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Dear Sir,
It has come to the notice that, the employees at the workplace due to heavy work stress are facing fitness and healthcare issues. They are suffering from physical and mental pain, and hence, they are not able to deliver as per the expectations. They are failing to achieve the desired objectives on time.
I would thereby, like to suggest incorporating fitness policy into the HR policy so that, we can provide opportunities for carrying out fitness activities at the workplace inside the organization. This report shall provide you with the details in-depth to provide an idea of this issue and at the end will recommend necessary solutions.

Thank you.

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Corporate Fitness can be defined as an activity that focuses more upon maintaining good health for the employees of any given organization. However, it is not compulsory for every organization to incorporate this norm as a part of their policy, but looking at the present scenario it seems that, the organizations need to deploy strategies that will take better care of the health of their employees. There could be various fitness programs planned in order to include them into the corporate fitness policy. These programs will be specifically designed keeping in mind the health and fitness levels of the employees.
Today several organizations have discovered that, the employees have been facing with the issues of fitness, which is further leading to various healthcare issues. Hence, these organizations have formulated a specific fitness policy that will be integrated with the rest of the policies of the organization.
The major highlights of this policy include flexible and short work timings, exercise routines to be practiced on daily basis at the campus, providing suggestions on various eating and dietary habits, opening up gym and fitness centers at the campus, and providing certain incentives to those who are maintaining health on consistent basis (Sparrow 2404-2427). However, it is the responsibility of the Human Resource (HR) Department to initiate activities that will motivate these employees to participate in it and thereby, maintain their good health through various fitness programs.
Today, organizations are considering the fitness issue as a part of their culture and hence, want to highlight it through such fitness programs and policies. Even, the employees want to remain fit and healthy while working at their workplace in the organization. The thesis of this paper will prepare a short report for the top-level management regarding incorporating fitness programs in the organization policy.

Problem Statement

The employees due to hectic schedules are found to be facing issues with backaches, headaches, tensions, stress, workplace disorders and several other issues. They feel lethargic while working at their workplace. Their net productivity and efficiency levels seem to be decreased, and hence, might fail in achieving the desired objectives of the organization on time. Hence, it is necessary for the top-level management to incorporate the fitness policy that will motivate the employees to participate into various fitness programs and activities. It will thereby, make them fit and healthy, leading to restoration of normal productivities at the given workplace of the organization.


In multinational organizations, it is often found that, employees are engaged into more than one project. As a result, they do not seem to be getting free out of their busy schedules. They will be sitting in front of their laptops or computer systems and will be constantly working on it for almost nine hours a day. It is a long stretch, which could easily affect the health of any individual in such circumstances. As per one of the research reports, it has been found that, there are nearly 120,000 deaths occurring due to issues of obesity and fitness problems on a daily basis (Anderson 340-357).
There are certain factors discovered, due to which, one might be facing with the issue of fitness. The major ones include lack of exercise, excessive usage of alcohol and tobacco, poor diet routines and lack of physical fitness. Hence, such people are prone to face the issues of physical fitness in their day-to-day lives.
Further, there was a survey carried out in US top leading companies to determine the health levels amongst the employees, who were performing physical exercises on daily basis and who were not. It was found that, from a sample population of 500 people, individuals who were performing physical exercises were less prone to healthcare issues; whereas, on the other hand, people not performing physical exercises were more prone to the healthcare issues. Hence, organizations need to take lessons out of this survey and should try to deploy fitness policies in a given environment.
As per the research that was published in 2012 from the pilot studies carried out for Total Worker Health, it was found that the sit-stand workstations resulted in improvement of the health outcomes for the workers. It also helps in reducing the overall sitting time. The other health benefits that this research discovered included improved mood outcomes, reduced upper back and shoulder pain, reduced eye strain, and reduced overall cholesterol levels in the body.
It also helped in decreasing the overall fatigue levels for the employees, and at the same time witnessed positive increased participation in different work levels. All these cases were observed especially for the employees within the organization. They need to achieve the targets as prescribed the senior management, as well as they need to look upon the performance of the employees that are working under him. So, he feels pressure from both the ends, and hence turns physically inactive.


In order to implement the Corporate Fitness program across the organization, first of all the HR Department needs to formulate strategies regarding how they are going to deploy it. They need to have the blueprint of the entire plan and decide upon certain initiatives and activities that will help these people to overcome the issues of fitness. Hence, the key objective of the entire program will be to ensure proper fitness of all the employees across the organization.
Hence, first of all the plan will include training sessions that will provide education to all the employees regarding importance of fitness and how to maintain physical fitness on regular basis. Secondly, the sessions will also provide information on lifestyles and diet plans, which the employees should implement in real terms in their life.
Thirdly, the entire environment of the organization should support this initiative in one or the other way (Thompson, Smith, & Bybee 267-273). For this purpose, there will be gym centers opened up, new sports and recreational activities will be planned, new indoor stadiums will be built so as to allow the employees to play the sports of their choice. However, all these activities will be taking place in the evening session, once the work routines are completed.
After completing their office hours, these people can join any of the sports mentioned above, or can even go for the gym exercises. In addition, several policies will be implemented by the organization that will not only reduce the risk of disease but will also promote good health of the employees. Thirdly, I want to integrate this entire program into the given organization structure, so that not only the employees will find this program beneficial, but even other level employees will find it useful.
There are certain employees who will be experiencing extreme stress and might be also facing from the problem of sitting for many hours. Hence, it is important to provide them necessary treatment within the given workplace environment, so that they can get cured quickly. In order to monitor the performance of this program, some of the senior officials will be called upon to measure the overall effectiveness and efficiency of this Corporate Fitness program (Richter, Dawson, & West 2749-2769).


This report was prepared with a view to provide recommendations to the top-level management regarding how to solve the fitness issues that are faced by the employees of the organization. It has highlighted the causes and also provided the recommendations to overcome the challenges of the fitness.
It is necessary to make these employees aware about smoking cessation, stress management, fitness issues and weight loss so that even they focus more upon maintaining their fitness levels.


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