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Discussion Replies

Hello Cindy, while you do not have any interest in being a case manager, your post reflects a respect for this profession. I find that your response is not prejudiced and subjective, but one that is influenced by the satisfaction and fulfillment that you get from you present career. I also agree with you that case managers require staying up-to-date and playing an important role in health care (Finkelman, 2011).


Finkelman, A. W. (2011). Case management for nurses. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc
Reply to Vanette
Hello Vanette, I find that your desire you take up a career in case management is influenced by knowledge you have amassed from this class. This is evidenced by your description of the various roles of a case manager. I also agree with you that advancement in age may limit one’s ability to function as a bedside nurse (Bentley, 2014). Functioning as a case manager will not only allow you to function effective in patient care, but also allow you to incorporate your valuable experience into your work.
Bentley, A. (2014). Case management and long-term conditions: the evolution of community matrons. British Journal of Community Nursing, 19(7), 340-345.
Reply to Jennifer
Hello Jennifer, I find that the principle of case management have been very influential in your nursing practice. Your post highlights your appreciation of case management, especially after your shift from medical/surgery to hospice care. This shows a consciousness about the concepts we have learned over the past eight weeks. I agree with your observations that case management is very vital in hospice care (National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, 2014). If not for anything else, your post highlights the joy it brought to patients and family members in their final phase of life.
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. (2014). Talking points on hospice. Retrieved 7 Feb. 2015 from http://www.nhpco.org/sites/default/files/public/Hospice_talking- points_June-2014.pdf
Reply to Kimberly
Hello Kimberly, I can understand why you described community health nursing as hard. It is commendable that the difficult nature of the concept did not prevent you from learning. This is because the nursing practice roles that you highlight in your post are in keeping with the nursing profession and contribute to the Quality and Safety Education for Nursing (Nurse American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2012).
American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2012). Graduate-Level QSEN Competencies Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes. Washington: American Association of Colleges of Nursing
Reply to Eileen
Hello Eileen, the five areas you indentify in your post mimic the five core competencies required of nurses by the Institute of Medicine. Your post links these five core competencies to Quality and Safety Education to nursing standards. This link creates a bridge to practice that enables the nursing profession to provide health care that meets the established standards (Kulbok, 2012).
Kulbok, P.A., Thatcher, E., Park, E., Meszaros, P.S. (2012) "Evolving Public Health Nursing Roles: Focus on Community Participatory Health Promotion and Prevention" The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing 17(2):1
Reply to Elaine
Hello Elaine, your post highlights community organizing and social reform as some of the community health nursing practice roles. I agree with you that these roles are important in health care. Among other things, these nursing practice roles help influence social policy changes. Your post also links these nursing practice roles to Quality and Safety Education for Nurses. This link highlights the important role of nursing practice roles.
Finkelman, A. W. (2011). Case management for nurses. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc
Reply to Sabine
Hello Sabine, I agree with you that even in times of disasters, the coordination of care and response should embody certain standards. This is why your recommendation of culturally sensitive training and disaster preparedness are in keeping with the core competencies that are important for public health professionals.
Baack, S., & Alfred, D. (2013). Nurses' Preparedness and Perceived Competence in Managing Disasters. Journal Of Nursing Scholarship, 45(3), 281-287
Reply to Shanna
Hello Shana, your post highlights several core competencies that are required by public health professionals. Some of them include disaster response plans, identification of the population at risk and providing disaster education. I find these competencies in keeping with the requirements for disaster preparedness and response. With these competencies, public health officials can deal with disasters in a manner that is not only effective, but also ensure the safety of the populations involved (Gibson, Theadore & Jellison, 2012).
Gibson, P., Theadore, F., & Jellison, J. B. (2012). The Common Ground Preparedness Framework: A Comprehensive Description of Public Health Emergency Preparedness. American Journal Of Public Health, 102(4), 633-642
Reply to Jennifer
Hello Jennifer, your observation that public health officials require up-to-date information regarding policies, protocols and procedures in disaster response and management is very insightful. It is also true that these professionals require training in post traumatic stress care (Loke & Fung, 2014). Many people need such care after disasters. This helps them cope with the abrupt changes, some of which may cause emotional and physical harm.
Loke, A. and Fung, O. (2014). Nurses’ competencies in disaster nursing: implications for curriculum development and public health.  International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 11(3).

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