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Human resources are the most important resources for any organization to conduct its business. Among men, money, machinery, and method, human resources are the only “alive” and responsive to situations. Any amount of money can be appropriately financed; most sophisticated machinery be bought; and the most sophisticated methods be designed. Ultimately, it is the human beings, which control this entire process and make things happen that deliver value to customers, thereby generating revenue for the organization.
A typical employee lifecycle starts with recruitment, progressing to a cyclic performance definition, monitoring and review and finally to the employee exit. Each element in this phase is key to developing and sustaining an organization; and the starting point of it all is recruitment.
With the advent of industrialization, post-renaissance, which meant having more men and machinery, translated to more profits. However, as the business scenarios evolved, which became complex, reaching the level of maturity that they have today; finding the right human resources becomes a key challenge for any organization to deliver value to its customers.

The need for finding the right resources

Globalization is a reality today, and in the true sense of globalization, sourcing human resources also has become global and sophisticated. Finding the right human resources is a key challenge that talent acquisition professionals constantly battle across almost different industry verticals today. Be it software, manufacturing, or hospitality, the key is to identify an individual with right attitude that can deliver optimal productivity for a business organization to constantly deliver value to its clientele.

Recruitment Phases

Organizational performance is highly dependent on hiring the right people on the right time for the right job. This makes recruitment a highly crucial element of any organization’s HR process. An effective recruitment process should ideally have the following different phases.

Clarity about the available job position

Having a clear idea about the nature of the job is extremely important. Information pertaining to the tasks and responsibilities involved in the job, the purpose of the job, the anticipated outputs or performance from the candidate who might be hired for that particular job, the skill sets and various other personal attributes required for the effective performance of the job, among others need to be clearly listed out prior to initiating the process of recruitment.

Preparation of a Job Profile as well as a Personal Profile

A personal profile and a job profile essentially delineates the required and anticipated selection criteria. Essentially, all such terms and qualifications are based on specific competencies that are recognized as being highly crucial for the effective performance and accomplishment of the goals of that particular job. Given below are few such competencies.

Skills, adequate knowledge

Sufficient experience
Necessary qualifications
Personal attributes relevant and required for that particular job like the ability of working in a team, interpersonal skills, among others.
The documents that are created by the recruiter out of the personal profile can later be utilized as selection criteria that might be helpful in the process of shortlisting candidates.

Cost of Wrong Recruitment

The activity of recruitment is a very expensive activity and also a very crucial part of any organization. Moreover, there are a lot of costs involved in effective recruitment. When companies select the right people for the position that is available in the organization, provide them with the required training and also treat them in an apt way, such recruits or new employees not just deliver good results but also get motivated to get associated with the company for longer periods of time. In such situations, the money spent by the company for hiring people and training them is rewarded accordingly and appropriately.
Companies might be equipped with state-of-the art and highly sophisticated technology and the best of physical and financial resources. However, if the company does not have the right human resources, then it is highly certain that such a company would face numerous difficulties in the process of achieving their overall organizational goals and this applies to almost every business entity across various industry verticals.
Inappropriate choices while in the process of recruitment might be a costly thing for companies as it may lead to huge losses in the future. It is highly important that companies, while recruiting people, are doubly sure of the competencies of the candidate before they make the final choice of hiring candidates.

Finding Candidates

The next step in the process of recruitment would be the identification of candidates. This can be done in two different methods, one is the internal method of finding candidates and the second method is the external method of finding candidates.
Internal methods comprises of activities like seeking referrals from the existing candidates, secondments, process of job sharing, and succession planning, among others. It is always important to first look for options given by existing employees prior to looking for candidates from outside. Providing adequate opportunities to existing employees is the most important aspect in view of employee retention and also a highly important motivating factor.
The second method of looking for candidates can be done by using methods like online recruitment, advertising in the print media, walk-in interviews, among others. Networking is also another external method of looking for candidates outside of the organization.
Despite the presence of a variety of external methods of identifying candidates, advertising continues to dominate the list of such methods as it is the most opted choice by recruiters for attracting talent. Such advertisements are required to clearly give out various details related to the job like for instance, skills and competencies required for the job, brief overview of the company, responsibilities of that particular job, compensation and rewards offered, location of the job, the process of applying for the job position, among others.
Another important aspect related to job advertisements is that, they should be genuine and increasingly relevant to the existing job opening in the organization. It should be appealing and this is possible with the inclusion of visual images and interesting sentences.

