiquette like flame wars should be kept under control otherwise they can get out of hand. Cell phones have been discouraged in some schools and colleges because they may cause distractions and cheating too. Knowing how to handle devices like this is also important. It can also lead to getting penalties in case of infringement of set rules and standards.
People also tend to think that female internet users are most prone to breach netiquette rules. In what is commonly referred to as cat fights on the technology platforms is a common phenomenon. Women tend to resort to the internet to outsmart their fellow colleagues or settle scores on many issues, ranging from fashion sense to relationships and status. All these people I interviewed agreed that maintaining a proper behavior in technology usage is necessary irrespective the platforms one is using and the level of education, age, and gender of the users. It will also safeguard the users of these networks because in today’s world the internet has become very useful in every day’s communication and interaction.

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