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What will U.S. cities, suburbs and rural areas look like in the next 25 years?
According to the trends that we currently see, it is quite likely that big cities will see a number of different communities and neighborhood where people of the same ethnicities choose to live in the same area. However, there will also be a number of interracial marriages which will, in some areas, lead to the mixing together of people from different ethnicities. This will be more commonly seen in the suburbs where people will be compelled to communicate with their neighbours and thus, one will see the blending and mixing in of the ethnicities quite easily in these areas. As for the rural areas, it is a lot harder to gauge because, despite the globalization, many American villages have not seen many immigrant settlers. Therefore, it is likely that many of the immigrants will end up making villages of their own.

Will these areas look the same or different from each other? Why?

The areas will look different from each other for sure because each area will represent the kind of people that live there. An excellent example is the Chinese neighbourhood in the middle of New York itself. It is called a mini-China within New York and one can expect to see grander and more prominent representations of the immigrant’s backgrounds and cultures, especially in the cities where people will, undoubtedly, try to create isolated communities within the huge sea of human beings. It can be safely said that when entering the neighbourhood of a different community, one will expect to see a completely different world altogether – like crossing a border. However, despite the differences, there will be some basic and inherent things, mostly belonging to American culture that we will see common in all communities in the country. Similarly, we can hope to see the mainstream American population pick up bits and pieces from the different cultures living there.

What do you think the main problems that each area will face? Give specific examples

Isolation will be one big problem along with the conflict in personalities. This will be especially true of children who are born in America, as Americans, but are nurtured in the ways of their own family. These people will feel like they are neither a part of their own family nor a part of the country they are born in . Instead, they will be something in between. They will see that their family values are not the same as they values of the country they have been born into. Therefore, there is a chance that they will face some psychological problems where they will be unable to determine where they belong as people. They will want to belong to the American community, but there will always be some parts of them that will not truly feel a part of the American community. For example, an Indian child brought up by conservative Indian immigrant might not feel comfortable following family values in America’s open culture.

What about problems that affect everyone like climate change – will they affect everyone equally?

If the government of the United States decides to employ the same policy for all areas and all communities, then yes, the change will affect all individuals equally. It may vary somewhat from one state to another depending on the practices of that particular state, the laws that apply there and the businesses that run there. There is a high chance that this may be one point where all the people from all different cultures come together to tackle a common problem if the proper educational programs are employed.


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