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Great Man Theory

The theory is an excellent illustration of how great human beings existed and the achievements they left in their paths. Intrinsic leadership does accord me the opportunity of standing behind everyone and pushing them forward (Landis 97). I would use this strategy to be a symbol for the minority groups in society.
Sample Essay On Leadership Theories

Trait Theory

Like Great Man Theory, the theory holds the belief that people are born with intrinsic leadership qualities. By combining intelligence, sense of responsibility and creativity, such people find the best ways to lead those following them to victory (Landis 97). The theory, therefore, focuses on the analysis of one’s physical, mental and social characteristics.

Behavioral Theories

Behavioral leadership comes down to two distinct fields, those concerned with the people they lead and those involved with the task at hand. For those concerned about the task at hand, making sacrifices of those fulfilling the mission makes it worthwhile as long as the goal is achieved. On the other hand, those that recognize the role played by the followers leads to trust, which results in them performing at their best (Landis 97). I advocate for behavioral leadership that acknowledges the follower’s role.

Contingency Theory

According to these theorists, leadership in every scenario is similar, as such, leadership should be determined by those who are exemplary in out of context. When situations are unfavorable, that is when true leaders emerge (Landis 97). I believe I can apply such a theory when my group and I are in a pinch, for example, mobilizing them to finalize an impossible task.

Transactional Leadership

Transactional leadership is about giving and taking, and it is evident in most corporations in the world. For example, Apple Inc. has the practice where the best performing employees get rewarded while those that fail to show improvement are punished (Landis 97). I believe, becoming such a leader puts me in a position where one side stands to lose without recognizing or punishing actions by those following me.

Transformational Leadership Theories

In the modern world, transformational leadership is about innovation and creativity. Some of the greatest modern innovators include Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, both responsible for revolutionizing the way things are done. The theory holds that, by motivating followers with a vision of the future, it becomes possible for transformational leaders to attain heights of greatness that hinges on both innovation and creation. I believe I can achieve that by looking out at the world’s problems and developing strategies to solve them (Landis 97). Necessarily, by becoming an entrepreneur, I can achieve the same role as transformational leaders.

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