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The new Deal denotes disjointed programs implemented by President Roosevelt during the Great Depression, particularly from 1933 to 1936. The programs had three aspects namely relief, recovery, as well as reform. The program sought to offer immediate relief to the unemployed during the Great Depression (Rauchway, 2008). The program was intended to advance economic recovery to normal standards or levels. The program involved many reforms, particularly in the labor relations and financial system. The primary concern was how to tackle the severely damaged economy, as well as great social misery, due to Great Depression (Rauchway, 2008).

New Deal Farm Regulations or Laws

Advisors of President Roosevelt trusted that the financial depression was because of economic or financial slowdown in farming. For that reason, New Deal farm regulations were aimed to assist farmers, and their impact continues today. Some of these farm laws include the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) of 1933, the Agricultural Adjusted Act (AAA) of 1933, and the Farm Security Administration (FSA) of 1935 or 1937 (Clarke, 1994). The Soil Conservation Service (SCS) of 1935 and the Rural Electrification Administration (REA).
The primary outlines of all these programs have proceeded into the 21st C. immediately U.S was founded, the government focused on distributing novel frontier farms or land to settlers migrating to the America. The second period started in 1830 when the federal government started to assist farmers increase their crop production. New universities were established and were to find better techniques of farming. In late 1800s, the third period started when legislators were compelled to impose new laws in the agricultural markets, as was the case of business monopolies and trusts (Clarke, 1994). Even before the introduction of the New Deal programs, the government helped farmers directly. Administration of President Hoover attempted to assist farmers by offering better credit and purchasing farm produce. It was mean to stabilize prices, but, it caused farmers to increase farming activities that lowered prices (Clarke, 1994).
When Roosevelt took power, the reasoning was that low farm produce was resulting from high production. Because the supply of livestock and crops was higher in comparison to demand of these products, and as a result prices dropped. The basic policy or law of the government, to this day, has remained to increase prices by lowering production.

Tennessee Valley Authority

President Roosevelt Franklin required innovative solutions or methods if the program of New Deal were to reverse Great Depression. Tennessee Valley Authority was an innovative idea of President Franklin. The President envisioned Tennessee Valley Authority as a distinct kind of agency. Tennessee Valley Authority was created in 1933 by Congress to tackle many economic, technological, and environmental issues. For example, TVA was to manage natural resources and deliver cheap electricity (Stevenson, 2005).
Initially, government funded Tennessee Valley Authority operations or functions. Appropriations for Tennessee Valley Authority power program was phased out in the year 1959, and those of economic development activities and environmental stewardship ended in 1999. Currently, Tennessee Valley Authority is self-financing, funding functions mainly via power system financings and electricity sales (Stevenson, 2005). In the 21st C, Tennessee Valley Authority continued its concentration on the environment, economic, and energy development while embracing changes within governance structure and business environment. Tennessee Valley Authority has remained relevant in the 21st C because of existing needs to improve the nation air quality, increase energy efficiency, and increase the nation nuclear production (Stevenson, 2005).

Social Security Program

It was a response of the nation to the elderly plight. To this date, the program still has some primary aspects of the original program. For example, eligibility is earned via work within covered jobs, benefits amount is associated with covered earnings, benefits are financed mainly via dedicated payroll taxes submitted by employees and their employers, participation is compulsory, and the program is aimed to offer a protection base (Béland, 2005). The social security, over the years, has been a significant security contributor to all Americans. Currently, social security continues as a well-being foundation for Americans in later years or when one is disabled and for the families when one die before retirement.


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