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Gilgamesh, being a ruler of Uruk, has been known to be compared with epic heroes from epic poems since he was the primary focus of an epic poem himself and has achieved greatness through many written legends. This essay will focus on aspects throughout the poem that compel a reader to believe that Gilgamesh is an epic hero of an epic poem. Each stanza and part of the poem, where Gilgamesh is mentioned, will be discussed briefly so as to provide evidence as to how Gilgamesh is actually an epic hero as well.
Gilgamesh was a legendary lord of Uruk, which was situated in Sumer in the Middle East, around 2700 B.C. His legend is mentioned numerous times in the myth today known only as "Epic of Gilgamesh." The expression "epic" alludes to a long poem around an epic hero’s adventure. Generally as in current books by Charles Dickens or Tolstoy, the epic legend's biography plays out against an unlimited social and verifiable scenario . Gilgamesh's circumstances are reliable with those of most epic heroes of time; he is himself divine, he cooperates with divine beings and goddesses, and his journey includes a progression of endeavors and superhuman triumphs. Amid his escapades, Gilgamesh is on a mission to discover the privileged insights of everlasting life.
The epic journey begins with acclaim for Gilgamesh's achievements and the announcement that he would declare his glory and discoveries to the world. The anonymous storyteller goes ahead to depict the city of Uruk, proposing that the smoldered brick walls and the architecture are of extraordinary brilliance. It is then discovered that Gilgamesh is both part god and part man. This is an exceptionally crucial revelation and the understanding to the majority of the particular achievements and escapades to come ahead in his journey; it makes Gilgamesh more heroic as he continues forward. The main issue is that his human legacy implies that he must face mortality and bite the dust. A critical subject is uncovered here; life without death would not offer the significance it does.
The divine gods make a kind of wildling, namely Enkidu, with the objective of testing Gilgamesh out of his presumption and sensitive ramblings. Rapidly, he and Enkidu bond as companions, notwithstanding. On one undertaking to the Cedar Forest, they go up against the abhorrence beast Humbaba. The two likewise figure out how to murder the Bull from Heaven, sent to kill them by Ishtar, the goddess of romance. The divine beings then strike down Enkidu in discipline. Gilgamesh is extraordinarily disheartened by the loss of Enkidu, whose fellowship has taught him about the way of adoration and empathy, and the significance of misfortune and the importance of human life.
As Gilgamesh gets disheartened by the loss of his nearby companion, he starts his mission for everlasting life. The trip takes Gilgamesh into the 12 sections of darkness. Gilgamesh proceeds with his trip to meet Utnapishtim the Faraway; the main mortal to whom the divine gods have ever conceded everlasting life. However, when they meet, Utnapishtim tells Gilgamesh that immortality does not exist. That is when Utnapishtim uncovers to Gilgamesh a mysterious herb for everlasting life. Just as Gilgamesh has spotted the herb he has been looking for, a giant serpent appears and steals the herb away from Gilgamesh. In this way, it can also be said that Gilgamesh looks like an epic hero since his most desirable jewel is stolen by a nemesis, as is the case with other epic heroes from other epic poems.
As Gilgamesh return once more to Uruk, he stops to take a bath near a well, and this is where a clever serpent takes the herb. He is compelled to return home and to recognize his mortality, happy with the scholarly life he accomplishes as a ruler, whose adventures are carved into the stone . In this manner, Gilgamesh looks identical to an epic hero since his journeys are well described using poems and since he was a great legend. Moreover, Gilgamesh also seeks immortality again and again which is a constant frustration for him. Yet since he is the epitome of one epic poem, he is also considered as the epic hero of that poem. Moreover, his stories, which show the way he is described in having shared loss, passion and honor, is similar to the plot lines of other epic heroes, found in several other epic poems. This goes to say that Gilgamesh is more likely an epic hero just like he was a ruler in the city of Uruk.
Therefore, it is understood as to how the epic poem constantly narrates the ruler of Uruk, Gilgamesh, as a true epic hero. All instances of Gilgamesh’s adventures are described and his experiences are briefly examined to analyze how Gilgamesh succeeds in portraying the persona of other epic heroes from epic poems. In doing so, it can be concluded that Gilgamesh is, in fact, a replica of a typical epic hero from any given epic poem and therefore, he is rightly considered an epic hero by many.

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