Management of the application process

Applications for a job opening normally come in two forms, one is in the form of a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and the second is an application form. These can be submitted either in a hard copy or soft copy.
While application forms aide in the consistent presentation of information that makes it easier for recruiters in the collection of useful information about the prospective candidates, CVs provide candidates with the opportunity to sell themselves to the prospective companies. CVs do not have any restrictions in terms of specific information sought in the form of boxes in applications.

Candidate Selection

Shortlisting the candidates and assessing them to choose the most appropriate candidates are the two steps involved in the selection process.
Shortlisting essentially involves reducing the number of candidates applied on a whole to a shortlisted set whom the recruiter might feel to conduct an exhaustive assessment level of the process of selection. Shortlisting is normally done based on a list of criteria that is formerly decided on the basis of personal specifications. Individual applications are given a few ratings on the basis of the pre-decided selection criteria.

The Appointment

Appointing the selected candidate(s) is the next step in the process of recruitment. Prior to making the appointment, it is essential that recruiters thoroughly check various aspects related to the candidate and their right or permission to work in a particular country and also check all the required documents pertaining to the selected candidate. A few companies also conduct medical examinations as well.

Induction Training

The last step in the process of recruitment is inducting the appointed candidates into the organization. Induction training essentially serves as a means of building a rapport between the employer and the employees. Induction training typically includes orienting the new recruits to the organization processes and procedures. The new recruits are given sufficient information related to the job, the responsibilities involved, and the team with whom they need to coordinate as part of their job, among others.

What an Employee Seeks in an Employer?

A majority of the job-seekers have one common wish – to successfully decode the secret formula for winning the hearts of the recruiters and grab a job. The question that all job-seekers continue to ponder upon and wonder about is what exactly are the skills and competencies along with values can satisfy the recruiters and create a great impression upon them?
Every employer looks for specific skill sets from job-seekers, which match with the required competencies and skills that are required to effectively perform a specific job. However, beyond these various technical skills that are job specific, a few skills are closely sought by recruiters all over the world commonly. The fact is that a majority of job-seekers have these commonly sought after skills in them to a little extent. Candidates who are not strong enough in these job-specific skills are required to improve them with the help of training, personality development, professional training, or through the help of mentoring from a mentor or an experienced person who better understands such skills and requirements.
Once the job-seekers have a clear understanding of what employers expect out of them, the job application or the CVs can be tailored to suit the requirement of the recruiter, and highlight the ways in which individual skills align well with the job-related requirements and eventually win the hearts of the employers.

What are the commonly sought after skills by recruiters world over?

As already mentioned above, there are a few skills that recruiters all over the world commonly look for in job-seekers. The most important of them all is communication skills and this includes writing skills, listening skills, and verbal skills. Other skills in this list include technical competency, computer literacy, analytical skills, research skills, adaptability, interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team, cultural awareness, multicultural sensitivity, reasoning abilities, logical skills, creativity, Tenacity, Positive attitude, energy levels in communication or appearance and last but not least is the willingness to learn and adapt quickly to new and challenging environments.


In order for a job-seeker to succeed in the job-hunt and grab a job, it is necessary that job-seekers possess employability skills as well as personal values and traits as these are the most critical tools that help in successful job search. All these traits and skills are learnable and one can learn, cultivate, and nurture these skills with hard work and dedication. After confidently learning and nurturing the skills that are required to grab a job, it is important that job-seekers carefully document them in their CVs or job application so that recruiters get an idea of the skills that you possess and this increases the chances of being noticed and selected for a job position.


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