Police Officers Involvement In Domestic Violence Research Proposal Sample

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Published: 2020/12/02

Issues in Criminal Justice

The U.S. Constitution holds domestic violence against the state and does not even require the permission of the victim to frame charges. Twenty five percent of women in the U.S. undergo some form of domestic violence. However this number exponentially explodes to fifty percent if they are married to a police officer. This is turning out to be one of the most pressing issues in the law enforcement fraternity in recent times. This paper outlines the need for stronger measures in this area.


Police academies receive several thousand applications every year. A vast majority of them have a genuine zeal to serve and protect however, they are also those who are attracted by the authority rather than to uphold the oath. This results in quite a bit of hype for the recruits who taste so much authority.

Importance of the topic

Our nation is at a critical juncture where the role of a police officer is rapidly evolving into a multidimensional paradigm. They are going to done the role of urban pacifiers and community development officers. However, if they do not treat their wives properly and threaten them with escalating violence if they should approach the law; it will put a spanner in the works for any police related community work. After all which community in our nation is going to cooperate and work alongside hypocritical State owned wife-beaters?

Research review

Our society requires police officers who can effectively intervene in domestic violence cases and provide constructive resolutions. However, the plight of the women in the police officers’ households face a horror that suppresses their voice and subjects them to extreme forms of violence (Agoris, 2014).


Police departments make arrests in case of domestic violence where sometimes the victim refuses to press charges. However, when it comes to their own uniforms, police departments are remarkably quiet. They terminate officers who lie or take drugs however when a helpless woman is battered by an officer, they seem to go numb (Cohen et al., 2013). This avoidance of action against police officers will adversely affect any measures that local police departments attempt at community policing.

Police officers lying under oath

Police officers are known to lie and coerce innocent people into confessing to crimes that they had not committed. One out of every four Americans convicted is innocent. They are victims of false confessions. However some of these innocent citizens were totally unprepared when they saw police officers take the oath and lie (Alexander, 2013).
Law enforcement agencies are the recipients of huge grants and incentives based on the number of drug related arrests that are made by the precinct. Hence, police officers have now donned a new role. The deceptive, lying, untrustworthiness riddled greed driven individuals who will arrest innocent people, plant drugs on their person and then charge them. The charade doesn’t end there. They take the stand and lie under oath to secure the conviction.
Importance of the topic
Studies have indicated that drug related arrests should be limited for users. Long jail terms will significantly hamper any chance at rehabilitation. Moreover, law enforcement has a moral role to uphold the law. They cannot be flaunting it just for the sake of receiving grants. The credibility of the once famed and respected police forces in the world is sadly in the unfamiliar territory of disgrace. The influx of false cases has to stop or at least police officer perjury should be treated with the same rigor that is meted out to an ordinary citizen.

Research review

The police departments across this nation have exhibited valor, courage and determination despite the sheer adversity of escalating crime rates. Even the famed NYPD fell short of their former glory. On a social perspective, police personnel need intelligence on their streets. This exercise involves working closely with the members of the community. It does not warrant the random arresting of innocent civilians from the streets and then taking the stand to lie. It is time the Police Department treated perjury cases with even stricter statues.


Perjury means to lie under oath for the sake of altering the course of conviction in a case. This offense is punishable with a jail sentence of up to twenty years. However when a police officer commits perjury, he gets away with it. The only action taken against erring officers is at the most a desk job. Not only is this double standard practice unfair, it encourages the gathering of liar squads in every city. The State should either make it mandatory for police officers to present their cases before a DA even to press charges or they should award an extremely stringent punishment for those police officers who lie under oath.


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