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The paper entails a movie critic regarding thematic concerns and the musical aspect of the filmmaking. As a film critic, this current paper takes a particular movie in the film genre of Rock and Roll. Thus, the specifics in the paper will be drawn from the movie, Rock and Roll High School. Rock and Roll High school is a comedy film based on music. The film was produced on 4th August 1979 in New York. The movie's setting is in Vince Lombardi School in which students are more concerned about rock n roll culture than getting knowledge; with another storm of losing principals. Later, when the school hires Miss Evelyn Togar, she brings a sign of seriousness as she sets an academic tone in the school. Meanwhile, she is faced with challenges as Ramones will be in town and the students fancy him so much, so they are set to attend the music concert.
The Allan Arkush comedy is highly built on music. The movie is made on rock music with the Ramones is singing his main song rock roll high school. It’s a style of rock music that originated in the United States (Barret 1). The music was established in the 1940’s with the piano and saxophone as the lead instruments. The classic rock concentrated on two electric guitars and the music further influenced style and fashion in movies and other lifestyles. The rock and roll movie centered on a musical comedy format. The filmmaker has concentrated on the issue of music within a particular society. The evaluation of a sound mixing techniques is highly employed. It entails the combination of musical instruments: for example; the guitars, the drum set, the piano and the saxophone. It inclines to how different songs are linked to various actions in the film as they shape the movie.
Music always has a significant impact on movie production. Movie directors pick on theme songs to develop the ideas being put forward by the characters in any given film. Rock n Roll high school is a definite encounter of the same. The movie links to the high school environment comes out to portray the music trends as unpleasant. Allan as a director of this film used music in the way to put forward a critical view of the themes. The song having lyrics of a carefree life makes it critically unacceptable to the mind of teenagers who are in school. It may have a way to say; yes the music is good, but when it gets to the level of making Riff and her friend to leave school and run to music, the general sense is lost (Barret 1). It could further insinuate the addictive nature of music to the young people. As we eventually see Miss. Togar has to instill discipline with much force.
The artist and the music used in the movie are all deliberate. It is used to link us to the sense precedent by the filmmaker. The love of music being in the air creates an environment of having a tone for its effect. Looking at students in high school and the way many hold their lives to celebrity angle, it brings the sense of action in which Riff has the plan to bring the concert to the school. To a level, the movie brings out ideal high school experiences in which learners undergo. They want to have fun. Dance without limit, and have a space that has little law and order. The music genre of rock and roll fits the movie in a unique way. The rock dance being vigorous and repetitive has a direct link to the way the flow of the film is anticipated. The tempo is high, a moment of fun. A don’t care environment in which the song talks of we don’t want teachers but just fun. The other way in which the music fits in the movie is the way the instruments have been manipulated. It is the only way of showing music at its best. With the enthusiasm of the young generation ready to test the murky ways of the world.
Rock and Roll High school is a film worth re-watching. The film is nice. The theme is perfect. The music is beautiful and flowing. It spreads its wings to being informative rather than just entertaining. The movie has a critical point of how discipline is a core area for successful schooling; it gives a step to guiding the students on what life holds. The indulging in drugs and party life in concerts becomes a sensitive area of interest for any school head. Nevertheless, we also get a positive energy of young people with talents and how to explore them. The idea is visible when we see how students get to sing more songs and how Riff has her song given to the Ramones band. The only part that takes out the credit is when Marky questions why Soles is putting nothing inside. Thus, a sense of deviant behavior and unethical to teenagers. As we are deeply held to the movie through the dances and flowing music, we experience deliberate comic reliefs that keep us glued to the film.

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