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Modern Medicine is More Effective than Alternative Medicine

Modern Medicine is More Effective than Alternative Medicine
The reduction in the cases of deaths due to illnesses is attributed to the role that medicine plays. There has been a considerable debate concerning what form of medicine is more effective in terms of handling and treating diseases. The main objective of medicine is to respond to the inevitable needs of people for physical and emotional healing. Medicine has continually evolved over thousands of years by drawing on the social structures and religious beliefs of a number of indigenous individuals, by making use of different methods such as natural products derived from the environment, and by creating and validating preventive and therapeutic techniques through the use of scientific approaches. Medical practices and public health have greatly advanced to the extent at which people can ever imagine and even sense entitlement to lives that are of improved quality compared to life prior to human history.
Notwithstanding the pervasiveness, promises, and power of modern medicine, a huge part of humanity either does not have access its advantages or opt not to do so. Over 80% of individuals in emerging countries cannot afford the fundamental drugs, medical procedures, and products (Sullivan, 2011). In the developed countries, a big percentage of people choose products and practices that have been proven to be safety and effective. This form of medicine is known as alternative or traditional medicine.
In the most recent decade there has been a quickly developing utilization of natural medicine. This phenomenon which caught the consideration of numerous researchers drove them to assume a part in this study. Present day pharmacology is generally derived from plants, yet it is likewise strange that the utilization of dynamic medications contained in them has been viewed as an essential development under the observant eye of illnesses (Sullivan, 2011). On the other hand, a developing congregation of pharmacologists today, after an initial period of relevant reactions of a few parts of home grown pharmaceutical, still to a great degree in view of experience, perceives the likelihood of breaking down the investigative premise of organic impacts created by invigorating items made basically out of plant concentrates.
Experiences in the use of alternative medicine can differ broadly. It can incorporate an extended initial meeting covering numerous points of interest of the history of the patient; a relaxing environment; a broad discussion of how to enhance eating activity and other activities that are routinely performed; a clarification of how the treatment will unleash the body's capacity to mend itself; a guarantee that after some time the treatment will help both the issue that provoked the visit and the patient’s general wellbeing; delicate physical contact; and the foundation of regular subsequent visits. Modern medicine, on the other hand, is also about the use of the latest approaches in medicine to manage illnesses. In alternative or traditional medicine, there are instances when only the symptoms are targeted and not the disease itself. Hence, the main root of the person’s health issue remains and is likely to manifest its symptoms again in the future. Modern medicine treats the disease in a different way. It makes use of diverse approaches to sever the root of the health problem. The procedures can be intensive but they guarantee positive results. By getting to the root of the problem, it also becomes easier to prevent reoccurrence of the same kind of disease in the future.
I chose this topic because it is one that is mostly debated by many people especially when they decide what option to take in the treatment of their illnesses. My main objective is to increase the understanding on the significance of both modern medicine and alternative medicine in the treatment of diseases. I also seek to emphasize that while modern medicine has its benefits, alternative medicine also has its own advantage that a number of people always seek to experience.
In order to be effective in fulfilling the purpose of my research, I have to be more accurate about certain parameters. I chose the time period of my research to include the history of both alternative and modern medicine. I opt to select this part because it is where all traces of evidences would show the effectiveness of both types of medicine in delivering treatment for various diseases. Countries where alternative medicine is often practices will also be explored. This includes China and India.
I have also consulted a n umber of resources for my research. For the secondary resources, there are various forms of publications that discuss about alternative medicine and modern medicine, their advantages and disadvantages, and a lot more. Nevertheless, I found other sources valuable in this research too. This includes videos and documentaries and even a simple library book research. Primary resources that I have consulted include online journals coming from reliable sites. These journals have been peer-reviewed and approved by experts. Other journals include extensive research of a number of health professionals and experts in the field.

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