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The situation at hand is a prisoner strike. Prison populations are refusing to eat, exercise or even leave their respective cell blocks; families of prisoners protesting outside gates. The problem the prisoners want resolved is segregation housing. Correctional authorities claim that the situation is not as grave and that the giving into demands would escalate violence. In addition, they fear that the pattern would repeat.

Ascertaining ground reality and gaining in-roads

The state of the American prisons today is almost shameful. The media and several human rights organizations have been making big stories off the subject in the past few years. A prisoner hunger strike only deepens the crisis. When the government is attacked by the opposition on the subject, unexpected compromises could be reached; this is a situation that should be avoided ideally.
There are conflicting versions of the actual situation. Hence, the first task at hand is to review the situation from ground zero. The facts needed are, how many inmates are actually involved; are they affiliated to any particular gang; what is an immediate solution to diffuse the tension; how to ensure we do not face the same situation again.
Misconduct during a sentence can invite additional time and even new sentences pending trials. Once the list of striking inmates is confirmed, the list of those with families is segregated. These inmates’ families will be allowed to meet them and try to talk them out of the strike. Families can instill more resolve than any correctional authority. Hence, it’s worth a shot. This is the first step even before meeting any representatives. The next group of convicts to focus on is the group that could have secured early release but for their participation in the strike. Family or even prison chaplains can try and talk them out of it. Most prisoners find some form of faith during incarceration hence, prison chaplains could be effective in talking the radicalized groups from continuing the strike according to the tenets of their faiths. The list of inmates who actually continue to eat is also determined. Any strike is based on strength in numbers; once the numbers dissolve, it is easier to call the shots at the negotiation table.
The job of a corrections officer is both highly stressful and extremely risky. It’s also a job with the highest turnover rate in all government services. Hence, the solution to this issue should be swift and effective.

Negotiation Terms

The negotiation will only include terms of immunity from the participation from the strike for those who instigated the strike under the condition that such misconduct is not repeated. The numbers would have already been lesser than reported. In addition our reality check would further reduce the support to the hunger strike.
The terms for negotiation are applicable only as long as the prisoners withdraw the strike immediately. Furthermore a readdress committee would be set up consisting of ex-inmates and correctional officers to settle problems arising out of segregation housing. This committee would recommend action towards changes to improve the prison housing strategy.
Failure to comply will result in the striking population scattered across forty state penitentiaries including those housing rival gangs. In addition, this population would face extended jail terms.

Preventive Measures

The final step is to ensure that no more strikes are instigated; all those who instigated the strike are moved to federal penitentiaries that further limit the communication privileges. There should also be an increase in counseling staff who will work alongside prisoners and educate them on the adverse effects of striking or other illegal demonstration inside the prison. The number of rehabilitation programs should be increased and the press media invited into prison premises to publish the real story.


Strikes of any kind thrive on the positive attention they receive. For example, when Americans protested the loss of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, there was a positive response from the media that kept the pressure on and eventually brought thousands of U.S. soldiers back from the war front. Similarly, gangs and racial outfits inside prison indulge in demonstrations looking for any support they can get; family or preferably the media. In the absence of this attention, their plans fail to materialize. Lastly, at no time should there be giving into demands of prison inmates that have the potential to incite violence. Prisoner negotiations should always be held under the purview of the law and not just in giving away assurances that will eventually hurt the system.

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